Destiny - After Year 1

Discussion in 'Women’s Basketball' started by DFW_Horn, May 1, 2018.

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    interview with Destiny after her first year. The way she handled the situation her freshman year was impressive. If she is healthy this coming season, I think she could really be a difference-making shooter.

    I did not grow up in Southern California but I agree on getting acclimated to Austin that first year. For a kid coming from dry West Texas, I thought the humidity was going to do me in.
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    Interesting perspective from an outsider. I've read similar stories about acclimation from Cali players who came to Austin for volleyball and football.

    Of course, I grew up in Houston and I was dancing free in Austin saying, "It's so dry here!"
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    Glad she has her goals and competitive nature ready to go. Hoping for her a healthy and productive summer.

    Not sure how much point guard she will play this coming season, but if you saw her high school game videos, she would take the ball up the court, and was always a threat to pull beyond the arc and nail a 3-pointer. Would like to see her have that option at Texas, and drain some shots as the defense tries to get set.
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    Great article. I can relate the following:
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    Karen commented and retweeted Destiny's Tweet.

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    Congrats to Destiny!

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  9. Moooooo

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    I guess the Spring semester is just about over for most. Guessing finals still to come? I had finals in all my freshmen classes at UT, except maybe one.
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    Finals are on May 9-12, 14-15.

    June 2 is first day that residence halls open for summer.
    June 4 is day for orientation and testing for new undergrad students.
    June 7 is first day of summer sessions.
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    The Player Development Camp is June 11th-14th. Last year the incoming freshmen moved in around June 3rd. I would expect most of the 2018 signees will be in Austin to help lead the Player Dev Camp.
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