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Discussion in 'On The Field' started by ShAArk92, Jan 10, 2019.

  1. ShAArk92

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    According to 247

    Good deal!

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  2. p_town_horn

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    I know Foster is the real deal at S, but I am hoping he will play nickle with his ferocity and attitude. We also don't have another great option at nickel without Foster there.

    FWHORN 5,000+ Posts

    Jones, Foster, Stearns, Cook et al will make for a formible defensive backfield next year even with loss of Boyd and Davis.:hookem:
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  4. Joe Fan

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    Boyd's idea on how to keep Overshown in the fold

  5. CraigHorn

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    I like playing them all but revise to accent speed. Overshown would be a fast LB—nothing special as FS
  6. HoffHorn

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    This is GREAT NEWS!!!! Brandon like Colin will reap the benefit of staying the extra year like Charles did (Best Football Career choice he could have EVER made).

    Boyd's Idea is NO JOKE! I'm not sure if you guys watched the Chargers vs the Ravens this past Sunday but the Chargers were essentially doing EXACTLY this. It's pretty damn cool to watch and the irony of it all was Texas' own Adrian Phillips and the Charger were pretty much was having their and Adrian getting 2 turnovers. Let's Goooooooo!!!!
  7. #2is#1

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    Great news! Leadership!
  8. mchammer

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    Is this the defense equivalent of the 10 yard minimum offense?
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  9. Joe Fan

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    Boyd has en entire thread on this idea
    Appears he was impressed with what the LAC defense just did against the Ravens. He makes his case case for how good Jones and Foster are around the ball and how Overshown should be as well.
    it's interesting if you like this sort of thing

    "People will say this is nuts, but again the Chargers just won a playoff game playing with seven DBs on the field and Minkah Fitzpatrick played this position on maybe 30-40% of Bama's snaps in the 2017 playoffs. Texas could do this and still say "we use safety like NFL" ..."

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  11. WorsterMan

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    2nd best news I had today...:hookem:
  12. Garmel

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    How does Brandon Jones play the Mac at his current weight?
  13. CraigHorn

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    Exactly. I would prefer Overshown at Mac
  14. Horn6721

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    OK Worster
    what was the first best news?

    Never mind. I just read the other thread and see what you did.:hookem:

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