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Discussion in 'On The Field' started by Chop, Dec 1, 2019.

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    Had forgotten about that. I guess Lane learned from Saban and plans to run a former head coach rehab center also. Nick has run quite a few through Tuscaloosa, Lane being one of them.
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    He might not be dumb, but Jerruh is and I can see Jerruh offering him an obscene amount of $$$ to come coach in Dallas. Be the HC for 3-4 years, rack up a pile of money, then retire and enjoy life!
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    Of course he will. Meddling and screwing things up are what Jerruh does best.
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    Baylor -- Rhule is rumored to be saying its the NY Giants or he stays at Baylor. Absolutely no Cleveland in his future.

    Florida State -- David Johnson (Tenn RBs) is expected to join Norvell at FSU. I'm telling ya folks, Norvell will build a monster down in the Florida panhandle.

    Miss State -- fired HC Joe Moorhead. It may cost them $4 million to send Moorhead packing. Here are some names that are already being thrown around to take over at Miss State: Gene Chizik (we all know him), Joe Judge (NE Patriots ST coach), Willie Fritz (Tulane HC), Mike Leach (good luck--grab him if you can), Billy Napier (La Lafayete HC), Jeff Monken (Army HC), Mark Hudspeth (Austin Peay, previously at La Lafayette and Miss St), Bill Clark (UAB HC), Larry Fedora (we all know him), Skip Holtz (La Tech HC), Kevin Steele (Auburn DC), and Todd Grantham (Florida DC).

    Napier was previously being thrown around in hog and rebel circles until they made other hires. Napier is a good one, but the Cajun admin just extended his contract to 2025 and paid him more $$$, so the Bulldogs will have to pony up. They'll have to pony up a lot for most of these guys. This makes for 3 new coaches in the SEC West next year. It's a coaching arms race down South!
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    All I can say is, thank the football gods no one wants Tom Herman.
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  9. BurntOrangeLH

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    Go Riley Go!
  10. BurntOrangeLH

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    See, there are benefits to 8-5 Seasons.

    Remember when Orlando was the hot DC in 2017?

    I think presently Herman has little interest in the NFL. UT is where he wants to succeed.
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  11. BurntOrangeLH

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    The Giants is the only one that really matters.

    If they give him the keys to the front office, he is gone.
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  12. Chop

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    Sounds like he still will not entertain the Cleveland opportunity.

    NYG offer = he’s gone.

    Carolina Panthers offer = he’s probably gone.

    Cleveland offer = at least another year in Waco.
  13. Joe Fan

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    Jimmy Haslam in 8 Seasons --
    • 7 different Head Coaches
    • 6 different GMs
    • 33 Wins, 93 Losses (.262)
    • 0 Playoff appearances
    • 19 different starting QBs
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  15. CreakyHorn

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    I would think that Jerrah is happy to have the Haslams in the room. "Yeah, we're mediocre, but look at their team!"
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  16. Chop

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    Well at least it’s not the town. Cleveland isn’t thaaaaaaaat bad of a place. I can think of at least five places in Ohio alone that are worse than Cleveland... :rolleyes1:
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  17. rick mueller

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    I don't see a common denominator. Am I missing something? What could possibly be the problem? (Just in case, there is heavy sarcasm here!)
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  18. BurntOrangeLH

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    I guarantee if he winters in New York, he has seen more than 1 snowflake over those 8 years.
  19. Chop

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    Arizona -- Stan Eggen (New Mexico DL) takes over DL coaching duties at Arizona.

    Arkansas -- Scott Fountain (Georgia ST) is the new hogs' ST coach. Jimmy Smith (Ga. State RBs) takes over RB coaching in the pigpen.

    Baylor -- Rhule is still a possibility for the NY Giants and Carolina Panthers. Absolutely not the Cleveland Browns--nothing has changed on that. (Buffalo Bills OC Brian Daboll is under strong consideration for the Cleveland HC job) My speculation--80% chance Rhule will get an offer from NY or Car. and take it. If both offer, it's NY over Car. Rhule needs to be denying concussions in the NFL, not in college ball.

    Cal -- Bill Musgrave (Denver Broncos OC) is the Cal Bears' new OC.

    Colorado State -- the Rams hire Joey Lynch (Ball State OC/QB) as their new OC and QB coach.

    Florida State -- Here's a nice chart tracking FSU's new coaching staff hires. Keep an eye on this program...

