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Discussion in 'Prayer Requests' started by Third Coast, Dec 7, 2009.

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    Well it's been over a year since my only son and light of my life Brad passed away unexpectedly. The last two holiday seasons have been difficult, to say the least. Particularly since his birthday is in mid December. Being a single parent, Thanksgiving and Christmas last year were spent alone, just like this Thanksgiving. No turkey, no shopping for presents, just watching my Longhorns - alone. It's not like I wasn't invited to join other family and friends for the holidays, which I politely declined. It's just something I chose to do and everyone was very understanding.

    My son was the best person I have known in my life. He rarely met anyone that wouldn't become his friend. He would gently admonish me every time I used the word hate. He was always telling me Dad, don't hate. And boy did he love his Horns and Cowboys.

    Well, after spending another Thanksgiving alone, I saw something somewhere - on TV, on the internet, in the paper - I really can't recall - about all the people in this world that kind of pretend that Christmas morning with presents and food doesn't exist, because they essentially have nothing to give their children, other than their love.

    So, instead of locking the doors and drawing the shades this Christmas, I am sponsoring a neglected child through a child protective services. I have a 12 year old boy's wish list and I will go fight the crowds shopping for him over the next few days to fulfill it. It's really a small thing that I do, but to him it is probably everything.

    I know times are tough for a lot of people, but there is always something we can do for the less fortunate. Whether it's sponsoring a child's dream and making their modest Christmas wishes come true, or just donating a toy, article of clothing, or item of food to a charity. Google it and you will find countless opportunities to help someone less fortunate this Christmas. I humbly do it, because it's the least I can do. I know my son would think it's pretty cool.

    Peace, Love and Merry Christmas to all.
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    Nice, Thirdcoast. It is more blessed to give than to receive. May God bring you real joy for your initiative this Christmas season.

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    I wanted to write something meaningful, but no words are coming. So all I will do is offer you a cyber-hug.
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    Doing something for others is the greatest salve for pain. You may think you did a small thing, but to him it was everything. You just do not know the effect you will have on the life of another human being.

    My sister always gives each of her 10 nieces and nephews a $25 gift card at Christmas. At her high school they also have a tree with wishes from kids in at risk situations from their district. She drew a card of a kid, 18 year old senior. He wanted guitar strings. She bought some new strings and also gave him a $50 gift card for some new jeans.

    She finds out a short time later that the kid is at her school and the counselor told her he was so happy with the strings and gift card. My sister asked the counselor about his other needs (she does not know who it is though) and counselor told her he is homeless, family moved across the country basically left him on his own. He lives with whomever will let him camp for a while at their house.

    My sister then sent an e-mail to all the nieces and nephews (ages 10 to 26) asking them if they would mind forgoing the gift card so she could provide more for the kid. Without exception, everyone of them said yes. She then threw in another $100 of her own money and gave it to the counselor. They agreed to split it up into 3 parts and give it to him in increments.

    Later, after the counselor talked to the student, she called my sister in and told her his response was "Why would someone do that for me?" and that he was absolutely floored when he was told that a large part of it was from other kids.

    So - keep looking for opportunities to do things for others. Do it in your son's name. He would absolutely think it was a cool thing and most likely would join you if he could have. You did an awesome thing, Third Coast!

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