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Discussion in 'On The Field' started by stanhin, Sep 17, 2020.

  1. stanhin

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    Both had good moments in the first half. Mayfield had more of them but Cinn just held Cleveland on downs when Cleveland had a first down at the Cincy one in the third quarter. But then, Cleveland nailed Burrow hard for a sack fumble. Cleveland has another first down at the Cincy One. No more miracles. Cleveland pushes it in.
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  2. WorsterMan

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    No dog in the hunt... but I suppose if gun to head would pull for Cincinnati since Mayfield is the bigger prick of the two. o_O
  3. stanhin

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    Bengals come right back with a long TD drive, apparently. TD run under review. If he didn’t get in, it’s within inches. First and goal inches away. Runner thrown for a loss to five. Defensive holding on next pass attempt. First and goal from about two. Incomplete pass. Burrow keeps on a read option and is thrown for a loss. Flag in end zone. Offensive pass interference. Bengals blew those scoring opportunities. FG. Cleveland’s turn. Good drive until Mayfield throws a pick. Burrow leads a nice long TD drive again. Cleveland still leads 28-23. Cleveland comes right back with two long runs (Chubb and Hunt) deep into Cincy territory. Cleveland scores again, all runs. 35-23 with 3:55 left. Burrow leads about a 15 play drive ending with another TD pass. 35-30 with 43 seconds left. Onside kick. Cleveland recovers it. Game over. Mayfield has more talent around him than Burrow does. Burrow had to throw it 61 times.
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  4. WillUSAF

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    I loved the game. Cleveland looked like a totally different team. But as a lifelong Browns fan (i know i suck) i was waiting for them to blow it AGAIN
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  5. BevoJoe

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    Don't follow either team. Both are rather bad. But it's football, so I watched. Burrows is definitely a rookie and learned some hard rookie lessons during the game.
  6. SabreHorn

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    Burroughs is having trouble adjusting to the speed of the game. Hard lessons, no pun intended, but lessons he better learn quick while playing with no OL.
  7. BevoJoe

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    I saw that. Cincy held them, then the Burrows's fumble put the Browns right back on the Cincy one.
  8. stanhin

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    That's exactly my philosophy, too.
  9. WillUSAF

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    Well as sad as it is to say this. That was one of the best games the Browns have played in a long time. With exception of the 4th quarter when they started to play conservative. When that happened I had my normal Browns pit in my stomach. But they pulled it out.
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  10. OUBubba

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    I liked how they brought in a fresh Kareem Hunt in the second half. He looked like he had more burst than the rest of them. It was nice to see Baker playing more like himself. The Ravens will make you play left handed.

    Burrow is going to be a stud.
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  11. SabreHorn

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    If he survives.
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  12. Horn in Corpus

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    Did not watch the game but 61 attempts by a rookie QB with no interceptions is impressive. Sounds like he took some hits along the way?
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  13. stanhin

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  14. Statalyzer

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    61 passes to put up barely 300 yards isn't that great, but he threw no picks and the whole team didn't look great so not much is necessarily on him. They were behind by double digits so pretty much threw every single play of the 4th quarter and the D knew the pass play calls were coming.

    Mayfield's numbers looked good, but both his RBs were drawing focus and his OL just dominated the Bengal's DL completely (he was only pressured on 3 of his dropbacks all game).

    So basically, both QBs were hard to judge based on just this night.

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