Cleaning up Syria: What Comes Next

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    The most interesting excerpt from the article copied below:
    The U.S. had plans to attack Syria during the east-Ghouta operation. The Russian military sent intense warnings that it would retaliate against U.S. ships and other platforms if those would fire cruise missiles against Syria. The warnings were successful in deterring the Pentagon but not the White House hawks:​

    According to two National Security Council officials, Mattis has ignored McMaster’s requests for military options that would have allowed the U.S. to strike Eastern Gouta, in Syria, ...

    Syria - The East-Ghouta-Afrin Exchange Is Complete - Where Will The SAA Go Next?
    After the Syrian army had taken all rural parts of east-Ghouta three pockets of densely upbuild areas were left in terrorist hands. Negotiations had started about transfer of the armed men to Idleb governorate in the north. Some 100,000 people moved from the besieged areas to the Syrian government side. Surrounded by widely superior forces, devoid of human shields and without any chance of relief the terrorist groups are now giving up one by one.

    Source: Maxim Mansour/ Syria Digital Map - bigger
    First to surrender were Ahrar al-Sham fighters who held the Harasta suburb. 1,500 of them and their families, in total 4,500 people were transferred to Idleb by government buses. They had to give up all heavy weapons and were only allowed to carry one hand-weapons and no ammunition.

    successful in deterring the Pentagon but not the White House hawks:

    According to two National Security Council officials, Mattis has ignored McMaster’s requests for military options that would have allowed the U.S. to strike Eastern Gouta, in Syria, ...
    With the east-Ghouta pocket removed the Syrian army can move towards the next target. There is one pocket left near the capital that is still held by terrorists. Yarmouk, originally an improvised camp for Palestinian refugees but now part of Damascus city, is held by an Islamic State aligned group and by some Palestinian Hamas/Muslim Brotherhood followers who also fight the government. These groups often fight each other. Every once in a while their fighting spills over and affects the wider city. The Syrian government gave Hamas, the Palestinian Muslim Brotherhood organization, a chance to clean up the area but Hamas failed to do so. It should not take long for the Syrian forces to eliminate both of the threats.

    There have also been signs that the southern area around Daraa, near the Jordanian border, will be the place of the next large operation. Negotiations with some 'rebel' groups in Daraa and with the Jordanian government are ongoing. But while Jordan would probably like the war on Syria to end, its Saudi, Israeli and U.S. allies, who's money it needs to survive, may not agree to such plans and prepare for a new fight.

    During the recent visit by the Saudi clown prince in Washington the Saudis bought 6,600 TOW anti tank missiles. Their purchase is obviously not for defense against Yemeni tank divisions storming towards Riyadh. In 2013 the Saudis bought 15,600 TOWswhich the CIA then distributed to its Takfiris in Syria. The new Saudi purchase will have a similar purpose. Will those TOWs be distributed to 'rebels' in Daraa or to the new Arab 'rebel' army the U.S. forces in east-Syria are building out of remnants of ISIS?
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    1. The US is handing off to France which is establishing base camps. Once France is firmly entrenched we leave.
    2. Trump is lying. We are still sending in more troops and hardware.
    3. Trump has reversed course and means what he said, but behind the scenes the Pentagon is ignoring him and proceeds in defiance.
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    NBC is contradicting the WAPO on this^

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    Maybe he will complement Putin again tomorrow so you can fall back in love?
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    Trump still seems to believe that Syria is all about ISIS. The Deep State could care less about ISIS. It wants as much of Syria as it can steal, it wants to smash Hezbollah and pave the way for an Israeli incursion into Lebanon, push back Iran, and weaken Russia. And if striving to accomplish those things mean humoring Trump, Deez, and 95% of the general population, that we are only there to defeat ISIS and go home, so be it.
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    Those sound like worthy goals.
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    It’s number 2.

    Another false flag chemical attack, as predicted by Russia, has been staged and will provide the public support needed to go forth with aggression. The US government is the new Nazis.
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    Another update on Syria.

