Big 12 vs SEC

Discussion in 'Men’s Basketball' started by old65horn, Jan 29, 2017.

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    Yes, we lost another in a way we are accustomed to. TCU and Oklahoma really layed an egg at home. Kansas salvaged a tie. Not really a dominating performance by the Big 12.
  2. Htown77

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    The ACC has the best conference this year. The Big 12 is probably in the top 3 conferences and is good, but is not top to bottom fantastic. Texas and OU are not good and bring the conference down this year. We lost to Northwestern, Colorado, UT Arlington, Kent State and went 1-2 against the SEC losing to Georgia and Arkansas and only beating Alabama at home. (I will note that Northwestern is having a good season but Colorado and Kent State are not. UTA is in second place in the sun belt with two conference losses at the time of this post.)

    All that said, if this a down year for the Big 12 and we are still a top 3 conference, we are in good shape overall for basketball in the long term as a conference. Hopefully as these players get older and more experienced, Shaka will turn it around and have us back in the top half of the conference competing again. Still too early to say.
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    I think he will if he survives. I mean his health; these crazy super close games are gonna kill him. They're killing me. Another one tonight. That must be 8-10 games coming down to the last minute. That's a lot of 2 to 4 point games.

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