    Mike Norvell --- HC --- Memphis – HC
    Adam Fuller --- DC --- Memphis – DC
    Kenny Dillingham --- OC --- Auburn – OC
    Odell Haggins --- DL --- Florida State – DL
    Ron Dugans --- WR --- Florida State – WRs
    Chris Thomsen --- "Deputy HC"/TE --- TCU – OL
    John Papuchis --- ST/DE --- Maryland – ST
    Chris Marve --- LB --- Mississippi State – LB
    TJ Rushing --- CB --- Memphis – DB
    Alex Atkins --- OL --- Charlotte – OC / OL
    David Johnson --- RB --- Tennessee – RB
    Bruce Warwick--- Chief of Staff ---LA Rams – Director of Operations

    Minnesota -- Mike Sanford (Utah St. OC) becomes the new Gophers (primary) OC, and QB coach. Matt Simon is promoted to co-OC and WR coach.

    Miss. State -- Buzz is hovering around Chizik and Butch Jones as possible head coach replacement for Joe Moorhead. Other top candidates include Todd Grantham (Florida DC), Joe Judge (NE Patriots ST and WR coach), Jeff Monken (Army HC), and Troy Calhoun (Air Force HC). It would be very interesting if Miss State tries to even out the talent advantage of most of their opponents by installing a service academy-style option attack. That would cause nightmares for the opposing coaches in preparing for it. Meanwhile, Billy Napier (La Lafayette HC) withdraws from consideration for the MSU job. He's happy on the bayou for at least another year.

    North Carolina -- Jovan Dewitt (Nebraska OLB/ST) joins Mack Brown's team as the new OLB and ST coach.

    Oklahoma State -- Lost their OC Sean Gleeson to Rutgers!

    Ole Miss -- Lane Kiffin gets rejected. Tee Martin (Tenn. OC) turns down Kiffin's offer to become the new Ole Miss OC.

    Rutgers -- hires Sean Gleeson (Okla. State OC) as their new OC. Gleeson is a NJ guy, so it's not as bad as it sounds for OSU.

    USC -- Carson Palmer joins the chorus of former Trojans who are ripping on the program and how it's been handled. It just gets uglier and uglier in LA. The very poor recruiting class is causing much rancor in Troy: Ex-USC stars take shots at team over poor recruiting class ranked lower than Bowling Green
    One fan board ("") has some fans hoping for Charlie Strong for their new DC. Todd Bates (Clemson) is being thrown around as a possibility as well, as is Zach Arnett (SDSU DC).

    Vanderbilt -- who cares? No, seriously, Ted Roof (former Duke HC) takes over as Vanderbilt's new DC. Todd Fitch is the new OC and Pete Rossomando is the new OL coach.
  20. Chop

    Chop 10,000+ Posts

    Dallas Cowboys — Mike McCarthy (formerly of Green Bay) will be the Dallas Cowboys’ new HC.

    ESPN and Fox Sports report the deal has been signed. No Lincoln Riley... Say Linc—I hear the Cleveland Browns are looking for a new HC.
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  21. Chop

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    Dallas Cowboys—and there’s more. Mike Nolan (Saints LB coach) will take over as the Cowboys’ new DC.
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  24. Chop

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    Arkansas -- Michael Scherer (Missouri grad asst) joins the hog wallow

    Baylor -- Rhule is gone to the pros (Carolina). So who will replace him? Candidates getting some early buzz are: Sonny Dykes (SMU), Josh Heupel (UCF), Billy Napier (La. Lafayette), Larry Fedora, Blake Anderson (Ark. St), Hugh Freeze (Liberty), Seth Littrell (UNT), Joey McGuire (Baylor co-OC), Luke Fickell (Cincy HC), Bryan Harsin (Boise St), Tom Allen (Indiana)

    Miss. State -- brand new development--Billy Napier and Joe Judge have both turned down the Bulldogs. Other options being thrown around are Blake Anderson (Ark St), and Jeff Monken (Army).

    UNLV -- Tre Watson (Oregon grad asst) will coach CBs at UNLV
  25. BurntOrangeLH

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    Why do I think Hugh Freeze at Baylor sounds appropriate?
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  26. SabreHorn

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    Probably because Hugh Freeze to Giddings State School sounds more appropriate.
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  27. ViperHorn

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    Littrell was probably the loser when Riley didn't get the Cowboy gig. I would hope most of the guys on Chop's Baylor list are smarter than that.
  28. Sangre Naranjada

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    Hearing some buzz that Frank Okam is a strong candidate for a DL coaching spot here. Assuming he would coach DT and Giles DE if it happens. I like it. Anybody else have any info?
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  29. Austin_Bill

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    That would be fantastic, Okam would bring a fresh approach to the dline and an extra voice in recruiting. I love those former Texas players as coaches.

    I have spoken.
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  30. Chop

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    Texas Tech -- will probably hire Todd Orlando as their new co-DC and LB coach. Keith Patterson will be the other co-DC and coach Safeties. Craig Naivar will be the new CB coach for Tech. Existing Tech secondary coaches will be sent packing. Nothing official yet.

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