    Trump and the U.S. military claim to "fight ISIS" but have completely stopped doing so. There are some 3,000 ISIS fighter in east Syria near the border with Iraq. Most of these are north of the Euphrates where U.S. troops are stationed. If Syrian government troops cross the Euphrates northwards the U.S. attacks them. But ISIS can cross the Euphrates southward and launches large attacks on Syrian government positions in east Syria:

    n a surprise attack, the militants stormed Boukamal on Monday, triggering heavy fighting before Iranian-backed Shiite militias beat them out, according to a war monitoring group and Syrian opposition activists with connections to the region. Approximately 400 Islamic State fighters crossed the Euphrates River and ambushed the town, according to the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights monitoring group, killed 11 pro-government fighters in clashes, and losing five of their own.
    From their desert territory, the ISIS militants have harassed forces at oil stations, as well, according to Mohammad al-Ayed, director of the Palmyra News Network.

    Another group of ISIS fighters is in the south-eastern corner of Syria and under protection of U.S. forces stationed in al-Tanf, near Jordan.

    Despite large concentrations of ISIS troops, air attacks of the U.S. coalition against ISIS have practically stopped.

    US led Coalition strikes update
    via Simla - bigger
    Trump is playing theater to the crowd that wants the U.S. out of Syria. He claims that U.S. troops will leave soon. At the same time he is asking the Saudis to come up with $5 billion to pay for the U.S. 'service' of occupying a third country. Trump claims that he wants to eliminate ISIS, but the U.S. military is doing absolutely nothing to achieve such. On the contrary - it protects ISIS from Syrian government attacks.

    Russia has troops embedded with every Syrian unit. Russia had warned that it will attack U.S. launching platforms, ships and air planes, should the U.S. strike at Syrian forces and thereby endanger its own soldiers.

    Is Trump really willing to escalate towards that?
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    April 20, 2018

    After the Syrian army liberated Douma, the next Takfiri held areas near the capital Damascus fell in short order. The Jaish al-Islam militants in Dumayr, north-east of Damascus, gave up without a fight. As usual by now the Takfiris were transferred to the north-western Idleb governorate held by al-Qaeda and other Turkish supported forces. The town of Dumayr controls the Damascus Baghdad highway. Capitulation negotiations in the nearby Eastern Qalamoun are ongoing.

    The former Palestinian refugee camp Yarmouk is an upbuild suburb south of Damascus. One part is in the hands of al-Qaeda and another was controlled by an Islamic State group. Offers to evacuate the groups were made but rejected. Yesterday the Syrian army launched a massive artillery barrage and the Russian and Syrian air force dropped bombs onto the quarter. Today, just twenty-four hours later, the Takfiris gave up. The al-Qaeda aligned militants will be evacuated to Idleb, the Islamic State aligned group to the eastern Syrian desert.

    With each elimination of a 'rebel' pockets Syrian army is gaining strength. Ten-thousands of soldiers who were needed to hold the Takfiri held areas around Damascus surrounded and under control are now free to attack elsewhere. Some of the militants who did not evacuate also joined the government forces.

    The evacuation of many militants to the north-west might later turn up to be problematic. They will eventually come under Turkish control and could be used in another Turkish attempt to take Aleppo. But for now they are infighting. Al-Qaeda in Syria, now renamed to Hay'at Tahrir al-Sham (HTS) is fighting with other groups over control of the area. Over the last months about one thousand of the militants have killed each other, 3,000 were wounded and many of their heavy arms were destroyed. The Syrian government hopes that such infighting will continue for a while.

    becoming a headache for the U.S. occupation force. The U.S. used unwilling Kurdish ground troops to attack the city. It was not much of an infantry fight. Anything that moved was simply bombed from the air or ground. The one U.S. artillery battalion that covered the city fired more than 35,000 155mmm rounds during the five month operation. Now some 80% of the buildings in Raqqa are completely destroyed. The rest is inhabitable.

