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Discussion in 'On The Field' started by TEXnSEATTLE, Nov 16, 2019.

  1. BevoJoe

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    I have no beef with the players. What we have now are the results of poor development by the coaches, poor and very predictable game plans and schemes, and subpar in game decisions.

    CDC sees what's going on, and the probability is high that he will take action if this season completely crashes and burns before our eyes. Will he fire Tom? I don't know at this point, but I also can not say that option is not sitting on the table.

    CDC is about making all the UT sports profitable, bringing in happy fans who follow the team and spend big bucks, as well as being a draw for top athletes. When the school's main sport is not producing high positive results, then we have some players entering the transfer portal and recruits decommitting (or not commiting). The fans may (or will) become disgruntled, and that a real and expensive problem.

    I believe at the end of the season, CDC will call TH in for a "come to god" sit down and either lay out a plan with lofty goals for next year including replacing some coaches, or give him his walking papers if TH pushes back. Anything short of those will be shocking.
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  2. SabreHorn

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    I see absolutely none of Fedora's finger prints on this abortion. For my money, the two most focused coaches in college ball are Malzahn and Fedora. Neither, however, has been at a decent job. In fact, those two have had the two worst jobs in P5. I am all for turning either the offense or defense over to Larry, but it should have been done months ago. We are not going to fix the lack of discipline and fundamentals in two weeks.

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  3. ViperHorn

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    Fedora for OC; Beaty for DC (assuming CdC does not have a divine moment and brings in Bradley). Yes, these will essentially will be CdC approved picks).
  4. AC

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    So we agree Fedora for OC.

    Bill, call him up and let us know what his salary requirements are. I'll call CDC tomorrow.

    Ha, this is fun!
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  5. dukesteer

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    SH, you commented several weeks ago that it would be a mistake to make a mid-season coordinator change due to its disruptive nature. In hindsight, given the opportunity, would you have made a change going into the bye week?

    If the right replacements are available I would change both as soon after Tech as possible. Of course, we may have to wait a while...

    Here’s the challenge. Do you wait until after the early signing period? I don’t, because doing so would be disingenuous and suggest that the recruits were misled.
  6. SabreHorn

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    If I made a change during the season, I would do it quietly and privately by expanding the duties of Fedora and Beaty (sp) - close practices and limit media access to players.

    I have said before that I believe that there is a problem in the locker room, and called for a players only meeting behind closed doors. Then have the captains take it to Herman. If that is correct, Herman either solidifies his position or loses the team. If it is a coach problem, then Herman has to take care of it with no players names involved.

    If (and I hope I am) I am wrong, so be it, but the effort, discipline, and fundamentals certainly point in that direction.
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  7. slowrider

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    First of all, Grinch was not the DC at tOSU, Greg Schiano was the DC and making all the calls. Grinch coached DB’s. He was hired by OU based on his track record at WSU as the DC. In his first year, improvement has been made and he is doing it with essentially the same players from Mike Stoops defense. The difference at the Cotton Bowl is a testament to that. No way a Mike Stoops led defense comes back after half and puts on a performance like they had at Baylor Saturday night.

    My point is when it is time to make a change, do it. Riley actually waited a year too long and it cost OU a chance at a title. Hoping it gets better is a fool’s errand.
  8. RainH2burntO

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    You might be right about Beck, but that same OC you refer to has helped KU put up a whopping 10 and 13 the last two weeks.
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  9. Statalyzer

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    And KU actually has a fair amount of talent on offense.
  10. gahornphan

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    Herman’s not going anywhere. I doubt if Orlando or Beck go either. Buyouts are HUGE and there’s no one good available - Meyer’s not coming. We’ve got another good recruiting class coming with a blue chip running back. I believe the quarterback competition will he open next year and Sam may find himself the odd man out. He’s reached his ceiling. He’s tough, but he’s not that quick or nifty. Casey and Roshon are more the types of quarterbacks Herman was use to at Ohio State and UH. Sam will redshirt next year and who knows? May end his career with our friends to the north.
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  11. Pomspoms

