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    I mean, I know they are aggies and all, but still. BUBBLE MACHINES???
  2. giveemhell

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    I'd love to see some photos of those morons carrying their bubble machines around Disch-Falk. Grown men carrying bubble machines to a baseball game...who else but aggy, lol...
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    I know I will regret inquiring about aggy rationale but why did they bring bubbles? Is this a new tradition?
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  4. LonghornCatholic

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    They knew we were gonna burst their bubble, so Clayton Williams told them to just relax and enjoy it with bubble machines.
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    The death penalty in Texas requires jurors to answer "yes" to two questions after the penalty phase of the trial.

    For Aggies, there are two questions that you must answer "yes" to qualify

    1) Did more than two Aggies participate?

    2) Have they done it more than one time?

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    whoop giggem howdy

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  8. Driver 8

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    Did you know they have big moments? Big moments call for bubbles

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  9. Vol Horn 4 Life

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  10. SabreHorn

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    That's why my investment in Brazos Bubbles is worthless :hookem2:
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    Much of their bubble "juice" got confiscated by the liquids police at the gate. They sure didn't need refills anyway. Sul Ross and Earl Rudder would not approve of bubbles.

    Texas A&M used to be a tradition rich University. No more. They've forsaken all their old traditions and now identify with habits of schools like Kentucky, Mississippi's, Vanderbilt and Carolina. And they crow about it and constantly remind themselves of their new Conference affiliation with their "SEC" chanting.

    They are as irrelevant as ever. Still. I sure wish they'd stop singing about us.

    I've suggested they replace the lyrics "saw Varsity's horns off" with "pull Cocky's (S. Carolina's mascot) feathers out" and replace the sawing back and forth with a feather plucking motion, similar to Bill Murray in the opening scene of Caddyshack. It would fit their current self-aggrandisement behavior.
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  12. giveemhell

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    So you're saying grown men at Kentucky, Ole Miss, Vandy and S. Carolina bring bubble machines to baseball games? Are you sure? It seems so...aggy...
  13. SabreHorn

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    Aggies can ***** all they want about their "toys" being taken away at the gate, and having to leave their ewes in the parking lot, but many on here are too young to remember when the Aggies banned Smokey under the guise of "the concussion is breaking the water pipes in Kyle Field".
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    No, I've never seen bubbles anywhere else but Craig Way says its an LA Dodger thing.
  15. SabreHorn

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    I have a big picture of a bubble machine when Drysdale was on the mound. First pitch would take out the guy that brought the damn thing. Second pitch takes out the machine. NOBODY would have ever voiced disapproval or they would have gotten the third pitch in their ear.
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    "Fish", Jarheads", and "Red Pots" were all required to spend a certain period of time each game soaking in a commode, I think that might be part of the plumbing problem at Kyle. Just guessing. It's tradition. Just like lining up to piss in the sink at the Dixie Chicken. I had to correct a number of Aggies Saturday who felt a little to much like home in the 3rd base mens room. Tradition.

    Johnny Manziel wont lie, cheat, or steal, nor tolerate those who do, so don't even ask him to.
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