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Discussion in 'Around Austin' started by SeaGail, Apr 20, 2009.

  1. SeaGail

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    One of my co-workers is going to Dallas next week on business. Does anyone have any recommendations for good Texas barbecue in Dallas? Somehow I doubt that there is much in the way of Tex-Mex, but if you have any other recommendations, they would be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks in advance ...

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  2. scottsins

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    Mia's is very good tex-mex.

    There is no good texas barbecue in dallas though.
  3. Basketball Jones

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    Not sure why this is on the "Around Austin" section, but I'll bite...
    There is a whole thread on Dallas BBQ on the "Rusty's Grill" website, with some posts only about a week old. Bottom line (and I used to work up there), there is not much in the way of good BBQ, at least in Dallas proper.
  4. THEU

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    alright. Short of it.

    BEST BBQ David's in Pantego (middle of Arlington on Park Row)

    Tex Mex in Dallas... honestly I think that El Fenix is the BEST chain Tex Mex around. There is also a Chuy's north of Downtown... Knox/Henderson exit off of 75... I think.
  5. Basketball Jones

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    David's is good, but it's not in Dallas, which was the question.

    EL Fenix???Chuy's??? Better Tex-Mex in Dallas than either of those
  6. Bevo's Buddy

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    As Bball Jones suggested, you should check here:
    The Link

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