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Given his companies are successful, I'd say yes. When I went to work for a 3 letter company out of college I'd get there before 8 and not leave until after 10:30 and wore a suit and tie every day. We were highly successful. After leaving them I owned my own company and worked or at least thought about it 24/7. I did some consulting gigs at with 3 start ups in Austin. All would check out around 2:30-3:00. All 3 failed. Hard work pays off. It costs, yes, but it pays off. I grew up on a ranch so I never knew anything but hard work. Now I'm comfortably retired at 60 and my whole working life I followed the morals, ethics and work habits of that first job.
I assume Musk will do the same to Twitter. That'll be entertaining since I hear that company is very in love with work from home.
I haven't noticed YouTube angry when someone swears. I hear it plenty, which concerns me when my kids want to watch a random dude chatting on there.
Twitter has sunk to a new low...my account got locked because I commented on the liar that Rolling Stone published a fake movie review from. I was given an appeal option and the denial of the appeal came literally seconds after the appeal was sent.

At least in the old days, they feigned a review by making you wait a few days before giving an answer that makes it abundantly clear that no review really occurred.

And NOW, when you delete a tweet to regain access, they are requiring that you admit to a violation of the ToS even when no real violation has occurred.

They are showing that they do not believe Musk will follow through with the purchase and are seeking to squelch the voices who who #MushForBrains and the rest of the corrupt Ron Klain administration to be as useless as teets on a boar hog.
So woke snowflakes at Tesla posted a letter decrying Elon's public comments saying Musk is embarrassing the company and does NOT reflect their values.
Less than 24 hrs later? They fired
Now they got all the time in the world to reflect

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