Big 12 & Dallas to host 2023 WBB Final Four

Discussion in 'Women’s Basketball' started by BabHorn, Sep 25, 2018.

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    Big 12 and Dallas Chosen to Host WFF
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    I'm so excited to hear this. The Dallas venue was amazing a couple of years ago. Plus downtown Dallas has numerous hotels so you can find a decent one for a reasonable price.

    I attend the F4 regularly, just purchased my tkts for Tampa. I'm a WCBB fan and enjoy the F4.

    To me the southern states do a fabulous job hosting. Maybe it's because I like the weather. LOL!! Whenever it's in Indy its usually still rainy and cold. NOLA, Nashville, Dallas and San Antonio were great. I especially liked NOLA. There's plenty of hotels so although the hotel prices increase there's a plethora of them so you can still find a decent hotel for $175 plus.

    In Indy I always find a hotel away from downtown since the pickings are slim once the teams get a hotel and then all the coaches for conference.

    Denver, too cold I didn't attend. LOL!!

    Anyway if you have never been definitely put it on your bucket list.
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