Buddies fiance leaves honey do list

Discussion in 'Esther's Follies' started by ptownhorn, Apr 9, 2008.

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    This chick has him by the balls. He is on lockdown most of the time. She goes out of town for business from time to time and when she does, she knows he goes ape **** with the drinking/partying.

    So, she is in NY. We all go over to his house yesterday and there is a chore list of things she wants him to accomplish while she is gone. We give him so much ****. He took it and hid it in his room

    I about puked. She is always trying to show her dominance in the relationship. I told him this was her trying to put him under her thumb and i told him not to do a damn thing on the list. His ***** whipped *** didnt agree
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    What was so bad that was on the list?

    I got honey do lists before I was married... It was the only way I ever did jack **** for the wedding. Sometimes, guys really need honey do lists...
  3. drycreek

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    I can't imagen ever being in a relationship like that. Why do people stay in relationships like this? I know that you have to comprimise but things like this, the emasculation of the man, are just stupid.

    I would have no beef what so ever if my gal asked me to take care of some things for her when she was out of town. Hell I would be happy to do it. But it's another thing all together if she is just trying to flex her muscle and wear the pants.

    I would rather never marry than be married or in a relationship with someone like that. Must suck to be him.
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    i have a honey do list, but so does my wife. we divide the chores up pretty evenly. most weeks we trade off. Your buddy is screwed if she is doing this to dominate him. it should be a partnership, not dictatorship.
  5. bozo_casanova

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    It kind of depends on what's on the list, but getting **** done doesn't make you a *****, not handling your business does.

    So if somebody leaves you a note reminding you to fix the sink, and install the screen door you've had sitting around, that's not in the slightest bit emasculating, provided that it's understood to be a suggestion and not an order.

    On the other hand, when my wife was in college, she lived with this crazy chick who made her boyfriend sit down to take a piss at their place. That's serious ***** whipped.

    BTW, if he goes ape **** with the drinking an partying when she's out of town, that tells me he's not doing what he wants when she's around. I mean it's one thing to go a little stupid with your boys, but if you feel like you're on shore leave when your woman is out of town, she's probably controlling you more than is healthy. Maybe he should be worrying about that, and not the list of things he probably ought to get done.
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  7. ptownhorn

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    That's how I took the list. Trying to emasculate and control him. I would be ok with a woman talking to me about some things she wants done, not waking up to a list sitting on the kitchen counter.

    My stepdad did that **** to me in summertime when I was a kid. I was too young to work and he couldnt stand it that i was a kid and he was going to work so he made chore list that would take up over half the day

  8. Macanudo

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    To do lists aren't that bad.
  9. SubliminalHorn

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  10. He better deal with it before the wedding or its going to get much worse after!

    But if this is a list of his half of the chores, he needs to get his *** in gear and do it...after the partying of course... [​IMG]
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    I once saw a friend's honey do list on his fridge (after he was already married) and one of the things on the list was have sex with his wife. Needless to say, they were divorced within a year.

    I wish my wife would make me a list. I can't remember half the **** she wants me to do.
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    my friend asked our mutual friend to go mtn biking. his fiancee overheard and said he couldn't b/c it was too dangerous. so he told us he couldn't go.
  18. Texas_Rocks

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    I'm still laughing at that.
  19. ctrl+alt+del

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    I have a good friend who always has to "check with the boss" before doing something with me and the answer is usually "no." He can never go golfing with me and he loves golfing. But I have noticed a pattern that when there is little or no cost involved for him, he is quite often allowed. For instance, we have a good friend coming to town in mid July and he wants to play Torrey Pines and hit the Angels/Red Sox game that evening. I asked my friend if he would be interested in going to Torrey Pines with us and the game later. He asks his wife and he is definitely out on Torrey Pines but a go for the ball game. Now, if you LOVED golf, which would you rather do? Just pisses me off that he has to run everything by her first. Seems like more of a mother than a wife.
  20. accuratehorn

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    Your friend is lucky to get a list and not a three hour chat session to decide what should go on a list.
  21. WhoseHouse

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    I don't know why the list is such a big deal. Sometimes guys need to be reminded of their "chores" and it's better to have a list than to forget and not do his part, thus causing an argument or whatever. It's better to be asked to do things than for her to just expect them to get done and then get all bitter and pissed off when he doesn't automatically know to do them, which is probably what a lot of women do.

    However, only allowing "couples" at the shower is ********. What if she had female friends that were not part of a couple?? What if someone's "partner" is unable to make it to the shower? Is that person banned too? It annoys me when people that are engaged/married separate themselves from/elevate themselves above single people. It's a choice to be married or to remain single, neither one makes you better than the other.
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    not to be sexist, but men... my question to you. when you go out of town on business, do you leave a numbered list of things you expect your wife to do?

    The title of her list was.....(names changed to protect)

    Things for Mike to do while Cindy is in New York








  23. WhoseHouse

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    Not to be sexist either, but lots of women don't need to be reminded to do their chores. They're the ones that notice if the trash is piling up, the laundry needs to be dropped off, the coffee table is covered in crumbs, etc. They also seem more likely to remember when they're asked to do favors (please pick up some extra _____ when you go to the store, drop this shirt off at the dry cleaner, etc) whereas men are more inclined to forget to do these things. For all we know, his list was full of things he needs to do for his wedding that she's asked him 10000x to do and he hasn't gotten taken care of. There's not really room to judge unless you know that she is delegating way more than the fair share of chores to him just because she is lazy or wants to exert power over him.
  24. bozo_casanova

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    My wife has never handed me a physical to do list but I wouldn't have a problem if she did. She keeps my lazy *** in gear to accomplish **** around the house. With a family of 5 (3 sons) she also keeps the family calendar. So, when someone says "let's grab a beer on Friday" my first call is to my wife to see if there is anything else planned. She never says "no" to outings based on cost but rather based on other commitments. In turn, I don't take advantage of that either so my this summer I'll golf at least once a week but it will be restricted to the dew-sweeper rate at the local golf course with a 5:15am tee time. This way I've golfed and am getting home by the time the kids are up and about.
  26. ptownhorn

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    I can accept that about the list. This is not the case. This is just another expample of her trying to show she wears the pants.

    She will get in total cleaning the house mode on any given night after work, and if he doesnt jump right up side by side with her at that moment, he's a big *******. she will tell him to take out the trash. he will tell her he will when he is going out to the garage. Nope, that isnt good enough. She wants him to jump right up then and there.

    He will say something she disaproves of in a social scene and she will stare at him like he is in trouble. you can say "cindy, cindy" and she wont look at you, she will just stare at him.

    I feel sorry for the guy. It's not going to last.
  27. Horn9497

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    I think you need to pay for a professional escort and demand that your friend gets you invited to the couple shower. Not saying you couldn't get a date but you need to go with a pro on this one.
  28. Bernard

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    Yet another Horn Fans thread that makes me happy to be single. I like to run my own life. No permission. No explantion. No justification. Whatever I want. Whenever I want. However I want. Is that too much to ask?

    I'm sure there's some benefits to being married, but with 38 years of single life under my belt, I don't see how marraige can possibly be worth the hassle. Different strokes for different folks, I guess. Whatever floats your boat.

  29. HornGrandioso

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    Agree with Bernard.

    It's like Doug Stanhope says, "If marriage didn't exist, would you invent it?"
  30. Hayden_Horn

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    i love it when the wife leaves me a list.

    this way i can accomplish what's in her mind to accomplish, or not, as the case may be, and come up with decent reasons why, as opposed to her expecting me to be a ******* mind reader and getting pissed at me for not doing something i had no idea i was supposed to do.

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