Bohls Picks aggy Preseason No. 1

Discussion in 'On The Field' started by Clean, Jan 27, 2013.

  1. BevoJoe

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    I believe that aggy is up there as a preseason #1. As long Johnny FB is there and remains healthy, they will do very well. Depends on how the opposition prepares for him...should be a very interesting season.
  2. majorwhiteapples

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    All three Aggie games that I watched last year, when it was third down there was Swopes making another catch, sometimes after JM had been standing there for awhile or moving in the pocket. Swopes had the ability to find the open spot in the defense when the play was breaking down. This gave JM the option to run or get the ball to Swopes.

    Shipley was Raw Dog's Bailout for 2-3 years. You know they were roomates!!!
  3. majorwhiteapples

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    Aggies are saying before Spring Ball even starts they will be starting 5 true freshmen!

    Name me the last National Champion that started, not played, started 5 true freshmen?
  4. SectionThree

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    Bohls can pick anyone he wants to pick. He is, and will remain, a ********.
    He goes out of his way to diss Texas, on the pretense that he is "objective",
    when he is nothing more than a ******** who hates that Mack will not let
    him stick his nose under the tent. If anyone has noticed, the AAS has shrunk
    until it looks like some South Congress rag, and the sports pages are just
  5. Third Coast

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    I would almost rather have A&M as #1, than another SEC team. Oh wait, they are another SEC team.
  6. zork

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    what does vegas say about the chances for aggie to win it all?
  7. Namewithheld

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  8. 22 HORN

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    I may have missed something, but how can Manziel go to NFL after next season'?

    If Manziel stays healthy next season (a big if), I think aggy wins it all. But then they'll lose both their quarterback and head coach to the NFL, and resume being what they've always been.
  9. PropositionJoe

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    johnny was a redshirt freshman this year. and would be a 3rd year sophomore next year.

    he only has to spend three years in college.

    as for who's going to block for him, we lose jockel, and lewis, but we replace both with matthews brothers.
  10. gecko

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    I bear no irrational ill-will toward the Aggies but they will not win the national championship next year.
  11. majorwhiteapples

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    I predict 8-4 losing to Alabama, LSU, Arkansas and Ole Miss!!!

    JM plays in 7 games next year and then the wear and tear on the body happens, 8-4 and back to the Independence Bowl to play........wait for it...........Texas Tech!!!!!
  12. PropositionJoe

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    Kinda like the wear and tear he had this year?
  13. madcow

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  14. Orangesweat

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    Aggy will be the number 1 four loss team in the country

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