FBI probe -- some assistant coaches arrested

Discussion in 'Men’s Basketball' started by Joe Fan, Sep 26, 2017.

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    Certainly, I've always thought the pros insisting that an 18-year old athlete go to college is some sort of trade/labor restriction that if an auto manufacturer or health care institution did it would be testifying in a Congressional hearing followed by federal legislation to stop it.

    I know, 18-20 year olds (most, Kobe and LeBron being exceptions) aren't ready for the pros for a number of reasons, mostly IMHO psychological (anyone remember David Clyde David Clyde - Wikipedia ), but also physical.

    But the pros, at least in baseball, and increasingly in basketball, have minor leagues to give decent salaries to younguns while they develop into their pro status, if they make it. And instead of going up against men, they are usually playing against their peerage age group.

    If I were somehow graced with absolute rule over sports, both pro and college, I'd make it so college athletics would go back to actually being students first and athletes as a side, and that the exceptionally gifted just went right past college to the pros. This would of course result in a lowering of the quality of college competition, but it would be a level playing field and I think the school spirit would still be there. To be a bit sexist, afterall, though not 100,000 butts in the stands like with football, there are thousands of screaming Longhorn fans who fanatically follow softball, women's basketball and other sports with talent that wouldn't match up too well against the starting 22 of the football team.
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    It does make you wonder. I cannot relate, in any way, to the stubbornness we see in big-time college sports to support a winner no matter the larceny. The emotional attachment to victory at all costs and vicarious pleasure from the exploits of strangers blows my mind. I want Texas to win and win big. But I would never brag about trophies (read OU) that were obtained by blatant cheating.

    I just don't need an ego boost that much...
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    Agreed. I would never want that asterisk* by my result. Or "vacated" next to my scratched out name in the list of MNC winners.

    Thankfully, I don't think the powers that be at Texas ever will either. Which is why we wouldn't hire guys like Patino, Pearl, Sampson, and similar ilk even if we could.
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    I think the sentiment that, when this works well, everyone should be getting helped is the key. It's in the gray in between that people have different opinions.

    I disagree with a previous comment that college athletes are treated like slave labor. Slaves made no money, ate atrociously, and had nothing to show for their efforts. The reality is these college athletes live in nice accommodations, eat like kings, and are given a world class education.

    But in the gray...can some families afford for their kid to go off for 4 years without working to help support the family? The rules seem to suggest that if a family needs this adult to help support them financially, he/she is prevented from doing so with the exception of fair wages for two months in the summer.

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