Dumb Political Correctness

Discussion in 'West Mall' started by Mr. Deez, Feb 8, 2012.

  1. ProdigalHorn

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    Hollywood = Exhibit A. Whole bunch of #MeToo-wearing butt-grabbers in that Golden Globe audience.
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  2. Mr. Deez

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    Apparently the ***** hats are now offensive. Link. But not for the common sense reason that they're juvenile and tasteless. It's because they exclude trans-"women" and women of color whose genitals tend to be brown rather than pink.

    I didn't think I'd see something more moronic than wearing these hats, but now I have.
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  3. militaryhorn

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    I thought they were all pink...on the inside?
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  4. Mr. Deez

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    Lol. I think the hats are supposed to resemble the outside. I'm not totally sure though, because no female genitals I've seen actually look anything like those hats. And if I ever saw some that did, I would have run away.
  5. Crockett

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    Sometimes political correctness is just good manners. Except perhaps in wartime applications, I think calling entire countries sh**holes in a meeting attended by opposing partisans is dumb political incorrectness.
  6. ProdigalHorn

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    The funny thing is, if you picked one of those countries and went to Dick Durbin and said "hey - let's go have a relaxing weeklong vacation in (insert third-world banana republic disaster area here)" and his response would be "you're crazy, I'm not gonna stay in that (insert inappropriate terminology here.)"

    Context is everything, and assuming Trump said what is claimed (and I'm sure he probably did...) it's another example of Trump not getting that point.
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  7. Crockett

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    I honestly don't disagree much with the point that Trump is making. I'm all for requiring exceptional talent and cultural fit for immigrants.
  8. Mr. Deez

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    This is an example of being an *******. Is Haiti a ********? Yes. It's almost as bad as Waco. Is most of Africa? Yes. But it's an insult, and plenty of these countries that he's calling "shitholes" are favorable to the United States. We even have military bases at some of them. Nothing good can come out of talking like that. Yes, I understand what his point was, and yes, the predictable charges of racism should provoke eye-rolls. However, there's no excuse to needlessly be a prick like that.
  9. Htown77

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    Agree with the above points. I agree with Trump’s position at looking at whether or not immigrants from the least developed countries on earth have the skills or education to come to the US and enter the workforce (assuming that is his position). However, Trump has no idea how to advocate for something presidentially with tact. He has to go about things in a crude, unpresidential manner.

    He can really be nailed on his unpresidential crudeness, but instead the media and left are missing this opportunity and claiming eyeroll worthy “racism” on things he did not say. (He is discriminating on national origin, not race. Why is it so hard for you media to get it right?!?!?)

    Since the Cruz primary, Trump always seems to win because the media attacks what he did not say or mean instead of just nailing him with the bad things he actually said. I have found Trump’s idiotic crudeness and the media always somehow managing to idiotically exaggerate it rather than attack it to have made politics quite frustrating and difficult to follow the past two years. It is similar to watching our mistake making and fundamentals lacking Texas basketball team the past two seasons constantly making turnovers by throwing it out of bounds or dribbling off of their feet or missing easy short range shots. (I have a hard time watching them too, but did enjoy seeing them win one for Andrew Jones against TCU).
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  10. Clean

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    You can thank the 1960s Congressional Democrats (particularly Ted Kennedy) for the 1965 Immigration and Nationality Act that changed America's immigration policy of 50 years standing. Now instead of Europeans, we get almost exclusively people from Third World Sh*tholes like Somalia, Pakistan, and Haiti.

    No matter how crudely Trump phrased the question, it is a question that should be answered. Is the path that America has been on since 1965 the best one for the future of the country?
  11. Mr. Deez

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    Right, but because he phrased it the way he did, it's not going to be answered.

    In addition, there's something else to consider. People from shitholes do have their place in the US. They often have tremendous grit and determination to better themselves. That's a good thing, and it's valuable so long as we encourage their assimilation rather than multicultural horsecrap.

    Would I really want a bunch of douchey, politically correct, candyass men from Norway to come to the US? Not particularly. I'll take the guy from Cambodia who shows up with nothing but the clothes on his back and a work ethic over skinny jeans-wearing, man-purse-carrying wuss from Norway who would never have the balls to start his own business and will ***** if he doesn't get 8 weeks of paid vacation every year.
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  12. Phil Elliott

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    An awful lot of faux outrage over what is, at it's core, hearsay. Dick Durbin is a lying SOS anyway for saying no POTUS ever used such language in the WH before. That is just a lie. LBJ in particular was very foul-mouthed.
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  13. Clean

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    Faux outrage is what the Dems are all about. And since he picked a predominantly white nation like Norway, they can throw the race card too.

    I like Ann Coulter's response; "Trump shouldn't call them '******** countries'. A little respect is in order. They are ******** nations.".
  14. bystander

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    "... because he phrased it that way..." Yes, you're right. And that's his biggest problem (beyond ideological differences with the Left). The story becomes lost in the morass of sh*t coming from his mouth.

