Eagles Requesting Campus Changes

Discussion in 'West Mall' started by LonghornCatholic, Jun 12, 2020.

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    You might be right in the fact that Brietbart and InfoWars shill for Q more than the GOP in general, but Hannity has actively sought access to Trump since he got on the wagon in 2015. Trump even bragged on air that Sean was his first call for a policy decision on the campaign. Is Maddow on anyone's list with that kind of friendship?

    I find Maddow hard to tolerate, but I don't see her going out to eat with Pelosi or anything like that.
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    I forgot!!!
  3. nashhorn

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    Even Pelosi can’t take her, and that says a lot.
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  4. dukesteer

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    PB, I have to disagree with you. While it’s perhaps true that only political junkies watch those networks, the reach of Google, Facebook and other platforms is massive, as you know. And therein lies a huge issue.
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    Unless the opinions are from african american football players... then we must all honor them no mater how ridiculous they are!
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    You don't live on Hornfans???
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    I'd volunteer to moderate, but not sure that would go over too well.
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    I sometimes sleep in a van down by the river

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  9. Monahorns

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    I am at the point now where I would rather just let the football go down a black hole and never come back if they are going to make Texas football a force for Communism and societal upheaval. I get stuff has been racist through the years. But I would rather not have a football team than cancel The Eyes of Texas. I will focus on more important things then.
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  10. Phil Elliott

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    I agree and would give up college and professional sports if I just don't have to listen to the bellyaching anymore.
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  11. huisache

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    But if you aren’t academically suited for the school how do you get in if you can’t play football? And don’t say study harder. Not everybody is Asian

    and where would our school be prestige wise if we did not have all those classes and majors created for jocks? Down there with Harvard and MIT and CalTech most likely
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  12. Clean

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    Am I the only one in America that hated that sketch?
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  13. Clean

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    At lease we aren't Yale. Ann Coulter is running a contest to rename Yale University. Apparently Yale was an out and out slave trader. Some funny ones; the University Formerly Known As Yale, Yeltsin University, New Haven Communist College, Y'all University, Woke U, etc.

    I hear Duke University is also named for either a slave owner or slave trader.
  14. horninchicago

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    I imagine most of the elitist institutions up and down the woke eastern seaboard are named as such.

    I doubt any of those will be changed.
  15. mchammer

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    Dude, the Dukes were tobacco. They controlled the entire market and then were split up by the government like the oil companies: RJR, ATC, L&M. We know who didn’t take Monopolies and Econ theory in school!

    Edit - the school is named for Washington Duke at the request of his youngest son. Older Duke had a slave before the war, but became a Republican after the war. He was also a progressive Methodist.

    Washington Duke - Wikipedia
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  16. Clean

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    Dude, if "The Eyes" having been sung at a minstrel show over a hundred years ago is enough, a family with a slave has got to be plenty.
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  17. 2003TexasGrad

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    I guess no more Duke University. Just burn the mother down!
  18. mchammer

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    They can rename it after Doris Duke, the granddaughter who was a big philanthropist.
  19. iatrogenic

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    The Tar Heels agree!
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  20. dukesteer

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    I watch that SNL skit all the time. It’s still hilarious.
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  21. Monahorns

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    I thought Duke was named after David Duke.
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  22. Mr. Deez

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    If the word "niggardly" can be a racial slur that gets people fired (which it has), then Duke University can be deemed to be named after David Duke.
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  23. mb227

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    Wait...Randolph and Mortimer were not involved?
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  24. 4th_floor

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    More likely, Duke is named for Bo and Luke. It is a Hazardous place, I hear.....
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