Favorite Sandwich under $10

Discussion in 'On The Road Again' started by HornZealot, Feb 28, 2007.

  1. brntorng

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    Sliced lean brisket Big 'un from Pok-e-Jo's, dripping with original sauce. Nothing better.
  2. Macanudo

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  3. ctrl+alt+del

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    If you were, cigars would be cheaper for us all.
  4. Luke Duke

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  5. CaptainEd

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  6. Ankf00

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    Turkey Brie from Meridian Room, $6, $3 on Wednesdays

    Toasted sourdough, turkey, brie, granny smith apple slices, dijon.

    I win.
  7. pescado_rojo

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    waitafugginminute..........Lecretia sold the little deli???

    Say it ain't so!!!
  8. Beamwalker

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    Quarter Muffuletta and cup of soup from jasons.
  9. GakFoo

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    little deli has in fact been sold. i live near there. had a sandwich there tuesday and have been a couple other times since it changed hands. based on the trips i've made since it was sold, the food is the same and the only changes i have noticed are that it doesnt stay open as late. and they took out the fountain rc cola [​IMG]
  10. orangebones

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  11. WaywardHorn

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    Sante Fe - Jason's Deli
    California Club (No sprouts) - Jason's Deli
    Original Italian - Jersey Mike's
    Double BLT (Mike's way) - Jersey Mike's
    Beach Club - Jimmy John's

    I could eat any one of those everyday for the rest of my life and be happy, fat as all hell but happy.
  12. Steel Shank

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    Texicali sandwich at the Texicali Grill.

    South Austin. Locally owned. Not a chain. Damn fine sandwich.
  13. bedeviledegg

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    You guys are all wrong!

    The best sammich -- Santa Fe Chicken Sandwich at Jason's

    Grilled chicken

    I could eat this everyday for the rest of my life.
  14. Ag with kids

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    a) Schlotsky's Original is king.
    b) How do you pay more than $10 for a ******* sandwich?
    c) WHY would you pay more than $10 for a ******* sandwich?
  15. LazyEngineer

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    The above suggestions are "ok". Here are some better non-chain options:

    Sambets (Anderson Mill) - Boudin Poboy: Uncased boudin covered in provolone cheese on garlic buttered poboy roll. Best sandwich in Austin without question. $6.

    Ruby's Barbecue (Speedway) - Chopped beef sandwich. Very spicy. Very high quality meet (no fat). By far the best chopped brisket I have ever eaten and it isn't even close. An absolute steal at $2.50. I would pay $6.

    Tuscany Grill (Riata parkway) - Cuban sandwich: Pulled pork, deli mustard, provolone cheese, dill pickle. Insanely good. $6

    All of the above options blow away anything from Jason's Deli or Rudy's.
  16. DRAG69

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    It is not even close.......

    Saccone's Pizza

    Philly Cheesesteak


    It makes Texadelphia's cheesesteak seem like a McDonald's Happy meal.

    Check out the photo in the second link.
    That is the Philly in the lower right hand corner.

    The Link
    The Link
  17. spystud13

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  18. bighornfan32

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    Bologna, ketchup, tomato.
  19. VacantlyOccupied

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  20. CaptainEd

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  21. NativeTXchic

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    grilled chicken cheesestreak from Delaware Subs
    California Club from Jason's Deli
    Albuquerque turkey from Schlotzsky's
    Cali club from Thundercloud

    any brisket sandwich that's good too
  22. cochamps

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    Club Royale from Jason's is my favorite, but I also like the turkey sandwich from Texadelphia is good too. I'll have to try it with queso. Also a fan of the Schlotzky original.
  23. jmrob93

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    I make a mean Tomato sammmich

    Granny's recipee-- real vine ripe tomatos- slice about an inch thick, Italian dressing, toasted rye bread
  24. Jive_Turkey

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    The Traditional at Quizno's is the bomb.
  25. Benson32

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    beach club on french at jimmy johns.
  26. Smoky Brisket

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    the chicken special sandwich - il tramezzino, LA - barely made it at $9.95
  27. Sip94

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    I love a good oyster poboy
  28. THEU

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    IMHO, Jason's Deli is the worst sandwich chain in the world.... maybe I just order the wrong stuff there, but I just can't find anything there remarkable at all! It just seems like such mediocre food for kind of high prices. Anyone a Pot Belly's fan, or do they have any in Austin? Also, someone made a reference to putting ketchup on a sandwich....seriously? on purpose? are you sure it didn't just accidently get spilled? Ketchup is about the worst food item invented. French fries are ok with the stuff (much better with BBQ sauce though), but other than that.....well, I can't think of a use for ketchup at all.
  29. Sip94

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    Agreed. Catsup blows and has no business near a sandwich
  30. twid

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    god i love potbelly's. i wish they had one in austin. every time i go up to chicago, i eat there at least once a day.

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