Forensic Audit in Maricopa County, AZ

Discussion in 'West Mall' started by AC, Apr 25, 2021.

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    Apparently Dems not a big supporter of transparency in elections.
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  2. Seattle Husker

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    Cyber Ninjas, the firm "auditing" the election has zero election experience, won't disclose who is paying them but admit the $150k the Republican party has put up isn't enough to cover their costs and who's founder spent months spreading election conspiracy theories.

    This is a company that has 2-10 employees per LinkedIn. Notice what is conspicuously absent...elections. This is some podunk local outfit from Florida who's primary service is TRAINING.


    In fact, there is no bi-partisan representation in the audit nor any media allowed.

    Transparency = a few cameras? :facepalm:

    This is a ghost chase in hopes of somehow gleaning some morsel of information, likely human error, that can be used to justify more restrictions on voting under the banner of "integrity".

    Republicans and Democrats were involved in the election counts, including the hand count. This? Like I said, let the idiots in Arizona drain their accounts and credibility chasing ghosts.
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    I'm going to ask you the same question I asked Bubba, who didn't answer my question. How many companies are involved in this audit? Because of the media you think there is only one.
    You absolutely have no idea what you're talking about.
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  4. AC

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  5. Garmel

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  6. Seattle Husker

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    4 per the the AZSenate Republicans:

    ZERO are election systems experts nor boast of any election experience other than an "Architectural Technology" company claiming to have supported a few hand counts of local elections. All are small firms of <50 employees.

    In fact, there isn't an actual "auditor" among the 4 companies they hired. Wake Technology Solutions that the AZStateRepublican's are boasting as auditor? Here is their primary business.


    What is left out is that the Republican owner of this company has offered up his company to hand count a few local elections over the years.

    Is that an "auditor"? That's who AZ State Republicans CLAIM is their auditor.

    If you'd like we could do the same for CyFir and Digital Discovery I'm happy to pull in what little is known about those firms too. None of these companies has a reputation nor the level of experience to do what the State Republican party is claiming they are qualified and being paid to do.

    I'll reiterate, whomever is wasting their money on these firms is helping the Democrats as that is $$$ that won't be available to support Republican candidates. If their goal is to uncover election fraud, you don't start with people claiming election fraud exists without evidence because NOBODY but the people that started with the belief that election fraud exists will believe that the election was audited fairly.

    The most ludicrous aspect of this is that Republicans control the Maricopa County Election Board 4-1. Read that again...80% of the Election Board seats for the County that certified the vote were Republican controlled! The State Republicans are saying we don't believe you...we think the Republicans cheated to ensure Biden won.

    The AZ State R party are a bunch of loons.
  7. Garmel

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    It doesn't take any experience in running an election in order to audit. Counting isn't hard. It's not rocket science. What you do need is people who can check authenticity of the ballots and the machines. These people can do this.

    "The most ludicrous aspect of this is that Republicans control the Maricopa County Election Board 4-1"

    :facepalm: Go check what the makeup of the Maricopa Board was after the election and get back with me. Here's a hint- quit trying to argue with someone who knows the subject better than you.

    There were several scientific studies and data analysts/security specialists who believed this election was a fraud. It's not some crazy conspiracy theory. Somehow you've convinced yourself that mass election fraud is an impossibility. It's not and your reality is going to be rocked.
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  8. iatrogenic

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    I’m guessing they may have to actually show the evidence of election fraud to everyone if it exists. I doubt anyone will take their word for it.
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  9. AC

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    Sadly my Mom loves NPR that’s all she watches for news. She’s 80. Walter Cronkite generation. NPR spews nothing but vitriol for this forensic audit and looks at zero facts. They just attach a conspiracy theory label and viola! Done. Many people fall for this.
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  10. Seattle Husker

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    Let me get this takes zero experience running an election to audit an election. No experience needed in elections, election software or even election nomenclature, huh? Are we talking a quality audit of just an audit? You could hire me to do a financial audit of whatever company you work for and I'll give you a work order that says "complete" and an invoice. I'll even right up a report if you pay me enough. Not sure anyone would rightly accept that audit as accurate. Are you sure you don't live in AZ and not OK?

    I'll play, where to move the goalpost to now?
    Here is the current Maricopa Board or Supervisors. I've circled the ones that ran for election as Republicans in red according to Ballotpedia and the lonely Democrat in blue. Every member of the Maricopa Board of Elections has held their seat since at least 2019.


    Clint Hickman (R): Re-elected in 2020 but her his bio has served his district since 2013.
    Jack Sellers (R): Voted in 2020 after being appointed to the role in January 2019 per his bio.
    Steve Chucri (R): Re-elected in 2020 but per his bio has served his district since 2013.
    Bill Gates (R): Re-elected in 2020 and has served his district since 2017.
    Steve Gallardo (D): Re-elected in 2020 and has served his district since 2015.

    What's so unbelievable about this pattern is that Republicans at the State level are being urged on by the ignorant masses fueled by conspiracies to attack their own. Aside from attacking these R's in AZ, we've seen what they're doing in GA and in Antium County (or district) in Michigan Trump won with 57% of the vote. Yes, they are chasing ghosts even though members of their own party are saying ghosts don't exist.

    "Scientific studies". Please link them because to date on this board has been nothing but bloggers and anonymous twitter accounts. Are you using an alternate version of the word "scientific"? Here are the general rules for a scientific studies. Since I'm not certain you'll read them or support your claim of "scientific studies" I'll post the questions here because this is what you SHOULD be asking yourself about any studies you've read that result in a claim of election fraud. If not, you might not be as scientific as you think. Generally speaking, every analysis posted here that I've looked at butchered rules 6-10, to make them incredibly un-credible. It's also what will deflate any findings from this "audit" too.

