Dennis: A History

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by kablooey, Jul 15, 2003.

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    AllAg -

    You're wasting your breath. Texas owns us right now, owns a lot of people actually, and we all know that when the sips are winning, their fans spew a brew of arrogance and obnoxious-ness that has no rival.

    The fact that these guys are actually responding to us and the fact that there were about 20 threads on the hornfans rivals board yesterday that had aggie or aggy in the title tells me that Fran's arrival has caused a stir on the 40 acres.

    Keep the faith,
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    Actually, I'm excited that our 70 wins over aggy will become 71 after T+1. That number keeps growing...
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    Hollis -

    I think my corporate ramble was in response to someone else. You raised another point about cutting up the history of the rivalry into segments and how Ags run into trouble when they do that.

    What's the point of us sitting back and saying that due to the fact that UT was the school where the rich kids went while A&M was where the country kids went for close to 100 years and in those 100 years, UT compiled a record against A&M such that we'll never reach .500 against yall so we should just shut up about the fact that things have changed since college football was integrated and since A&M became more than just an all-male ROTC school.


    There, I said it. Now that we got that out of the way, UT is not the only world class university in the state of Texas. The siting of 41's library in CS says that some folks think we have something to offer.

    Back to football talk, this state produces enough talent such that these past five years are as lopsided as things are going to get in either direction. The rivalry will be 50-50 from here on out, whether you like it or not. Enjoy the temporary dominance over us and for God's sake, try to beat the Sooners this year.

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    Oh those silly farmers. Pointing always to the early 80's as a period of greatness. Always overlooking how any marginal success was actually achieved. Honor? Does Jackie Sherrill deserve honor? Is there a doubt that this man was slime? This brief period of "regional" success was achieved and maintained by bending the rules, repeatedly.
    I believe old "hold the rope" will fit in nicely with the second fiddle school in the state.
    BTW, they all count the same. 70-34 is not a rivalry. It's murder. Some of grew up with 12 in a row and 17-18. The one 10-7 sqeaker keeping it from reaching 2 straight decades.
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    Not only will the rivalry be 50/50 from here on out, it has been for 30yrs now. What's really funny are the ones who think the past 3 years is a return to Horn fans birthright. Riiiiiiiiiiiight..[​IMG]
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    Ags are missing the point. This thread is in response to all the crap the Ags are saying about Fran and how he is much better than Mack.... yada yada yada.. This didn't come out of left field... Time will tell.. But to start talking crap and spreading all of this hype before he coaches one game is **** that junior high kids do.
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    A rivalry is only a rivalry if the overall series record is close to .500?

    Then I guess the following match ups should never be called a rivalry again. Note that neither A&M nor OU are your rivals.

    Michigan v. Ohio St. Series Record: Michigan leads 56-36-6 (2001)

    USC v. UCLA Series Record: USC leads 37-27-7 (2001)

    Alabama v. Auburn Series Record: Alabama leads 38-27-1 (2001)

    Stanford v. California Series Record: Stanford leads 54-39-11 (2001)

    Nebraska v. Colorado Series Record: Nebraska leads 43-15-2 (2001)

    Florida v. Florida St. Series Record: Florida leads 27-17-2 (2001)

    Georgia v. Georgia Tech Series Record: Georgia leads 53-38-5 (2001)

    Harvard v. Yale Series Record: Yale leads 64-46-8 (2001)

    North Carolina vs. NC State Series Record: North Carolina leads 60-25-6 (2001)

    ND v. USC Series Record: Notre Dame leads 42-26-5 (2001)

    Texas v. OU Series Record: Texas leads 55-36-5 (2001)

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    Funny... most of the rivalries you listed are closer. Our "rivalry" with the ags is akin to a master/servant relationship. We own you and you ask for our permission to use the potty.
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    mars- I'd agree with you if that's how it was, but in reality the Ags are just excited about Fran, not much to do with MB. What you see here as "talking ****" about Fran is only in response to the ridiculous bashing of the "Aggy" program and why we think it's turning around. Now, you all certainly have the right to bash Ags (and sometimes even the reason!), and it would be wrong for me or any Ag to act insulted by that behavior while being a visitor to this site, but please don't mix up our defense of why we disagree with you about the state of our program as "talking ****".

