December 6, 2006: Still Sober, After all these Years.

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    Well, gosh. As the song says, I guess it's 10 years gone by. And oh my, how things have changed. When I first reached out to the community here, I wasn't so sure what would happen. I was broken, desperate, and in a pit of despair. Addicted and alcoholic, Hornfans was a place of refuge and of kindness, when there was little to be had elsewhere. I was honest, and some of yall were pricelessly kind. Honest. Tough. Loving. Compassionate.

    I've fantasized about this post many times over the years. What would I say? How cool would it be to be able to say, 10 years? And, now that it's hear, once again I have found myself putting it off. But that's the beauty of it, this sober life. Sobriety allows you to play the record backwards, if we're lucky, and get all the stuff back...and so much more. My wife and I have reconciled, my children and I are awesome. We even added one to the brood in late 2007: Daniel Colton. I've long left the corporate world, and still find myself in full time ministry, as the founding pastor of Sober by Grace Ministries. A place where, we try, to help set captives free. I don't know how many have come through our doors in the last (almost) 8 years. But I've seen our little ministry grow from one home for men, to two, and even one for women. We serve the homeless, the vet, the trafficked woman, and of course, the alcoholic and addicted. The religious, the atheist, and those somewhere in between. And, this place is where it started.

    I don't come here to boast or brag about where I was, and where I am. But merely to say, that I, someone of not great stature, with very little willpower and nothing terminally unique, did it...and if you or your loved one is suffering, so can you. You can be free from the chains of alcohol and/or drugs.

    I come here to say thank you. The kindness I received here was engraved in my heart, soul, and mind, and while a good percentage here may not be "religious folk," the way you treated me was completely Christ-like, and it gives me strength, and hope to this day.

    This isn't to say my life is perfect. My kids and I still fight on occasion. My wife and I have been known to have times of "intense fellowship." I still struggle with my physique...though I recently signed up with a CrossFit box. (You know how addicts operate: go big or go home!) It is to say that, there is a solution. There is a better way.

    I guess this is the point where I move on to the next 10 years. I've written many letters/posts similar to this one, but...this is the final one. I've been both putting off, and if I'm honest, kind of savoring the moment. So, thank you kind people so much. Again, I extend the hand of my own experience, strength, and hope. If you or a loved one is struggling with the disease of alcoholism or addiction, please feel free to call me, or email me. Text me, whatever. I am forever indebted to Hornfans, and I will do what I can to help, refer, or at least, listen. Hope you enjoy this beautiful season we are in.

    An appreciation you'll never Comprehend,

    Bryce Hudnall
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    Welcome back. Congratulations on 10 years sober. That's a big milestone. Keep up the good work.
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    Awesome post, great message. :hookem:
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    Thanks for the inspiring words!

    I'm not familiar with your prior posts. To be honest, I'm on this particular board today because I clicked the wrong link. But I'm glad I did.

    I was particularly moved by this passage:

    It is important for us all to realize that no religion has a monopoly on good (or, for that matter, on evil). I for one do not believe that Jesus was the son of God, but I do believe that he was a good man, and I try to live my life in a "Christ-like" manner.

    May your next 10 years be as positive as you last 10!
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    Dude, lost my dad to alcoholism--always in our prayers--Horn87

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