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Discussion in 'West Mall' started by LonghornCatholic, Jun 12, 2020.

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    Have you worked with ropes and knots before? Do you realize how many knots qualify as a "noose"?


    Lasso - Wikipedia

    By the strictest definition of noose, EVERY rope with an adjustable knot at the end is a "noose". There are millions of knots across America tied as "nooses". It was a rope, with a loop at the end, tied to a garage door to pull it up and down. You learn now to tie these knots in Scouting and it has NOTHING to do with hanging people. THE PURPOSE OF THE KNOT ABSOLUTELY MATTERS!

    Do you truly believe it is more ridiculous to assume a rope with a small loop at the end tied to a garage door that was being used to pull the garage door was a garage door pull or was there to represent the hanging of a human being?

    Is this the hill you want to die on? You are on the wrong side of history of identifying knots.

    @moondog_LFZ May you have a good day and Jesus Christ fill your day with God's blessings!
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  3. Htown77

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    @moondog_LFZ and @caryhorn

    Welcome to the wonderful world of knots. I would like to thank Jesus Christ for giving me Christian parents who encouraged me to become an Eagle Scout so I would learn various types of knots and be aware they are used for a variety of things in the world.
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    I believe it meant nothing to tchill. It obviously means something to you @Omniscient.one (and @moondog_LFZ) as you both reacted to it. I find it interested you do not seem to be willing to write out Jesus Christ and instead wrote "JC".

    Also, you are the one spinning my post in a variety of ways. I said a nice thing rather than insult, and have honestly explained why I said it. You have tried to spin it into a variety of things from a completely different phrase "bless your heart", to "heavy handed" to "patronizing".

    "No need to introduce your religious beliefs". So you believe the athletes should be able to introduce their political beliefs even if they upset people? Yet a nice may "I hope you have a good day tomorrow and Jesus Christ blesses you!" to someone else bothers you so much that you do not feel he should be brought up at all, even in the context of saying something nice to someone?
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    From the dawn of garage door time they all have a rope pull. I have seen countless garage door pulls with a loop tied at the end of the rope as a better handle to pull it down. Some tie a knot, some have plastic pulls, but all seem to have different aids to pull it down. So what if his garage happened to have a loop tied at the end, because to me that's the most effective aid in manually pulling a heavy garage door. So now we have to pre inspect every place a black person goes to scrub anything that may seem offensive? Even a garage door pull? That seems incredibly stupid to me.
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    Ace Hardware, Lowes, and Home Depot has millions of nooses in stock. Will they all have to get rid of them and apologize for selling the nooses for decades? How much $ will BLM demand from them for this racist act?
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    Tucker Carlson?
    Really? :D

    You are very good at deflection.
    And very disingenuous.
    You know what the general public considers a noose to be.
    That knot they used to execute people with and lynch blacks with.
    That's the only knot I have ever heard called a "noose".
    No, most people aren't experts in knots.

    Again, if you can't empathize, sympathize or understand the emotion and concern of finding this "noose" in the garage of the only black driver in the racial climate of today, then you need to have a sit down with your Jesus.
  9. moondog_LFZ

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    I grew up in church.
    Sunday school, church camp, baptized and all that.
    I feel I have a working knowledge of Jesus and what he stood for.
    And it's not what you're pushing brother.
  10. RainH2burntO

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    Oh man.......
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    Holy crap, anyone still defending this notion that this rope was placed to signify that someone wanted Wallace to be lynched, is "small minded", as Wallace himself told "The View" about anyone who would question if this really happened.

    Does the fact that every garage at Talladega, for years, has had this same rope, not mean anything to those who think it is a noose?

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    You are correct sir.
    I believe that is what HTown was trying to communicate...Not sure how effective his method was, but his notion/assertion was correct. A very vivid example of paranoia, overreaction, and media desire to rush to make a story where there doesn't seem to be one....as pictures, Wallace himself, his crew, and investigators all agreed.
    And The View?? Psshh....
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    I should have tagged @Htown77 above to say that I was agreeing with his series of posts.
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    Have their been any "noose" incidents in the past 20 years that did not turn out to be a hoax or just a misunderstanding? People are not stupid - putting a noose up in a tree, for example, to intimidate is not going to scare anyone. Who exactly would you be saying is coming to lynch this person? Such lynch mobs do not exist any longer in this country and have not in a long time. 80-100 years ago, yeah, that would have had an impact on the intended target, but not today, unless you are *looking* for a reason to be offended.