    Now, for any Ags who do trash MB you're absolutely right. And of course you're right that Fran has to "prove" himself before he'll get the respect from others. Thanks.
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    One decent year in the SEC doesn't prove ****. He's going to have to earn his stripes in The Big 12 in the toughest division of the toughest conference in college football. Feel free to whip up some purple carrot kool-aid in the meantime. Coaches may come and go, but short-term delusion in College Station will forever remain.

    Have fun with that schedule. It's never to early to practice backpedallin in the offseason.
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    Who's this Dennis character?
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    oh, and I forgot.... good original post, kablooey. Your thoughts probably make too much sense to some fans of the Maroon. Facts are facts.

    No matter what, it's too early to make a huge judgment about Fran the Aggie until he actually coaches a game. Let's all reconvene (and I suspect a lot less Aggies will be willing to do so) in about 6 months.
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    Syntex -

    I'm your Huckleberry.

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    Hey pollyanna,dollyanna,hollyjolly- whatever. Aggys like you will always be looking up at Texas, trying to be as good as we are. Won't happen, you are destined to be second best.
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    "The fact that these guys are actually responding to us and the fact that there were about 20 threads on the hornfans rivals board yesterday that had aggie or aggy in the title tells me that Fran's arrival has caused a stir on the 40 acres.'

    you misinterpret a "stir" w/ humor. your team is in the worst shape(talent wise) in a long, long time. you're looking at a bad to potentially horrendous season. the past and current actions and comments of your fans, players, coaches, etc. make this a very joyous occasion many TX fans and many are looking forward to watching it. that's why we're talking about it. it's not b/c you're some percieved thread. DO something. THEN you can talk ****. otherwise it's the same hollow promises we hear every year from your fans.

    what's funny is, now most of the predictions i'm seeing from aTm fans are now 7-5 or 8-4. that's likely optomistic predictions realizing 6 wins may be on the horizon. when did the lightbulb finally go off? was it a look at the starters? the depth? the schedule? what was it?
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    "Yeah right texaus. Yada, yada, yada. It's always the same tired insults with you. Your life revolves around making fun of "aggy". Just about every time you post a thread, it's about Texas A&M. Don't you have something better to do in your free time than play hate aggy?"

    a little touchy are we. in case you're new here, about 3/4 of my posts are on the recruiting board. "revolves around"? that's funny. and you're on a TX board. like i said, it's fun watching the current state of your program. you deserve every bit of it. many of your fans have ****-talked Mack Brown, Chris Simms, our coaching staff and players, and everything about the football team for a few years. now it's a little harder to do isn't it? if your fans make nonsensical predictions, it should come as no suprise when people respond. those of us enjoying the fact that you guys are probably in for a LONG and tired season at your expense is just part of being college football fans. grow some skin man.

    "Noone is expecting a national championship this year, except for maybe some 13 year olds. You pick and choose you information to back the same old chatter. Attention Horns, todays helping: All Aggy claimed they were going to go 12-0, but now changed their minds and will only win seven or eight games.

    "Please. If you're going to refer to us as a majority, at least get the majority opinion. I claim that the majority of Aggies would probably expect about 7-9 wins. Please feel free to cite any past reference of me claiming anything more."

    there were several posts on this last month. most of the claims were eight wins or more and almost none predicted a loss to TX. nice try, but they're your fans making such outrageous predictions. i don't know what it is, but some are now backtracking on it and claiming closer to seven wins. that's likely not based on what's realistic, but rather that a six-win season won't be "that big of a disappointment". that, or they finally had a look at the two-deep of aTm, the rest of the conference, and the schedule. you see the four tomato cans and you're trying to find where three or four more wins are going to come from. anything above seven wins is going to require multiple upsets(probably road wins). i think if you're honest w/ yourself you know anything above seven wins is damn near a dream season. i would consider 7-5 and a Houston or Fort Worth Bowl bid a big success. 6-6 is probably more likely, but will leave some fans disappointed. anything less than that(possible) and it's a disappointment overall.

    just my opinion.
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    Llama - I'm back now. Thanks for the advice on beating OU. Good luck to y'all on beating Tech.