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    Yeah right
  12. Pomspoms

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    Are you desiring a QB change for next year? I am. Even though Sam has a ton of experience and leadership I am ready to see what someone else can do. Perhaps, 50/50 that's the minimum I would like to see.
    I hope Thompson gets significant PT the next two games.
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  13. horninchicago

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    Did I just read that Sam, lifelong Longhorn fan, could end up as a Sooner?
  14. gahornphan

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    If he gets benched next year and it comes down to the best place for him to develop as an NFL quarterback, as much as it may hurt us fans, if he gets that opportunity, I believe he should jump on it.
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  15. Vol Horn 4 Life

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    Defense: 111th overall, 126th Passing, 53rd Rushing, 84th scoring

    Offense: 20th overall, 15th Passing, 68th Rushing, 17th scoring

    For those of you who think the offense is the problem the reality is its not. Are there problems? Sure, but if we had a defense ranked even in the 50's overall we'd probably have only one loss or maybe even be undefeated. I don't think we will replace both coordinators in the same year so I'd fire Orlando yesterday if I could.
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  16. longhornlegend

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    If you take it even further, look at the Texas D rank for the last 3 years. Consistently worse. Not sure Orlando has ever produced a quality defense in his career.
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  17. Vol Horn 4 Life

    Vol Horn 4 Life 5,000+ Posts

    I put it out there a few weeks ago in a different thread. His defenses have gotten worse at every school he has coached except Houston where he was only there two years. Not there long enough to screw it up.
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  18. bystander

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  19. horninchicago

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  20. Statalyzer

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    The weird thing is they were pretty good his first year here. Held USC offense to 17 in regulation and scored 7 of our own. Only team to hold OU under 30. Held Oklahoma State to 10 in regulation. Shut down Missouri in the bowl game despite missing 3 or 4 players.

    Then in 2018 it went from good to mediocre and in 2019 it's gone from mediocre to bad (although it's gotten better the last two games at least).
  21. ViperHorn

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    He will not see the field unless Sam is injured and cannot walk or remember his name. Besides he is gone after the bowl game (if not before).
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  22. moondog_LFZ

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    Okay then, let's use LSU as an example.
    New OC this season and they are setting the world on fire.
    There is somebody out there that can do more with our talent then is being done.
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  23. moondog_LFZ

    moondog_LFZ 2,500+ Posts

    Sam will be our starting SR. QB next year and should be amazing.
    (We'll see what the new OC puts out there for him to work with) ;)
    Thompson will never see the field ahead of Johnson or Card.
    He gone.
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  24. MajesticII

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    Just how good is Card ? How much does LT's offense miss him ?
  25. Pomspoms

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    I'm thinking JQJ is going to be the man after Sam.
    Sam is a good, workman like QB but I would like to to see someone else next year. I am looking for that top 5 of the draft QB and it ain't Sam. Sam will be a late round draft pick.
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  26. Detective Shilala

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    This talk about looking for other QB's is insane. We have an experienced winner and leader at QB.

    Talk about throwing the baby out with the bath water...
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  27. Pomspoms

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    Experienced quarterbacks have been replaced before. If we find somebody better are looks like can be better then let's do it.
    Perhaps if we got a different OC, someone with a better system. That is a plausible change, but not the same QB with the same OC please unless we prefer mediocrity.
  28. old65horn

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    Kinda depends on the last game who's in the barrel.
  29. Statalyzer

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    I don't care how he does in the NFL. Colt McCoy wasn't a first round pick.
  30. MajesticII

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    Coaches figured him out.....The AAC coaches did the same thing by mid-season of his last year at UH, thus the losses we thought were due to the rumor of Herman leaving....It wasn't , It was " We have you now....we figured you out !!!!!"

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