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Discussion in 'On The Field' started by NRHorn, Jan 13, 2021.

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    That is going to be the problem made worse now by all of the coaches Sark is taking. If Blake mans up and personally visits Saban to discuss Saban will probably ok the change. IIRC one of the brothers is measurably better than the other or to Saban, it would be losing one starter, not two. He probably has 10 of equal ability stashed around Tuscaloosa anyway.
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    Viper ... remember Alabama plays a home and home with Texas beginning 2022 so I don't think Saban is going to play nice.
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    If missing one OL causes Alabama to lose either of those games, Alabama has some real issues.
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    I'll bet Sark doesn't either.
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    The Brocks had a much closer view of Herman and Texas football than most on this board, other than maybe Sabre, as they had a son on the team for a year and through the baloney this summer. I am sure the son gave a complete insight to the Texas program under Herman to his family and the Brocks went in another direction.
    I opine they should have the opportunity to go to Texas If they want to because of the coaching change.
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    Since the parents moved them into their athletic dorm last week, dont think there will be any change. Perhaps if things turn better for us, they might portal but thats fantasy land at this time. Wish them well and hope we made a good hire on the new coach.
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