    I was curious and never got an answer .... how long are you willing to give Dennis to bring double digit wins every year? That's the real expectation I was trying to get from you guys. Any Ag - jump in on this one.
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    hollis- it had better be pretty quickly. i'm reading from their fans about all of this hidden talent they supposedly have, that this team now has attitude and is motivated, how great Franochio is, how excited theirs fans are after being ****** for awhile, etc. he's got a free pass and a built-in excuse this season. if they suck next season, the grumblings will start.
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    I'm having a strange Jim Wacker Deja Vu...
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    The problem with the aggy logic (non-sequitur) here is that they assume that while their guys are pumping up physically and gasp! mentally, their opponents are lollygagging around watching reruns of I love Lucy and eating Blue Bell ice cream.
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    texaus- i don't know where you're getting any backtracking. you're right we discussed this a few weeks ago, and the one applicable thread on texags had us as I recall about 25% 3 losses or less, 45% 4 losses, 30% 5 or more.

    Maybe you're seeing more people showing up as season gets closer, and maybe they're not the year round die hards with maroon glasses that might be predicting 10-2. In any event, a majority of the Ags all along have been saying between 4 and 5 losses, while majority of Horns are saying 6 or 7.
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    seriously, the @Nebraska is the only chance for an upset realistically. And that's a damn hard @
  29. texaus

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    "Ark. St, Utah, Baylor, Kansas

    I presume these are the tomato cans. No way we lose these. = 4-0 wins "

    i agree. those are basically unlosable games. you can run your B team out there and win. even if you playing terribly early in the year and have a close one w/ Utah(ala McNeese, Wyoming), there is almost no way you guys lose any of these. i agree w/ 4-0.

    "Pittsburgh, @Tech, Okie St., @Mizzou

    These should be competitive games. If you are even halfway realistic, you should agree that these games will be competitive. Let's give you the benefit of the doubt and say we win two. = 6-2"

    this is where it gets hairy. you lost to three of these last year and probably should have lost to Pitt. two are on the road. you'll probably be an underdog in all but OK ST. if they're on a roll and you guys have 3-4 losses, you could be an underdog in all four. a split in these games is optomistic, but possible. losing all four is also possible. 2-2 or 1-3.

    "@Virginia Tech, @Nebraska, @OU, Texas.

    Now here are the games where we will be underdogs. I say we upset at least one of these teams this year. = 7-5."

    an upset is entirely possible. i've watched a better OU team lose to aTm. i've watched Va Tech lose at home to Temple. i've watched TX lose to a Tech team they were better than. i've watched Nebraska lose at home and not be nearly as good as they've been. that said, an upset is a tall order in any of the four. three are on the road. three are against preseason top 10 teams(the other being in Lincoln).

    "That is my realistic prediction without having seen our team play yet. I obviously think that Fran is capable of doing better than 7-5, but seven wins seems probable."

    that's w/ a split in the "swing" games and an upset. anything less than that and it's not seven wins. we'll see.

    All Ag- most TX fans are predicting 5-6 losses.
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    hollis- you really dont think there's even a CHANCE Aggy could beat you at Kyle this year? Interesting. I doubt Texas will be more than a 6 or 7 point favorite.

    I think even OU will be interesting- We shoulda beat them in '00, played them decent in '01 despite having a bad game, and then last year. I think Fran will have them ready, and I doubt we are more than a 10 pt underdog.

    TEXAUS- I think the % of Horns saying Ags will lose only 5 is maybe 10% tops. Most I've seen say we'll be very lucky to win that many, 6 if we play good, and 5 or less very possible. Or maybe it just seems that way to me.

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