Coach Pierce named Coach of the Year

Discussion in 'Baseball' started by p_town_horn, Jul 10, 2018.

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    A well deserved honor for Coach Pierce. He was named the Baseball America College Coach of the Year!


    I have no shame in saying I was not expecting much from the horns baseball team this season, especially after our slow start. I was wrong.

    Coach Pierce did a herculean job and should be applauded!!

    Here's to you Coach :hookem:
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  2. Phil Elliott

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    Very well deserved. I love the guy and have since we picked him. As a yuge SBSP fan, it doesn't hurt at all that he looks like this in the dugout with his glasses on:

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    Okay Shaka and Tom, ..... let's go.
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    Great job by Coach Pierce to get this team to Omaha. :hookem2:
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    I hope one day UFCUDFF, University Federal Credit Union Disch Falk Field will have reason to be renamed

    UFCDFFAGGPP, University Federal Credit Union Disch Falk Field at Gustafson Garrido Pierce Park.
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