DeGabriel Floyd giving it another shot

Discussion in 'On The Field' started by LHABSOB, Jun 27, 2022.


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    I thought he was medically retired. I wish him the best and hope he stays safe.

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  2. X Misn Tx

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    hope his body is up to it
  3. Horn6721

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    I tried to find where he sought and underwent successful treatment.
    Haven't found it yet But I hope he got treatment.
    Best of luck to him
  4. Chop

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    Hope he's ok and doesn't get seriously injured.
  5. Run Pincher

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    I'm sure he wouldn't be out there w/o DR approval. Wish him the best of luck. Seemed like a really good guy.
  6. NRHorn

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    Yes. Great for this young man.
    Congratulations to him.
    Curious why not UT?
  7. SabreHorn

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    There are times that team doctors advise coaches that a young man risks permanent injury if he plays again. A direct quote from a player resembling my remark after his HC called me and asked me to intervene. "My mom has sacrificed so much for me, the only chance I have of repaying her is through the NFL. I'll take the chance and put injury in God's hands."

    By the Grace of God, the young man found a P5 program that gave him the chance, and he did sign an NFL contract and stuck for 2-3 years.

    I don't know Floyd but sounds as if he is following his dream. Just hope and pray he gets to play and doesn't get hurt.

    Hook em, young man :hookem:
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