Cougars in town today at 1 PM

Discussion in 'Baseball' started by Wishbonemac, Oct 16, 2011.

  1. Wishbonemac

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    Anyone else heading to the Disch to watch the first game of fall ball today?

    I can't wait to see which new faces will be vying to step up and continue the tradition.

    You can watch it on the Longhorn Network if you can't make it. (More on that a little later)
  2. s102r18

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    Haven't made it down to see any fall ball yet, sorry to say. (Our 'Horns won another, BTW, and have a third coming up on Sunday 10/23.)

    Last year I drove to D-F for one of the fall games, but left upon learning they were charging $5 admission. What is the status this year? Lots of new players I'd like to see in action today and I will probably do so as long as there is no admission fee.

  3. warrior

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    Not sure I have not been out there either. So are the Horns going to be all pitching again this year? Or is the hitting and power going to be improved?
  4. dbfootball

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  5. notanative

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    In a college town, your headline had to have drawn a crowd.
  6. zork

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    How did the Horns look? Any newcomers looking to take starting spots? Would someone give us a writeup or commentary? [​IMG]

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