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    OK this thing is getting wild. Vandy goes up 21-3 after causing a fumble, bobbling and booting it about 40 yards down the field before someone finally jumped on it inside the 30. Florida scores, and then holds to get it back with 2 minutes left in the half.

    On the punt return, a Florida guy gets penalized for a targeting block on the same play as an illegal block also on Florida, and right after that, the Vandy coach is all the way out in the middle of the field yelling at the Florida coaches. Dan Mullen starts yelling, and the Florida DC starts yelling, and I don't know what he said, and I'm not a lip-reader, but I know what "F... YOU" looks like, especially when it's said repeatedly. So now both benches clear, they have to push them back. The guy called for targeting is upheld and gets kicked out of the game. Personal fouls are called on both teams, which means that a SECOND Florida started gets booted because he had been called for body-slamming a guy after the play earlier in the quarter. So that's two Florida starters kicked out of the game on one play.

    Then, the guy who got thrown out for his second PF starts throwing a fit on the sideline and refuses to leave, so they finally get him off the field.

    Florida then breaks off a 63-yard catch-and-run to get inside the 10 with 7 seconds to play and gets a FG.
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    And Dan Mullen then calls out both officials by name to the interviewer going into the locker room. Florida is leading in penalty yards 74-13.
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    Guess Prodigal and I were typing at the same time. Deleted my post but pretty much what he said. It was certainly a wild few minutes. Number 11 refusing to leave the field was quite a sight. He was pushing and cussing every person he came across. Even the officers did not want to get involved. They stayed away. Number 11 was total nuts.
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    BTW... should note that of that 74 penalty yards, 30 of it was the body slam and the targeting block. So basically, he doesn't have that much of an argument.
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    Tenn just took the lead over Auburn. If Vandy and Tenn both win, expect 10 out of 14 SEC teams to be in the top 25.
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    That's not counting USC vs Aggy later today, could be 11 out of 14 if USC wins.
  7. Dionysus

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    SEC teams getting beat by SEC teams. It’s a meat grinder schedule, move them all into the top 10.
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    Yep, it's uphauling that they have to play each other. The polls should only reflect the rankings of the SEC.
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    Is it possible that aside from bama and Georgia, none of the rest are all that hot?
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    Florida just tacked on a field goal to make it a 2-score game, that'll do it.

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