    The city has no water and no electricity. The U.S. claimed that 2,500 ISIS militants were in the city when the fighting started. In the end the U.S. let at least 500 of those leave the city and move further east to fight the Syrian army. It also said that only 30 civilians were killed in its attack. That is of course nonsense. At least 2,000 dead bodies have been recovered so far and 6,000 more dead are recorded as still lying under the ruins. There will be more. The city administration has no equipment and money to recover them. The U.S. is unwilling to spend any money for the city it destroyed and the Kurdish warlords who now occupy the city are incompetent and have no interest to help its Arab inhabitants. The population that has returned is hostile towards the U.S. and the Kurds. It wants to get back under Syrian government control.

    Further east at the Syrian Iraqi border and north of the Euphrates some 3-5,000 ISIS fighters live unmolested by U.S. air or ground attacks. The U.S. prevented Syrian government troops who control the area south of Euphrates from attacking the ISIS forces. But neither Syria nor Iraq can allow that ISIS pocket to survive. Yesterday a high level meeting was held in the operation room in Baghdad where Russian, Iranian, Syrian and Iraqi commanders arrange common operations against ISIS. Shortly thereafter an Iraqi jet attacked a ISIS command meeting near Hajin in Syria. The strike had Syrian government approval. Syrian government forces have rebuild a military bridge that will allow them to cross the Euphrates in a future operation. Several battalions, including auxiliary troops under Iranian command, are ready to attack. Will the U.S. bomb them when they cross the river? Or will it hold back and allow Iraqi air support for the Syrian troops?

    The neo-conservatives are busy insinuating that Syria still has chemical weapon program and that it is distributed throughout the country.

    U.S. assessments following the U.S., British and French missile strikes on Syria show they had only a limited impact on President Bashar al-Assad’s ability to carry out chemical weapons attacks, four U.S. officials told Reuters.
    U.S. officials, who spoke on condition of anonymity, said the available intelligence indicated that Assad’s stock of chemicals and precursors was believed to be scattered far beyond the three targets.
    This is of course just nonsense. Syria gave up its chemical weapons in 2013 and the OPCW confirmed that all weapon and precursor stocks were destroyed and all laboratories and production facilities dismantled.

    This new fairytale of Assad's chemical weapons is designed to create a pretext for a another, more extensive bombing campaign against Syria. A fake pretext build on fake 'chemical attack' in Douma.

    There is no evidence that any 'chemical attack' occurred in Douma. All the U.S., French and British government have are some videos created by known propagandists like the White Helmets who work for those governments. The State Department's spokesperson finally acknowledged that:

    MS NAUERT: Yeah. ... We recognize and appreciate and are very grateful for all the work that the White Helmets continues to do on behalf of the people of their country and on behalf of the U.S. Government and all the coalition forces.
    I’ve just exchanged emails with him the other day. My understanding is that their work is still going on, and we’re proud to work with them.
    Republican Representative Massie remarked today:

    Thomas Massie @RepThomasMassie - 14:03 UTC- 19 Apr 2018
    In briefing to Congress, DNI, SecDef, and SecState provided zero real evidence. Referenced info circulating online. Which means either they chose not to provide proof to Congress or they don’t have conclusive proof that Assad carried out gas attack. Either way, not good.

    After being stalled for five days the OPCW fact finding mission finally reachedthe area in Douma where the alleged 'chemical attack happened. It entered under protection of Russian military police.

    The research service of the German Bundestag published a report today which concludes that the U.S. led attack on Syria on April 13 was evidently in violation of international law.

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    Apparently the Russians dont think much of Assad's troops. Here are Russia troops referring to the Syrian Army:

    - "God forbid one should have such allies ... they always f-up every task."
    - "The skill level of the Syrian army is less than nonexistent, one could say"

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    Depressing article. Sounds almost as bad as the US attempt to train an Afghan army. If Assad’s troops are that poor, it only means the war goes on longer.

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