    It reminds me of the fairy tale the aggies still tell their incoming students in fish camp about the little old lady who went to the a$m game at Memorial Stadium and she really did not root for either team but UT students threw beer bottles at her. *Beer bottles*. The dumbass ags are oblivious to the fact that beer has not been sold in bottles in the stadium for 75+ years.
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  15. moondog_LFZ

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    Maybe if you were black you feel differently.
    It is a symbol of racism.
    It's not about impending threat or violence.
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    It's a freaking garage door pull at Talladega! What the hell is wrong with you?
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    I don't know the particulars in this issue, but I do know that there is corruption in the media and they follow a deceiving practice of creating the news (a lie) and then telling it often, sensationalizing it, keeping it out there long enough for all to hear and react, and then most people will believe it. (Nancy Pelosi admitted to this tactic as well.) When the truth comes out and the lie is rescinded, they do it quietly and let the masses continue the movement. Right out of Alinsky's "Rules for Radicals".

    Could this be one of those cases? I do not know, but BLM was created by the acquittal of Travon Martin so as to negate the legal ruling and promote the incident as a murder, and it gained legs in Ferguson, promoting the lie of murder by a police officer who was acting in self-defense. The movement and most of the media continue to treat that incident as something that it was not and use it to fuel the BLM movement to such a ridiculous status that anyone saying all lives matter is a racist.

    My biggest concern is the depth of involvement by good Americans in perpetuating these dangerous lies.
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  18. moondog_LFZ

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    A garage pull tied into a noose.
    Nothing wrong with me.
  19. horninchicago

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    After I make you the second poster in a week on Ignore after almost 17 years on here, I'll be just fine. Can't tolerate your drivel any longer.
  20. moondog_LFZ

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    Adios amigo.
  21. horninchicago

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    See ya. It'll make reading game threads much easier also not seeing your nonsense.

    And, I get the tone of "amigo" here, but you are far from a friend of most people on here.
  22. moondog_LFZ

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    I'm crushed.
  23. SabreHorn

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    Noose? ********. Same loop on the garage door opener on every house I’ve owned. Converts it from electric to manual. Wouldn’t hang a five pound cat.

    Bubba Wallace is Bubba Wallace. Playing his cards so Petty can’t unload him. Kinda like Danica Patrick - a novelty made into a media darling.
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    I feel bad. I do a lot of fishing on the coast and all these years I’ve tied lures using a “loop knot”. I realize now it was a noose knot. I’ll have to go back to a blood knot now.

    and if I said what my favorite top water lure was .....
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    LOL. Guess I will have to learn to tie something besides a loop knot so I won't be accused of executing my lures. This whole "noose" thing is pathetic.
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  26. SabreHorn

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    You can try as you might to defend Bubba Wallace or his team on this but at the end of the day this is incredibly embarrassing, naive or was intentionally done to stir up controversy because anybody with even a quarter of a brain would look at that and say it is nothing more than a garage pull regardless of the current political climate.

    This clown show of outrage failed massively and you just need to sit back and acknowledge that this was completely ridiculous and did nothing but gin up more unneeded agitation.

    Bubba Wallace looks like an idiot after this.
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  28. horninchicago

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    There are people around here with less than a quarter of a brain. That has become overwhelmingly evident.

    Unfortunately, to those types of people, no matter how much evidence shows this was not a racial tool of hate, they will continue to believe and uplift him. So, he will not, in the end, be looked at as an idiot.

    What would happen if a white driver tried to concoct a story of being threatened by BLM? He would be vilified. The media would create a story of "Well, now you know how black people have been treated for hundreds of years" and justify it. When it was discovered it was a fake story, he would be kicked out of NASCAR.

    Will NASCAR boot Wallace out of NASCAR? Does anyone think that will happen?
  29. Chinstrap

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    And who in the hell are they to control everybody else? Tell your son that he has a ring admired by many. I have had people from other schools, including OU grads, ask to see my ring and they look over it in detail. One OU grad told me he thought it to be the best class ring he had seen, from any school. The traditional ring, designed in 1927, has been worn by too many thousands of graduates to count.
    It was, and is, a quality design and there was no, none, reason for a change.

    Here is the history you can share with your son.

    In 1927, UT Seniors first bought The University of Texas rings. This original ring was designed by a technician in the Department of Zoology, Mrs. Darrell Jackson. It was crafted in ten-karat gold and set with a garnet stone. One shank held a Longhorn with a lariat looped through the horns, the number "27," a lone star, and a wreath of Texas Cacti. The second shank bore the wearer’s degree, the crest, a scroll, and a wreath of bluebonnets, which mimicked the wreath of Cacti on the other side.
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    Can anyone post or link a pic of the older style ring being discussed?

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