“Coordinator-Level Changes…”–Big Cigar

Discussion in 'On The Field' started by HousHorn09, Dec 2, 2010.

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    Jesus seems to really be out on the lead on this.

    “approval of coordinator-level changes and dollar amounts.”

    And dollar amounts really sticks out to me. That has to mean a replacement is already been decided upon.
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    Greg will be reassigned to a newly established position. He will be the new "executive advisor to the head coach for offensive play calling". So no need to worry, he'll still be calling the offensive next year. [​IMG]
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    Cant repeat this enough with all the douchebags trying to jump in front of the story but Jesus at Recruitocosm has been all over this for a few weeks now. Money.

    Well, actually not money since its a free site.
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    [​IMG] I'll have some speculation with my popcorn please
  6. tholly

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    In had a dream and the new offensive coor will be Bob Weltlich.
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    I likey pseudonyms!

    Praise Jesus.
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    I couldn't give you all my inside information if I did. That goes for both of you.
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    Most pretentious poster on this board.
    Stick to the charade.
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    I have been on this board for more than 11 years (before my post totals were re-set in the great computer 'crash' of 1999) and that is the single greatest comeback I have ever read.

    Cheers :hookem:
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    It was completely irrelevant though, unless people on this board are passing themselves off as legit journalists. We pretty much all either speculating, analyzing, passing on vague hints, or making up BS from the air.

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    "...had a dream and new offensive coor will be Bob Weltlich"

    funniest nightmare so far. i'll put a confederate $3 bill on that one.
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    3 position level coach changes.
    O line has to be one as previously hint-reported.
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    In reply to:

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    Okay, before you overly impress yourself, let me explain in simple terms:

    Stat accused Jesus of irresponsible speculation.
    I pointed out that Stat's own post included irresponsible speculation.
    So, see, I had already identified the pot-kettle relationship.

    But, congratulations for finding it yourself, I guess.
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    Please show me where "Stat" is listed as an Author and his posts listed as Articles. There's a difference between posting an opinion and attempting to relate a story as fact
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    f**khead me! If MB doesn't fire somebody, I am going to smash my computer. I don't give a **** who is correct or what nancy got the inside scoop. Clean house, rebuild and don't ever leave me with a bowl-less season again.

    Anyway, I have been pronouncing it "hey-zeus." Just makes more sense to me.
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    I am not sure Mad Dog would want to make that move. Seems kind of like a demotion to me. In a position where you need to have the respect of the team they might lose a little for you if they knew you had been benched to this position b/c they didn't have faith in you at your old position.

    We need a freakin' ex marine corp drill sargeant to be our new discipline coach.
  28. the Saint

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    You speak as if "fact" is synonymous with truth.
  29. accuratehorn

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    The reporter is going to be crucified if he is wrong, I will say that much.
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