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Discussion in 'PCL' started by avoiding work, Oct 24, 2000.

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    You said it. I now consider TIVO my #1 necessity -- food and shelter are clearly secondary. I'm watching Longhorn Sports Center (recorded this morning when I was at work) on it now.
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    Thanks for all the input. I'm going with Direct. Sony and Phillips both have TiVo built into their satellite receiver. The Sony advertises that it can record (with TiVo) and play two stations at the same time. By having the TiVo built into the receiver, it will avoid the difficulties of VCR recording. Also, it makes an easier system to operate (you don't have your receiver feeding into TiVo, with TiVo controlling the receiver channel).

    Also, I like the upcoming DirecPC combined service that will support super-fast Internet downloads. I read that you still use your phone line for uploads, but since these are typically URL's, I don't think that uploads are the source of any delay.
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    As soon as everyone has had their say, I'm moving this one to the PCL board. This information should not be lost.

    Hook 'em Horns
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    Just testing my new sig.

    ...The Dreaded-one had seized the day,
    Sealing the heisman prize away.
    But who was left looking feable and poor?
    Laying on Royal-Memorial's floor,
    Twas the wrecking crew and nothing more.
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    I live in Dallas and just signed up for The Dish Network. We have directv at the ranch in east Texas . .. but I'm never there on the weekends in the fall. Thus can not attest to the availability of UT games.

    The main reason I went with TDN is that I do not have to purchase the equipment. Directv was going to charge $100 for a second receiver. No charge with TDN.

    And after consluting with Rob, I'm pretty sure I'll be okay getting the local broadcasts ( games ) on the rabbit ears here in Dallas - -- assuming I'm not in Austin anyway.

    I basically got fed up with ATT cable. 30 minute waits on hold, poor service, multiple outages. Keep it up and they'll continue to lose customers. More sports channels on satellite, anyway.

    Next up - - - TIVO.
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    How do you complete installation without having the receiver connected to your phone line? I heard that the receiver needs to setup the dish by calling a 1-800 number.

    I want to give Direct TV or Dish Network a Houston address, but the websites state that the receiver must be connected to a phone line to receive sports programming or PPV. I can do without PPV as long as receive Fox Sports Southwest Houston feed. Because I live in Austin, I assume the Fox Sports Southwest Houston feed will be blacked out and I will only receive Fox Sports Southwest San Antonio feed if I connect to a phone line.

    I don't think it matters what address you give them because they will find out from your phone line...right.

    Anyone in Austin or outside Houston (but within FSSW territory) receive Houston Rockets games on Fox Sports Southwest on Direct TV or Dish Network without NBA League Pass?

    In a couple of years, Im gonna need this dish for the Horns but right now its only for basketball.
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    DirectTV also has the exclusive with NFL Sunday Ticket FWIW. However, their contract with the NFL expires at the end of this season and how much do you want to bet that the big cable companies would like to criple their biggest threat and outbid for the rights, thus boosting digital cable absorption? The Dish Network currently has the best deal for non-football loving fans with $9.99 monthly service for the majority of the non-pay cable sites.

    I signed up for DirectTV's promotion of its Platinum Choice service (every pay and non-pay site under the moon except porn, but including all of the Fox Sports channels) for $82.99 per month with the first four months free under a 12-month contract. You have to purchase the NFL Sunday Ticket to get this deal (twist my arm). You can downsize your programming if the $83 per month is too large of a pill to swallow (after the 4th free month) for just a $49 cancellation fee, which essentially gives you three free months of the Platinum Choice package and the cheaper package you desire for the remaining 9 months. Its not a bad deal.

    Just go to The Link ( to see the deals and call the 1-800 number provided and ask for their special NFL Ticket promotion (you can read the description of the promotion under the news section on the website). Installation and the cost of one dish and recever is free. Also do yourself a big favor and buy the Sony TIVO receiver from The Link (, particularly if you have Dolby digital surround sound 5.1. It costs $300 with a rebate. Remeber you want at least two receivers so that you do not have to watch the same shows on two different TVs. The Tivo receiver should be on your primary (big screen, HDTV TV).
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    I have played with both Dish and DTV. I have both setup in my house right now, and I would say I prefer DirecTV over Dish only for one reason; they offer more!

    Dish does have a promotion running right now that you get 100 channels for 9 bucks a month. Directv has a drawback that they will NEVER offer anything like this.

    If you are looking to be cost effective, get DISH... if it doesnt matter, get Directv.

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