Disgusting restaurants to avoid

Discussion in 'Rusty's Grill' started by Chop, May 14, 2019.

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    Disgusting restaurants to avoid. Post 'em here.

    Ninja Grill--Arlington. Few things are worse than sushi and Japanese food done poorly. This place sets a new floor (or basement I should say) for Japanese food.

    Woody's Smokehouse--Centerville. Good enough jerky, but their BBQ is nasty. I feel sorry for the out-of-state traveler who samples his first smoked brisket at this place and thinks it's representative of Texas BBQ.
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    There really should be some rules and posting guidelines for this thread.


    Anyone posting the names of any certain chains is immediately banned from posting on this thread. For example, any of the Landry's affiliated restaurants - eat there, you deserve what you get.

    That said, Kelly's in Pearland may be the worst meal I've had anywhere from SFO to Miami to NYC to Orange County. Wasn't my idea to go there, but the inedible food was equalled by the crap service.
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    Interesting idea that's worth consideration. Just let me finish my spinach and artichoke dip here at Saltgrass first ...:beertoast:. :thumbup: :yes:

    (Just kidding of course)
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    If Kelly's is the same small chain that started in Texas City-LaMarque, the original one in Texas City-LaMarque was pretty decent about 25 years ago. Fresh home cooked food with friendly service and chatty waitresses. Of course, things can go way downhill rapidly if the original owner/chef leaves, and at satellite locations.
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    Not even a box of Zantac and a case of Scope can fix that. Please have your family notify Dion of hospital info to keep us posted.
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    Bill Miller's barbecue, any location. Please for god's sake, don't eat the chop, how it is made will make you go screaming into the night.

    Aldino's Italian on River Walk, wow they were terrible.

    Little Red Barn Steak house, once upon a time they were an amazing place to get a steak, now they have fallen way behind everyone.
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