Comey and Mueller

Discussion in 'West Mall' started by Musburger1, Jun 9, 2017.

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    So, Mueller's a lifetime Republican who's served under 5 administrations. He's a Vietnam vet and has been honored with multiple medals. He's not far enough right for you guys and he's corrupt? Hell, Comey donated to McCain and Romney.

    If you had your way, Sean Hannity or Bill O'Rielly would be running the investigation.
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    Joe Fan, why in the hell would you bring facts, law, or regulations into this argument? This is not about any of those things! This is about a by God, real life, Vietnam Veteran you communist bast__d! Please just let him set up his claymore mines since that experience puts him above reproach and qualifies him to investigate this matter.
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    I laughed

  5. Joe Fan

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    I actually get reported for this stuff with some degree of frequency
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    The headlines that are running now after his tweet are all "Trump admits he is being investigated!"
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    That's because they get told how to respond. It's basically automated at this point, or scripted. Lefties no longer think for themselves

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    Which makes this whole collusion witch hunt a pathetic and laughable hypocrisy.

    There is concrete, factual evidence the MSM colluded with the DNC (and HRC campaign) to boost HRC over Sanders and DT during the election. Where's that investigation and charges over those crimes Wiki proved took place without question?

    Even after the election we've seen countless examples of the same unique words used across the board by MSM to slam DT over a specific occurrence.

    Where's the investigation into how these MSM outlets are coordinating their narrative and who's giving the orders? It's clear the same Dem puppet masters who colluded with MSM during the election haven't let go of the strings.

    The real corruption and collusion (MSM and Dem party) is already proven, continues on, and the vast majority of the country doesn't deny it. Back in Nov, 78% believed the MSM was biased against DT. Only 32% said they have a great deal or fair amount of trust in the media. I imagine both these numbers are even worse today.

    But no this is acceptable, we better investigate wild claims DT colluded with Russia to steal the election. You know because the Libs floated the outrageous conspiracy theory as soon as they lost. Podesta launches a campaign about DT campaign contacts with Russia. The very guy who is mired in suspect connections with Russia. SMFH

    Then their POTUS opened an investigation immediately into Russian interference to give it teeth and allow the colluding MSM to force fake Dem-created claims of DT-Russia collusion into the investigation parameters.

    Yes, there was proven collusion like a mofo to steal this election and there's still collusion everywhere we look to oust the Dem's and MSM's victorious enemy #1.

    Yet the investigating powers that be instead spend several months playing with their d*cks investigating wild phony claims DT colluded to win (without a shred of evidence for that to be a part of the Russian interference investigation).

    All the while the accusers were the ones proven to have colluded to steal the election for HRC. Talk about a big, filthy swamp. :smile1:
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  9. Garmel

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    It's not hard to figure out who one of the people reporting you is.
  10. Seattle Husker

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    I thought "victimhood" was a left-wing characteristic but after reading Trump's tweets and this I'll stand corrected.
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    Bannon --

    "It's not gonna get better, it's gonna get worse."

    "They are corporatist globalist media who are diametrically opposed to the economic nationalist agenda that President Trump presents. “[Trump] is going to continue to press his agenda as economic conditions get better, as jobs get better, they are going to continue to fight. If you think they are going to give you your country back without a fight, you are mistaken. Every day, it is going to be a fight."
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    Pathos --> Logos.
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  13. Seattle Husker

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    Donald forgets that the Special Counsel was appointed after he went on national TV to tell us all that he fired Comey because of the Russia investigation. This was directly contradicting the reasons laid out by Rosenstien and Spicer. The anti-Trump in me LOL'ed but then I realized this not so bright person represents me as my POTUS and I was tempted to cry.
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  14. Seattle Husker

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    Not every post can be a logic based argument but for some that number hovers around zero which is a bit much to take. Bring some facts and data to the debate. I'm often critical of JoeFan because he posts egregiously factually incorrect memes (bordering on propoganda) but he also brings good logic based arguments to the fray which I applaud him for. Others...not so much.
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    Let's talk jobs. The right never believed the jobs data for the last 8 years. Now they suddenly do. What the actual hell?

    Coal jobs. How many are we saving by cow-towing to getting away from coal? Probably 0. There are only 15,000 coal miners in the US. There were 400 coal jobs created in the last quarter. The whole coal industry employs less people than Arby's. And, kicker here, the EPA's clean power plans projected to add 270,000 jobs over a reasonable period. Thank the dark lord Scott Pruitt is on the case!

    Carrier. 600 jobs going down now. But, hey, we gave them $7,000,000 to do a cool press conference to keep jobs here!
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    Here are the 4 top lawyers Mueller hired --

    Jeannie Rhee worked as a lawyer for the Clinton Foundation. While there, she blocked all attempts to depose Bill and Hillary about the Foundation. She has been a frequent donor to Dem politicians, including the max allowed to Hillary 2016. Same for Obama. While still at Justice she made cash donations to the DNC. She also donated to several Dem Senators. Never to an R.

    James Quarles - worked on the Watergate investigation as prosecutor. Has an even longer history of financially supporting Dem politicians than Rhee, including Hillary, Obama, Gore, Schumer, Kerry, the DNC, + other Dem Senators.

    Andrew Weissmann - another Obama, DNC donor

    Michael Dreeben - Clinton and Obama donor
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    He can't get out of his own way. My favorite is how he complains about the lies and the leaks in the same 140 characters. I mean, if they're lies, they can't be leaks. And, if they're leaks, they're true. Brings to mind two scenes from an outstanding piece of cinema. I don't know which one is more appropriate.

