Done with Soccer

Discussion in 'Soccer' started by MajesticII, Sep 14, 2020.

  1. MajesticII

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    Never really cared for soccer, but I did watch the girls on LHN. NEVER AGAIN !!! Can't talk about it on here due to policy, but will say they do not represent our University as it should be represented...Coach should be fired !
  2. nashhorn

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    Yeah, wife and I would go to the Fri games before Sat football but the photo turned us off too. Really sorry because with the sparse crowds they drew we always felt good about our support.
  3. Driver 8

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    Then why not post where you can talk about it
    But you’re done with it!
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  4. MajesticII

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    Even though I don't care that much for soccer, I supported Texas soccer, because it is part of The University of Texas. I'd really be upset if I loved soccer.
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