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Discussion in 'On The Field' started by Duck Dodgers, Jan 12, 2021.

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    I know it won't be popular here, but the SEC SEC once again won the conference bowl game match up.

    Final record was 7-2, with 4 big bowl wins (Ga, ATM, Alabama twice), plus the National Championship.

    B12 did have a good year, with 5-0.

    ACC was terrible at winless, as was the Pac, who's bowl record of no wins is as much of a joke as their season, teams, and fan(s).
  2. Godz40acres

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    With covid and cancellations I discount the records of this whole past season. But, that's just me.
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  3. IvanDiabloHorn

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    My math determined a 100% winning percentage is greater than a 77.8% winning percentage.
    A baseball player with a .333 batting average has a better stat than a player with a .310 batting average regardless of the pitchers they faced.
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  4. RainH2burntO

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    I wouldn't count Bama twice and Georgia only won because Cinci lost

    FWHORN 5,000+ Posts

    Pretty sure .1000 [Edit 1.000] percent win percentage is better than .7888 win percentage.
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    Unrelated, but for your future reference, the difference in a 333 hitter and a 250 hitter, is one single a week in MLB. Would you rather have a 250 hitter consistently getting extra base hits or a 333 getting only singles - see also Terry Pool (sp), per Tal Smith

    I relish the thought of the Big XII being undefeated in bowls, and OU destroying Florida, but also have to give some leverage to the quality of the bowl.
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  7. p_town_horn

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    I think by any reasonable approach you have to give more weight to New Years 6 bowls and playoff wins than the Meineke Car Care Bowl, etc. (I certainly was a lot happier with Texas beating Georgia in the Sugar Bowl than beating Missouri in the I Can't Remember the Name Bowl). So I would agree that the SEC was the winner.

    However, the results do show two conference standing out above the rest. SEC and Big 12. I don't think too many people will rationally argue that any conference has been better than the SEC in the last decade. The argument is who else in in the same class as the SEC. I think the Big 12 continues to show that it is in the same class.
  8. Duck Dodgers

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    You might want to move that decimal point to the right, otherwise it’s Aggy math!
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  9. Duck Dodgers

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    The NC is the bonus that in my mind puts the SEC as the winner. If it’s just win percentage then didn’t the MAC or such go 2-0 thus also perfect?

    With 11 of the last 15 (!) NC’s, the SEC is clearly the leading conference. And while Alabama has most of those, Florida and LSU have two each, and Auburn one.

    Big 10 just has a single NC, ACC three, and B12 none, not even a single playoff win, and only OU as a contender.

    Based on all that, I’d say SEC by a clear margin, ACC, Big 10, then B12
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  12. IvanDiabloHorn

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    Don’t forget ERA’s.
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  13. FWHORN

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    That's why I'm a lawyer not an accountant never quite sure where to put those darn decimals.
  14. BevoJoe

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    I’m both, but only work on corporate tax matters. Mostly advisory now. Don’t care much for going to court anymore.

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