    1. Did the study appear in a peer-reviewed journal?
    2. Who was studied, where?
    3. How big was the sample?
    4. Did the researchers control for key differences?
    5. Was there a control group?
    6. Did the researchers establish causality, correlation, dependence, or some other kind of relationship?
    7. Is the journalist, or even the scientist, overstating the result?
    8. Is there any conflict of interest suggested by the funding or the researchers’ affiliations?
    9. Does the researcher seem to have an agenda?
    10. Do the researchers acknowledge limitations and entertain alternative explanations?
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  11. Garmel

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    You're correct. I got the Council and the Board of Supervisors mixed up.

    "It's also what will deflate any findings from this "audit" too."

    How do you know this? You don't so don't speculate. That's not how audits work. We either find bad ballots, machine errors/deliberate corruption or you don't. There's nothing subjective here.

    You can argue 6-10 doesn't apply to a lot of modern science.
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  12. Garmel

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    To further elaborate the four companies said they are working together and will come up with a consensus together, although the findings will be pretty much black and white. The media found Logan's comment when he's only one voice there. To think that somehow corrupts the findings are ridiculous. Besides, a person can have an opinion on something and not let it affect their performance. Just more media disinformation.
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    Bubba does not care Switzer was a cheater. I bet most people on this board who were Astros fans are not supporting the Astros. Integrity is everything.
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  14. theiioftx

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    Sting investigative work or did you get a feed you copied?
  15. OUBubba

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    Well that was uncalled for.
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  16. AC

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    Why could’nt the Dems come up with $1 million bond to push the forensic audit back?

    2017 E.O.from Trump:
    Executive Order 13818 - Blocking the Property of Persons Involved in Serious Human Rights Abuse or Corruption.

    Last week I showed where they have pics from 93’ where Clinton was with Epstein and Maxwell. Hillary went to Epstein Island as well. All Dems and a majority of Republicans are guilty of treason, and sedition. We’ll see who gets caught.
  17. iatrogenic

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    If auditors needed experience running the businesses they audit, there would be no audits.
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  18. AC

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  21. mb227

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    EVERY company that ever existed lacked experience until someone went out on a limb for them to GIVE that experience.

    The chucklef*cks who are opposed to this audit really ought to be asking WHY they are afraid of an audit. If everything was above board, then there should be no fear of even Mickey Mouse and the Mousekateers looking at the ballots.

    How many days of early voting does a State really need? Hell, Texas has so many of them that I had my choice of machines in East Travis County during the November cycle...yeah, I looked at daily totals and strategically picked a location that didn't get a lot of traffic. Go figure that it was in an area of town that claims they are SOOOOO oppressed.

    When one needs to have an ID to do just about everything, how is requiring one a hardship?

    counts are not audits. The left has fought true audits in multiple jurisdictions at almost every step of the way.
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  22. Garmel

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    Let's face it. No one has experience at doing an election audit of this size. No one. You know if the ghost hunters find the ghosts Husker is going to call this whole audit fixed trying to help Trump because that's what he'll be told by the ******, corrupt media that he pays attention to.
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  23. Monahorns

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    The newsmakers have spoken, therefore there was no fraud. If this audit shows evidence of fraud, the newsmakers will charge the auditor with fraud since it goes against their edict.
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  24. Seattle Husker

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    If you want to find ghost, you call teams experienced in hunting ghosts. Of course, the assumption is that ghosts already exist. In this case they've called in Sasquatch "experts" to hunt for ghosts. That doesn't matter to y'all. The Sasquatch hunters simply need a chance because everyone needs to develop experience somewhere. We shoundn't consider that tools used for hunting Sasquatch are different than for hunting ghosts. Afterall, we know ghosts already exist so this is simply a matter of finding a thread to justify a preconceived notion. The scientific method should be cast to the side because the Sasquatch hunters have already stated that ghosts exist.

    In all seriousness, this group of amateurs started by letting some local TV crew from AZFamily have unfettered access to the ballots and tabulation machines. The auditors started with Blue pens being used by their staff which is a rudimentary audit mistake because that same color is uses to update the ballots.

    The qualifications of the "auditors", their process nor their bias should matter because their supporters believe that fraud exists. Do actual experienced non-biased audit organizations not exist? Accenture/Deloitte and any number of experienced, professional companies do all manner of audits every day and have teams to address this stuff. The difference is that those companies won't walk in with a predetermined outcome in mind and have costs commensurate with the costs of an actual audit.

    When any rational person, media or not points out the absurdity of those premises it's "the media's" fault. That's pure craziness.
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  25. OUBubba

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  26. Horn6721

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    Remember the huge stink Republicans made when that group of media outlets called for an audit of the 2000 Florida election results?
  27. OUBubba

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    The election that they won in the Supreme Court? The one that saw 3 of the current justices work on the GOP side to stop the actual F'N counting OF VOTES?!?!?! Yeah, we remember that. Glad you reminded us. :)
  28. Horn6721

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    Gore asked for and got 8 media outlets who conducted a massive months long study into the vote
    No Republucan whined complained or tried to stop it.

    What are Dems so afraid of?
  29. Garmel

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    These are professional companies. They were hired for their knowledge of voting machines. No one has experience in what is being currently done. The two companies you mention are primarily accounting audit firms. Btw, did these two companies you mentioned put in a bid to do this work?

    "The difference is that those companies won't walk in with a predetermined outcome in mind"
    Sorry, but you're just parroting what you're being told by the media.
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  30. humahuma

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    Support Voices and votes. I think AC posted a link to Dr. scan that’s what I calling him. Well he has a machine to detect folds in printed paper “ballots “ if you will. So if the mail in ballot is not folded, illegal.
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