DMN Article: 5 Ways for Oklahoma to Get Around the New Horns Down Penalty

Discussion in 'On The Field' started by stanhin, Nov 28, 2018.

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  2. WorsterMan

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    So, nothing better for a bored sports writer to do than figure out crap like this?
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  3. bystander

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    The best way to get around it is to grow up and not do it because your coach asked you not to incur any penalties.
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  4. LonghornCatholic

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    Get around the paywall by stopping the rest of the page loading as soon as the first text appears...depending on browser, there should be an "X" somewhere at the top of the browser that would otherwise have the little reload icon when a page is fully loaded.
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  6. EMJ426

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    Personally, it never bothered me when players did it. They are excited and in the heat of the battle. It bothers me when fans do it, especially when they aren’t playing Texas, like that is their hand signal. Really just shows sign of respect and as long as we are kicking butt, it doesn’t matter.
  7. Horn6721

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    well now that it is being talked about for sure now everyone will do it.
    I have had people do it in my face at the Cotton Bowl
    but did not hate that as much as seeing other schools do it when they aren't playing us. What fools.
    That is why I would love to take it back and have Horns down be our Defense sign
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  8. bystander

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    Guess what? It's possible the refs will throw a flag if the Longhorn players are deemed over-zealous with the horns up.
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  9. ProdigalHorn

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    I thought about that as well, especially in light of Switzer's (idiotic) response. He compared it to when someone flips you off - you flip them off right back. Except the "horns up" has nothing to do with OU or the opponent or anyone. It's a symbol that we share with our fans that expresses our pride in our school and team. That is, of course, an affront to anyone from OU or A&M, so they automatically assume it's about them. So they take it personally and respond.

    So if an official sees someone make a sack and throw the horns up, could they see it as a taunt? They shouldn't, but they could. It's no different than if Hagar sacked a guy, jumped up and pointed at the student section.
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  10. bystander

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    If I'm Herman, I warn the players about it.
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  11. EMJ426

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    Just wish they would have decided this nonsense before the WVA game.
  12. bystander

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    How about the four-finger 4th quarter salute? All good?
  13. Denmark

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    4th Q salute is stupid, and everyone does it. I'm fine with teams that have a bunch of comebacks in the 4th Q or haven't been scored on in the 4th. Everyting else is stupid.
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