ESPN’s Top 150 College Football Players, All Time

Discussion in 'On The Field' started by dukesteer, Jan 9, 2020.

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    The following are way too low.
    Ricky Williams, Emmit Smith, Vince Young, Cornelius Bennett, and Junior Seau.

    If Vince would have stayed for his senior year, he probably had a case for being #1.

    I'm willing to bet you will see a bunch of Nebraska and Big 10 guys in the top 25, expect to see Reggie Bush in the top 25 and we all know how much he deserves it.
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    VY is easily top 5 all time.
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    Four Longhorns were listed in this group.
    #54 Tommy Nobis
    #57 Ricky Williams
    #75 Bobby Layne
    #81 Vince Young

    I thought Vince and Ricky would have been higher. I'm surprised Earl Campbell wasn't named, unless he's in the top 25.
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    I thought Vince and Ricky would have been higher. I'm surprised Earl Campbell wasn't named, unless he's in the top 25.[/QUOTE]
    well if he's not, turn the channel....
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    Pretty sure Earl will be in the top 25. Reggie Bush was # 61.

    I’ll bet that both Roger Staubach and Ernie Davis will be in the top 5. Jim Brown will be up there — top 5 — as well.
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    VY outside the top 5 is beyond idiotic. He straight up dominated.
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    I've seen dozens of these lists over the years and every one I can recall had Jim Thorpe and Red Grange as the top two. Throw in Herschel Walker and Tony Dorsett and there's one spot left.
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    You are going to see Archie Griffith in the top 25 as well as Barry Sanders. Deon Sanders, Tim Tiebow, Mike Rozier, Tommy Frazier, and a few guys from Notre Dame and USC.
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    Dumb exercise by a bunch of uninformed, unqualified, non-objective, biased prostitutes masqerading as journalists (what’s new, that is the current state of journalism). Since a top 150 can never be accurately determined, what is the intent? Sensationalism and controversy is the method of stoking the emotions of the reader resulting in discussions and more readership.

    I stopped taking the DMN years ago because I did not want to fund such an endeaver by them and certainly did not want my Irish temper riled by their crap. So why are you taking the Austin Statesman? It spews hate on the Horns and I am told the news is a day late.

    I don’t need their opinion. I have watched too much football for too many years. Four of the best college football players of all time went to Texas. Nobis, Campbell, Layne and Young. Top 10. Nuff said. And Nobis was the best of all time on both sides of the ball.
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    This Tony Dorsett?

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    One damn play doesn't disqualify him even though your gooner buddy made it. Get a clue.
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    Did I say it should disqualify him? I said nothing about Dorsett.

    That tape should be a constant reminder of the recruiting deficiencies that once existed and how we paid for one mistake for decades.

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    Now i need some enlightenment.
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    The Readers Digest or Cliff Notes version, Scott's dad played at Tech, but Scott always wanted to be Texas' QB. His official visit was over before it started. It proved to him that DKR knew nothing about him, and no one bothered to find out or relayed it to his host.

    Hence, when Scott was on Barry's staff, he and Switzer knew everything about a kid and his family before a visit. I used to tease Switzer about recruiting in a 16 ton delivery truck to carry his wardrobe. He could dress and fit into any home environment. Yes, he paid for players, but he had to get comfortable with the family's "security clearance" and make them comfortable with him.

    It taught me to try to learn everything I can about people in business dealings before the meetings take place.
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    Tommy Nobis is way too low also..............this guy was All SWC both ways!
  18. I_Dont_Exist

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    So you made a post to make a point that has nothing to do with the topic of the thread?
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    No, just to show one of Dorsett's finest moments. If you don't like it, ignore it, but quit being a jackass.
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    Earl was number 7 and top 11 intro last night at half time was pretty cool, Jim Brown overall number 1. I might have put Herschel Walker there but there is a strong case for Brown at that spot.
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    Archie Griffin could not carry Earl’s jock much less be rated above him.
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    Always #1 with me

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    And this is completely ridiculous

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    The two best running backs I have ever seen were Barry Sanders and Bo Jackson. I liked Hershal Walker, but those two were better. My list of the best running backs looks like this.

    1. Barry Sanders
    2. Bo Jackson
    3. Jim Brown
    4. Earl Campbell
    5. Ricky Williams
    6. OJ Simpson
    7. Ernie Davis
    8. Hershal Walker
    9. Tony Dorsett
    10 Emmitt Smith
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    Walter Payton? This is a great list, AB, just think Walter ekes out Tony Herschel Emmitt......those Bear teams he played on were mostly horrible.....
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    Gale Sayers was pretty special. Just ask the boys at Liberia Park, Mel Farr in particular.

    Never been a Bears fan, but as a kid, seeing him juke the Farr brothers and Warren Wells with no pads in a makeshift field will forever stick in my mind.
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    I remember watching his 6 TD game vs 49ers in 1965.........he was special till he got his knee tore up

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