FBI probe -- some assistant coaches arrested

Discussion in 'Men’s Basketball' started by Joe Fan, Sep 26, 2017.

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    If this is what I think it is, it's been a long time coming
    Too long

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    What a shock, Louisville is involved

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    Sounds like Adidas is the sportswear company in question
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    $100k payment ALLEGEDLY
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  10. SabreHorn

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    WOW! The FBI spends millions of dollars and nearly three years of time to accomplish what they could have done in two weeks by talking to the right people. What a ******* waste of taxpayers money, but then people who work for the federal government work there for a reason - THEY CAN'T GET A REAL JOB! NOBODY WILL HIRE THEM!

    Seriously, back in the heyday of the SWC did we not know what every cheating ******* was doing? The cars, the cash, the airplane tickets, the insurance annuities?

    Did Akers not receive a copy of the large annuity Osborne and Nebraska tried to buy Ed Cummingham with? Did we not know who was responsible for those two new red Cadillacs sitting out front of a house in Kirbyville? And on and on!

    Yet the Feds spend three years and millions to uncover this horrific crime? What a load of ********!

    Before any of you get too giddy, I would remind you of the unmentionable in our athletic department and that you owe a huge debt of gratitude for having it put to bed before it was discovered, no thanks to the overwhelming stupidity of a wannabe staff member.

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    My first thought was, "where in the hell is the NCAA"? So enough felonies have been committed for the FBI to get involved yet the NCAA has yet to lift a finger? The spineless, worthless NCAA!
  12. giveemhell

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    SabreHorn, I don't get your beef with the FBI. These coaches and schools will end up hiring high-powered lawyers to defend themselves. To build a case like this properly (with court-approved wiretaps and such) takes time, and they wanted to see just how far the corruption went. The real test will come after it all plays out in the courts. If a lot of these guys get off the hook, then it will time to criticize the FBI.
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    Re: What a ******* waste of taxpayers money, but then people who work for the federal government work there for a reason - THEY CAN'T GET A REAL JOB! NOBODY WILL HIRE THEM!

    My wife is a Federal employee. She took the job because I was seriously considering making at career out of the Air Force. That would have at least offered her a chance at having a job between base transitions. Here are some of the things she has done: Firefighting equipment - Wildfires in the west, remember those? She was one of those who bought and supplied the equipment to battle the blazes. She also worked with vendors and the testing labs to make sure that the equipment met standards needed by the firefighters. When a Carrier Battle Group deployed, she worked, yes worked, to make sure they had the supplies needed to conduct their operations. She worked her way up from the bottom to be a highly respected manager who does her job very well. She has established herself in a career that is rewarding and one where she makes a difference.

    There are those that are slackers and they are not confined to the government, I'm in the private sector and see them on a regular basis. I really don't understand why you would trash someone just because of where they work. Focus on the individual.
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    Flashback from 2 years ago

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  21. WorsterMan

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    This is a HUGE story and now with Pitino's scalp added it's more HUGE!

    I wonder if this might lead to or have some connection to an investigation into college football !?
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  22. utempire

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    Why waste all this for a one and done player?
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  23. SabreHorn

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    Of course it will lead into college football, but do you think for one minute the "usual suspects" will be included? The government has wanted for years to get their paws on college athletics, now the door is wide open.

    I absolutely do not doubt any of the allegations, but would like someone in the know to reveal how many of these were violations prior to the investigations, and how many were "setups" by the feds, because a setup is far easier to do than the actual work to prove a crime.

    All this, and not a single mention of John Blake? Hasn't he already confessed to kickbacks from street agents and equipment companies? Where is the investigation into Baylor and Oregon, kings of the street agents?

    The one I really wanted to see go down, did very quietly and is now dead.

    Again, I see this as a huge waste of taxpayer dollars when it is fairly common knowledge on the street. I promise you that these "investigators" will never sniff the biggest problem in college athletics, which has existed at least since the early 60s.
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  24. Crockett

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    Rick Pitino's lawyer says the coach has done nothing wrong. Poor, very rich coach, it seems, is just proximate to a tidal wave of scumbaggery.
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    Been hearing there are some shenanigans going on with all the 7-on-7 tournaments going on everywhere
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    Since we are on the subject of scumbaggery ... don't forget the UL football coach is Bobby Petrino. Some of the recent shenanigans & tomfoolery are bound to lead to his sorry ***.
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    I recall we lost a recruit or two to Alabama

  28. ViperHorn

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    Joe, speculation that a $EC school was not following the rules - blasphemy! ;)
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  29. Crockett

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    I think SabreHorn typically makes some of the most salient points offered on this message board. But I think the FBI, with it's resources to compel cooperation, is critical to cleaning up college sports. We've seen blatant, virtually open, abuse of rules at Auburn with Cam Newton, at TAMU with Johnny Manziel and a Ole Miss with Laramey Tunsil. The schools, athletes lawyered up. There was almost enough evidence in the sports pages for severe consequences .... but when everybody lawyered up, not much NCAA consequence.
  30. Horns11

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    Other sports should follow football's lead on the whole AAU thing. If colleges are truly "amateur," then they shouldn't be recruiting kids who have basically been playing "professional" sports since Age 9. Basketball is by far the worst offender, and while I understand the benefits that AAU provides (particularly to urban communities and keeping kids off the streets), if high school state sports organizations like UIL just stood up and said that kids are ineligible to play in a season if they're on a club team like they do for football, it would solve a lot of problems from a compliance aspect.

    These coaches, agents, players, families, and Adidas reps know exactly what they're doing, but they're also gaming a system that's rigged to encourage them to do it.

    The other hand of the equation is just blowing up the NCAA and letting college athletes be professionals. At this point, I'm not entirely against that solution.

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