    My Dad immigrated to the US in 1955 from Cuba. While it was not a sh*thole, it was a mess. Bautista was selling the island to the mafia and it was a prime example of colonialism. But he came over with nothing except his gymnastics skills (which got him a full-ride to Florida State) and after that he was a 5' 5" man with a thick accent and no marketable skills. But he later earned his Ph. D. in Poli Sci and moved us to Laredo, Texas. He had a great career at the now Texas A&M International, helped put two kids through school, obeyed the law and paid his taxes. He also was very active in youth sports as a coach. And finally, he was probably more patriotic than many native-born Americans. He had perspective. He knew from whence he came and he knew what we are.
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  15. Phil Elliott

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    I found Pelosi's comments, which WERE on-the-record, about bonuses being paid by companies to their employees in the wake of the tax reform bill being "crumbs", much more offensive. How DARE she call, let's say, a $1000 bonus a "crumb"? I am sure $1000 is nothing to her, but there are an awful lot of working folks in this country who would find an extra $1000 or $2000 in their pocket a big deal.
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  16. mchammer

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    They were made to look like real cat heads (with ears).
  17. djimaplon

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    Gee you mean leaving everything you know to go to a completely new place in search of a better life and opportunity....if only there was such a place....:rolleyes1:
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  18. mchammer

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    Dems go apeshit cause if they attacked Trump on the underlying merits of his crude comments they would lose.
  19. Htown77

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    I think Americans are mixed on the merits. That said, all they needed to attack was how unpresidential and crude it was. I think most would agree and it would score them points. Instead they went over the top and I keep seeing people attack things he did not say. South Africa was complaining it was being called a ****hole, even though he very clearly was not referring to them. However, the media is spinning it that he basically called out the entire world or something and not just what are generally considered “the least developed countries in the world” (aka the nice way of saying “****holes”). South Africa is certainly not on the list of least developed countries in the world.
  20. Crockett

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    Trump does a poor job of fact checking the info he delivers, but I've got to admit he's damned honest when expressing his feelings.
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  21. Phil Elliott

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    If I'm Trump, I am not inviting Dick Durbin to any more of my closed-door meetings. It seems to me what is said in there should stay in the room and open expression of thoughts and ideas should be encouraged.
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  22. Garmel

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    All of this hooplah over alleged comments.
  23. mb227

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    And my guess is that the exact same language was used in those meetings in the days before social media...with probably quite a lot of even more crass commentary.
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  24. Statalyzer

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    Especially since they agree with the underlying merits and have been the primary ones proclaiming them. The left has been saying for a while that a bunch of these countries are such shitholes that if anyone from these countries sneaks into the US, then sending them back to their country of origin would be criminally cruel.

    Yep. I saw one that was literally "A guy sat down next to me on the bus even though some pairs of seats were still empty. His leg was touching mine." and ended with something akin to "My seat and my personal space and consent were all invaded. #metoo" (followed by dozens of sympathetic remarks, angry comments against this sexist patriarchist misogynist abuser, etc).

    I feel like that stuff is an insult to the many actual victims of harassment and abuse. And I've had a couple of female friends say this to me in private - while adding that they don't feel free to say this publicly because they'd get piled on for it. So to at least some extent, the campaign had the exact opposite effect of what it was intended - silencing victims rather than giving them voices.
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  25. theiioftx

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    I have never visited Haiti or Africa. Are they nice places?

    From what I read and see, they are rife with government corruption and crime. Somalia looks rather pleasant if you are into guerilla warfare.

    Once again, Trump might be bad with the delivery, but was he wrong?
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  26. bystander

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    Unfortunately this political world breeds chicken-**** politics. Yes, there are many ****-holes. And that is an indication of the squalor the people must endure; not the people themselves. I wonder if any Liberals use the term 3rd World. Well, what does it mean to use that term? It means you are acknowledging some sort of problem exists that is below human standards.

    We know the game. This is pure politics and it really pisses me off not only that Trump said what he said but that the sanctimony on the Left is equal to his big mouth.

    For those on the Left who watched and honored the movie Slumdog Millionaire, I wonder how they would describe those living conditions as depicted in the movie.
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  27. Mr. Deez

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    Sadly, Somalia actually has a beautiful and long coastline. If the place hadn't been run by a bunch of thugs for the last 25 years, it would probably have a bustling tourism industry.
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  28. Mr. Deez

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    Very true, and I think this might ultimately make Trump's critics look worse than it makes Trump look. I've criticized what he said, but the self-righteous hand-wringing and "nobody's ever said anything that horrible and racist before!!!" crap is just so transparently phony and frankly, offends me more because it insults my intelligence. I want to give Trump an unmitigated criticism, but the media just won't let me do it. Just like during the campaign, he acted like a damn fool, and the Democrats and the media just decided to act like even bigger fools. However, a lot of people will forgive Trump's tactlessness before they'll forgive fraudulent outrage.

    It was a diplomatically stupid and juvenile thing to say, but was it not only racist, but among the most racist things to ever be said in the White House? More racist than anything said by the Jew-bashing Richard Nixon or the n-bomb-flinging Lyndon Johnson? Or Joe Biden? ********. He didn't even said anything about race. He was obviously referring to those countries' conditions. The racial connotations are simply conclusions that his critics are forcing on his comments.
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  29. OrngNugz

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  30. VYFan

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    There are two things going on. United Nations/one world order liberal thinkers disagree and get upset at the content of the statement that some nations are better than others. A nation run by corrupt thieves where there is no sense of reasonable society, where the weak are preyed upon, and any aid that others try to send in is stolen by the crooks, which goes on for generations---those countries really are cesspools.

    Second, though, is the pretty obvious contrast drawn between Haiti and Norway, which anyone with any field presence in modern society would know is going to draw a hailstorm of racism accusations, added to by the vulgar language of condescension. I don't see any good in this.

    It is true that I am sure Democrats from California and New York would commonly refer to Mississippi or Alabama in the same terms and not think anything of it. So, yes, there is some hypocrisy. Still, it is overall a stupid episode for Mr. Trump.

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