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  1. Haven't seen a thread...
    So far, both episodes have been really good this season. Sunday's "I am a real American" scene was great but the best had to be when kenny sits down to lunch with the owner of the team.
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    Great show, dunno if you've ever seen it, but check out this video. Guy is the Kenny Powers of softball. 40 seconds in he definitely channels his inner KP.
  3. HornsForever'93

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    I love this show. It is hilarious!! His dorky sidekick Stevie is a nutcase
  4. wow, that softball video is incredible.
  5. Texanne

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    I absolutely hate this show. I find nothing redeeming about it

    But I don't mind that others like it.
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    i played softball last night with a kenny powers who filled in on our team. showed up in full baseball attire with a bag he has to wheel in like luggage cause its too heavy. "dude, stop using your ****** bat, use my $600 worth of composite bats." yah dude, next week when you aren't here, how is your composite bat going to help me?
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    "It looks like ****. What the hell is he doing, printing that from a JPG? ************ needs to be using TIFF files, dude. My face looks all computery and damn pixelated." - Kenny Powers

    this is the funniest thing i've heard in 6 months.
  12. Texanne

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    I do know the type, and I do hate this show.

    My husband used to record it, but ie stopped because he found it terrible as well.
  13. AustinTejasFan

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    "I absolutely hate this show. I find nothing redeeming about it "

    Because it's insulting and demeaning to women?

    I love it.
  14. HornsForever'93

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    I like Stevie's line to Kenny "I started noticing what was being purchased with my credit card. Beer, magnums, lube. It was like a trail of breadcrumbs."
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    I wonder about men who are so childishly entertained by programming that is insulting and demeaning to women. Really, is that how you treat your wife/girlfriend? Do you call your wife the "c-word"?
  16. Longhorny630

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    it teaches us how not to treat women.
  17. texanne,
    interesting that you interpret the show that way. i would argue that the show is mocking "jocks" and the people who help to build them up to be larger than life.
    i've played sports my whole life and see a lot of humor in the exaggerated antics/thought processes of powers. i've seen guys like him over the years (not to that extreme of course).
    besides, i don't think you can tell a lot about a person because they like a tv show or movie. i love goodfellas but i don't think murder/extortion/drug trafficking/infidelity/etc are okay. not to mention that if you are a ports fan ('horns or pro) you likely support misogynist ******** everyday.

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    I laugh at this show...it's extreme but funny. And my favorite show on TV is 'Dexter'...I certainly don't believe in real serial killers...but Dexter is the man.

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    In reply to:

  20. Texanne

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    Do you know me?

    Men who treat women poorly deserve to be chided. Or worse.
  21. HornsForever'93

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    Wow, we laugh about a silly show on TV that makes us laugh and we get chided about it. Save me the amateur psychology assessment. A good solution, don't watch it if you don't like it.
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    Kenny Powers: Can I wear the Scream mask? The mask from Scream... when I do you from behind...

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    "I wonder about men who are so childishly entertained by programming that is insulting and demeaning to women. Really, is that how you treat your wife/girlfriend? Do you call your wife the "c-word"?"

    Wow. Check your sarcasm meter.
  25. Stove Top

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    .....Lighten up, Francis. Jeesh.

    Making light of the absurd by being absurd. A little like All in the Family.
  26. Texanne

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    I think get it now ... it's OK to be offensive as long as you are making fun of someone who is being offensive?
  27. atxbomber

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    It can't be offensive if the offender is the butt of the joke.

    Try getting a sense of humor.

    EDIT: Also, your earlier implication that anybody that enjoys EB&D is some sort of troglodyte is incredibly offensive and hardly behavior befitting a moderator. Your only recourse, if you have any integrity, is to step down.
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    3D is gay.. Don't get Vizio, get Sony..

    Awesome show
  29. HornsForever'93

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    I thought the season ending episode was well done
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    Though I don't think it is near the same level of quality, the arguments here sound very similar to those that "All in the Familty" spawned when it first aired. i think it is possible to point out shortcomings and ignorance through humor, though I suppose it does assume that the viewer recognizes the protagonist is the the butt of the joke.
    EB&D is obviously not the ground breaking series that "All in the Family" was, but my wife and I both get a good chuckle out of it.

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