Definitive map of DKR section/row/seat numbers

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    One of the things that's always been frustrating about looking for tickets in a 'foreign' stadium (for example, Arrowhead) is that there's no good place to get good answers on how many rows are in a given section, which seats are on the aisle, which row # is where the entry ramps start/stop, etc. There are diagrams all over the place with sections, etc, and some tell you which seat# is on the aisle, etc, but not to that level of detail; almost none factor in the fact that as you rise higher and higher up a corner, the number of seats expands.

    There are often questions on this site about how many rows in a given level, what's on the aisle, is there any shade, etc. This may be a pointless exercise, but I'd like to start collecting this information on DKR. I'll start off with what I know from my area, which is Section 31 (although I'll bet most of the lower east side is the same, at least until you start the curve at the NE end zone)...

    Section 31 spans from about 8 yards deep in the EZ to about the 10 yard line. The aisle that splits this section is at about the 2.

    There is a lower and an upper entry ramp into the section; on the upper entry ramp, the row at the top of the ramp is Row 66. The row at the bottom of the ramp is (I'm 99% sure) Row 52.

    Seat 23 is on the south side of the aisle (on the left if you're facing the field). I believe that the seat on the north side of the aisle is 25, but it may be 26.

    I believe the highest Row number is 78, I'm not 100% sure.

    I believe that there are 44 total seats in the section, ie if you move down the aisle starting at seat 23, you'll eventually get to a spot where seat #44 (the last seat in Sec. 31) is next to seat #1 (the first seat in Sec. 32).

    There's virtually no shade in this section. If it's an 11AM kickoff and you're on Row 66, you'll be in the shade for maybe the entire first quarter, but that's it. Any later than that and you're in full sun. For a 2:30 kick, you're in the sun the entire game. For a 6PM kick, you're in the sun for about the entire first quarter, at which time the sun finally goes down behind the west side upper deck.

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