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    So I guess it's time to propose to the girlfriend. But I know nothing about engagement rings. I'm poor and in college so don't really have a lot of money though. So I'm looking for a ring that is around $2000 but can go up to as much as $2500. Where would be the best place to shop for a ring? And I live in Wichita Falls so I can't shop at places in Austin.
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    If you don't have any money and you are still in school now is probably not the best time to get married. But congratulations anyway, very few people actually wait for the best time.

    You can't get any investment quality stones on the amount you have budgeted. I would talk to some local jewelers and see what they can do for that price. Possibly ask your families if there are any heirloom pieces you could reuse or maybe even recycle.

    My sister's ring is made up with stones from both of our Grandmother's rings. It looks very nice, didn't cost a fortune, and I can't imagine anything the world would mean more to her.

    If you can't find a local guy post back. I know a few people in the jewelry business and maybe they could recommend someone in your area.

    Whatever you do don't give someone money up front to make something that you haven't seen.
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    A lot of people will advise against it, but I'd suggest going to Kay jewelers. I've been happy w/ them, (we got our rings there.) They have a great guarantee, something for every price range, and good customer service. Also, they almost always have 0% financing for a year w/ 20% down.

    If you're just graduating and don't have much money, don't go into debt. If you are to go to someone like Kay, you could buy her a diamond band, and trade up for a fancier ring when you're employed and have time to save up some money.

    Also, make sure you know what kind of diamond ring she wants-- remember, she's going to be wearing this ring every day for the rest of her life, so SHE needs to pick out what she wants. Weird as it sounds, certain rings just don't look good on different types of hands.

    Good luck [​IMG]
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    I wouldn't buy there, but I'd start by going to Blue Nile to do some research. You can price literally thousands of different diamonds. That way, when you go to the store, you will have an idea of what things should cost.

    It can get a bit confusing at the store when you start looking at all the stones. Between the size, color, clarity, flourescence, table %, cutlet, etc, etc, etc, it's good to know what is most important to you and how those things impact cost before you are sitting there feeling dumb.

    As to a place to buy, I don't know. I'd get in my car and go to 4-5 different places. Try the national chains (though I think the quality of their diamonds is going to be lower - which may be ok if you want a bigger stone at a lower cost) and the local guys. Take notes on what you like. After a few stops, you'll have a pretty good idea what you want.

    I assume you have asked your GF what kind of ring/stone she likes.

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    You'll get the best bang for your buck at Sam's. (Not Wal-Mart but Sam's.)
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    Go with an heirloom if you can. My wife's engagement ring was her grandmother's. Compared to today's standard, the diamond is very small. But it's what she wanted and it means more to her than anything else would have. Plus it didn't cost a dime.
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    My only advice is to remember that the people who say that an engagement ring should cost you three months' salary are people who SELL DIAMONDS.

    When Shadowdancer and I got engaged and went ring shopping, I didn't want him going deeply in debt for my ring. The salesman kept talking about three months' salary (and was no doubt thinking of his commission) but I held firm. We chose a ring that 'Dancer could afford. I've been happy with this ring -- and Shadowdancer -- for 24 years.
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    Costco in South Austin had some very nice rings when I was there last week in the 2000-2500 range.

    Oh, and keep in mind-- square diamonds looks smaller and show imperfections more. Oval diamonds look bigger.
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    Buy the diamond wholesale. Blue Nile is a good place to look, they have some nice stuff. I don't know anyone here, but I know a great guy if you are going to be in the LA area that will hook you up.
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    If you don't know jewels, know your jeweler!!! I've been using Kube's on Berry St in Ft Worth for years. They take a lot of estate jewelry for resale and will also make custom jobs. Never heard of a complaint about them.
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    you should think about calling a diamond broker. i'm sure someone you know knows one. if not, i can give you a lady's number in dallas. i got a great deal on my wife's ring last year and she came thru in the clutch for my wedding band. my band is just a plain platinum cushion fit. a store in Austin wanted almost 2k and they might not be able to get it to me before our wedding (short engagement). she came in less than half that price and had it to me in 2 days.

    just a thought. you might be able to get more for your $$
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    I purchased an engagement ring back in January of this year, so the buying process is still fresh in my mind. I recommend you go the family heirloom route if possible, but if not here is my advice.

    I recommend you do research on blue nile, and a few other sites on the web. Google is your friend type in how to buy an engagement ring and educate yourself before doing anything. Blue nile is a great resource for you to know what a fair price is for various diamond sizes, cuts, clarity, color. Go to several jewelers after doing your research in order to actually look at various diamonds with diff. levels of color and clarity. It's one thing to read about the differences, but another to actually see the differences through a jeweler's loop.

    My story - After doing my research I printed out blue nile prices for the type of diamond I was looking at, then went to a jeweler here in LA to actually look at the diamonds and see what kind of deal I could get. In the back of my mind I knew that if the jeweler couldn't give me a better deal than blue nile, then I would just buy it off blue nile. Looked at several diamonds, and ended up finding one I liked and negotiating a better deal with the jeweler than I would have got on blue nile.

    Congrats and best of luck to you in search of the ring.

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