    1. Leaf tables and no chairs? You got a table and you got chairs you got a dinette set. You got no chairs you got dick! Hell, I ask my wife, she's got better sense! I'm gonna be down at that store in 10 hours to kick some butt!
    2. Well, you want I should freeze or drop. If I freeze, I can't rightly drop. And if I drop, I'm gonna be in motion. So which is it young fella?

    I think Trump's more of a Nevil Snokes.
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    Ex-FBI Assistant Director James Kallstrom said he was "shocked" Mueller accepted the position of special counsel, given his friendship with Comey and Comey's place in the media-propelled Trump-Russia narrative.

    "I was really surprised that knowing Bob Mueller — I was on his advisory for almost a decade … I was shocked that he would actually accept it. I mean, he knows that he has a massive conflict of interest. I mean, what does he think? Where does he think General [Michael] Flynn's name came from? It came from the unmasking."

    "What role did Jim Comey have in the unmasking? I have no idea. I'm just saying that's a logical question. I don't know how he could accept that assignment. I've always known him to be a man of integrity. I have disagreed with many of his positions, but I've always thought he had a lot of integrity. So I was really, really disappointed that he would even accept it."
    * * * *
    I think it’s a huge conflict of interest. Quite frankly, I was really, really surprised and disappointed with the deputy attorney general, who first-off appointed a special counsel when there was no articulation of any crime whatsoever. And the statute actually calls for that, so that was ignored.”

    "[Mueller and Comey] are close, close friends and the conflict of interest is so apparent. I mean, did the deputy attorney general not have access to Google? I mean, you know, check these things out? It's just unbelievable. It's off the charts."

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    I'm trying to fix my fence to keep my dogs in. Who do I test it with? My 8 year old pug who likes to relax? Or, my 3 year old rat terrier who will gnaw through a wood fence to chase squirrels?

    Did Ken Starr hire a lot of Democrats?
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    Michael W. Dreeben is a Clinton/Obama donor. Fortunately Mueller didn't hire fashion designer from Chicago. There is no record of Michael S. Dreeben donating to either political party/candidate.
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  22. Seattle Husker

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    Raising Oklahoma?
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    I have zero problem with Mueller having a very credible conflict of interest being so personally close to the key witness and hiring a legal team full of people who donated to (and worked for) the opposition party and/or candidate.

    I actually think it's a good thing for DT. They can carefully massage evidence all they want to frame an obstruction case. No matter how well they may craft it to support obstruction, without an irrefutable smoking gun it'll be worthless.

    Furthermore these conflicts of interest already found widely questionable by the Rep base will only promote an even lower chance of Reps being swayed in the House.

    Bring on the conflicts of interest, the more the merrier.
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    The same poster that looks to the government and court system to support their sorry political agenda is also begging moderators to help them overcome their lack of intelligence on Hornfans? It can't be true!
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    "Cow-towing - :smile1: which I must assume is the Okie equivalent of kowtowing- to getting away from coal" in your mind is equal to preventing the government from destroying, based on fraudulent climate change data, an industry that supplies a major source of energy.

    You also believe the government should take money from taxpayers to give to others so they can create jobs in an industry that can't support itself, but you totally ignore the costs associated with yet another government giveaway.

    With more thoughtless rhetoric, you somehow compare the number of jobs at Arby's with the jobs in the coal industry. As if that weren't enough, you miss the number of jobs created by the coal industry by approximately 1 million.

    Bubba, if the government gave you enough money, I bet you could hire 270,000 dentists and Professors that teach "Ethics in College Football" to help overcome two of the more pressing problems in Oklahoma. That doesn't mean that the money could not have been put to better use elsewhere as determined by private citizens.

    Since you're a fan of movie quotes, here's one that comes to mind after reading your post:

    "I have two words for you, shut the f--- up!"
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    Two things.

    1. I consider myself a guest here and I act accordingly. I hereby allow the moderators to let anyone know if I have "reported them". If I have, please kill my account. I've never done that on any forum, let alone this one and I've been on here since about 2002. I appreciate civilized discourse.

    2. As sheriff BUFORD T. Justice said, do the letters FO mean anything to you?

    PS: you responded to a lot of facts from numerous posts. You seem to be tracking me.
  28. iatrogenic

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    You're not following the previous posts regarding moderators.

    Now you're civilized? Congrats.

    Yes, I'm stalking you. Be careful.

    I guess you gave up on justifying your "coal is bad" argument. Good choice. If you're going to post crap, someone is going to call you out. If you just want to tag the board with graffiti and expect a big ole Longhorn hug, you are delusional. Your status as a Switzer-loving okie makes you a prime target, but you knew that when you started posting.

    Now, go tow some more cows.
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    I inferred from those posts that someone was reporting some others to the mods or admins. I take it that someone thinks I'm part of that. I'm not. Was that wrong?

    When have I ever been less than civilized?

    Coal is on another thread. Respond to that there. The point is there are not very many coal miners and trumps changes will not create more. The system is becoming automated to my reading.
  30. iatrogenic

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    No, you're not part of the mods conversation. Well, you were not until you responded for some unknown reason.

    You posted your coal v Arby's on this thread.

    You seem to have an acceptable level of civility despite your lack of education. Your sense of humor needs a little work. The movie quote I posted is damn funny.

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