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    Bobby Layne in his Hula Bowl uniform before playing against the College All Stars on January 4, 1959.
    Back then, the Hula Bowl pitted college seniors against an all star team of professional Layne, then the QB for the Pittsburgh Steelers, lead the pros to a 42-27 win in the 13th Hula Bowl in Hawaii. After a few years of the pros winning all the time, the Hula Bowl changed to just college players.

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    Bobby not wearing his usual no. 22 for that game. He could do it all including kicking field goals and extra points. He was also one of the best pitchers Texas ever had. Hook ‘em,
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    Layne and Doak Walker played ball together and graduated from Highland Park HS in Dallas. Layne picked UT and I think Doak was leaning toward UT but later chose SMU. i always imagined what an incredible team UT would have had with Layne & Walker in the backfield.
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