Changes made to student ticketing/band moved/no price change

Discussion in 'On The Field' started by Joe Fan, Jan 11, 2018.

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    " ..... Texas officials are making wholesale changes to the student sections and student ticket policy for next season, athletic director Chris Del Conte said. Students will be moved to the southeast corner of Royal-Memorial Stadium, and all student seating will become general admission.

    The Longhorn band also will be moved from the north end zone to the southeast corner alongside the students. The band’s exact location inside the stadium has not been decided.

    “The wristband policy is going away. We’re going to a general admission, first-come-first-served policy,” Del Conte said in an interview. The school wants to “help create what Tom and our football program want, which is one of the greatest home-field advantages at DKR. And our students are going to play an integral role in that.”
    * * *

    By moving to a general admission format, Texas is now allowing its most passionate students to get in first. “Line up and come on. Come get it,” Del Conte said.

    Visiting team fans had been sitting in the southeast corner. They will now be placed in sections 119-125 atop the third deck in the northeast corner. Texas fans who attend road games know that other schools seat them in undesirable locations, including the upper reaches of the stadium.

    Del Conte said other season ticket-holders who will be displaced by students will get corresponding seats in the northeast corner....."
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    I approve wholeheartedly.
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    General admission sonds better but I don't see how putting students away from the 'horseshoe' area of stadium can increase the home field advantage. They sure won't be as loud in that location. I just hope we can hear the band better, I loved it when they played from the SEZ and yes, I am one who was disgruntled by the visual of the empty student section last year being in such a prominent location.
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    it connects the students in the south endzone to the main section. it also puts the students by where the players come out ala Cotton Bowl.
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  7. easy

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    Texas - OU went up 5 bucks
  8. easy

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    Tickets for the Maryland game are 125 wtf
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    Ughh!! that's likely bad for me. That's my section and has been for 20 years...but I'm grandfathered on donation so I've got better seats than the current Pay-to-Play system would allow. I'm confident the money-grubbers are going to use this to justify bumping me down a notch in seat quality.

    Change BAD!!!
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    Isn't the Maryland game at FedEx rather than Cole/Byrd or whatever they call that dump.
  11. ViperHorn

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    Yes - FedEx. Little Danny Snyder needs the money.
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    About time visitors went upstairs, they stick Texas fans upstairs everywhere else so evens out the playing field instead of surrendering some of south end zone.
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    True, as stated in the email sent by the ticket office (below), we are bringing ourselves down to everyone else's standards (but we don't do so academically).

    All visiting team seats move to the upper deck, bringing us in alignment with many other Big 12 member schools.
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    I used to have season tickets for 20 plus years there too, Section 30. I don’t like my cheese moved either lol. Was wondering what the season tix peeps would think!

    I watch on tv now, except I have reservations for USC next year!
  15. BrntOrngStmpeDe

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    I have to eat a little crow. I jumped the gun and assumed the worst. I was able to confirm that they moved me to precisely the mirror seat/row/section that I was in before. Good stuff!! I've heard that area has better concessions set up so maybe not all bad.
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    So it looks like the Athletic Department is more caring, compassionate and customer friendly than Ticketmaster and Comcast. Somewhere Steve Patterson is wincing in pain.
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    The lady I talked to said they were able to give ~95% of season ticket holders mirror image seats such as yours.
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    This resembles student seating in the early 90's except south instead of north. I had first row 50 yard line student draw tickets to the 1991 Houston "Get that idiot off the goal post" game.

    I love the idea of GA seating which will motivate more students to arrive early to get 45 yd line seats.
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    It should be louder if they are facing the closed end, then if they are facing the open end, right?

    Ditto. It was the only place the whole stadium could hear them. If they put them in the Southeast corner, there's gonna be a big chunk of fans on the East side who can't hear the band.
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    Seems like putting the band higher, like in the backmost rows in the lower deck, would allow more people to hear them. Why don't we try this?

    Only reason I can think of: Few people would want to sit only a couple rows directly in front of the band. And I guess it would take longer to get on/off the field before/after halftime.

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