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  1. Texas97

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    i had lunch at cisco's this week. i was not impressed. i had heard good things. i got the migas with a side of fajitas. i probably could make better migas. i was disappointed.

    i need to go to nuevo leon more. went there for lunch and it is good stuff and i work on the east side.

  2. Texas Horn

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    that's like, your opinion, man.

    Best migas in the history of migas are found at Cisco's.

    Nuevo Leon is probably halfway down the list of Austin's best Tex Mex. 3/4 of the way down the list for eastside Tex Mex.
  3. Texas97

    Texas97 500+ Posts

    hey man, i won't stand for that aggression. <G>

    seriously, i just wonder if it is slipping. i had heard great things and i left very underwhelmed.

  4. AhhhCraig

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    Some of my favorite East side places are La Casita and Las Palmas on 7th. Dario's is good, but is never great. I haven't tried Joe's Bakery or Cisco's yet, but I'm looking forward to it. I know a bunch of people around hear love Juan in a Million, but to me it's just average. Now their breakfast tacos are huge, but again wasn't blown away. Nuevo Leon is very average tex mex, but their margs will get you loaded. Oh yeah, I also want to try El Azteca, but always forget about it. I also work on the east side, so I have some good eating in front of me.
  5. Texas Horn

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    I've spent the past year in Ohio, so my pickiness and pettiness with the best TexMex to be found anywhere on this earth has decreased significantly. El Azteca is solid. Make sure you hit Angie's if you haven't. If you like corn tortillas, this is your Graceland.
  6. Nebraskan4Texas

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    I'm going to jack this thread and ask where in Ohio?
  7. Texas Horn

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    Columbus. 8 friggin inches of snow today. My wife and I will be rolling back into Austin in a moving truck in 32 days.
  8. CaptainAmerica

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    ... not that he's counting or anything ...
  9. Texas Horn

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    ...5 days to go....
  10. Texas Horn

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    not to split hairs or anything, but you really don't go to Cisco's for the service....
  11. Texas97

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    texas horn, the service was alright when i went. it is just the food was not very good. seriously, when i went, i could have done a better job. i have made migas before and have made them better. it was just not very good.

    i know back in the day the place was solid but wonder if it is slipping. maybe i just went on a bad day but nick also had a bad experience.

  12. huisache

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    this is probably five years late for you guys but for good stuff don't eat in austin but go to zapata down on the RG as there are several good tm restaurants there and one serves the best chicken fried steak in the known universe.

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