Found myself rooting for OU...

Discussion in 'On The Field' started by COmountainhorn, Jan 9, 2009.

  1. COmountainhorn

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    It was like a "I can say what ever I want about my momma, but you can't!" situation. Walked into the bar expecting to rooting against OU, but couldn't help but root for the Big 12. Is that so wrong?
  2. drborange

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    Yes! For me it is. [​IMG]
  3. Orange&White

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  4. Hookem123

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  5. Seattle4UT

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    Face it, none of the other Big 12 schools would root for Texas if they were in the BCS Title Game. So hell no, don't give a damn about ou and the Big 12.

    Congrats Florida!!! [​IMG]
  6. COmountainhorn

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    Thanks guys. Sorry for my moment of weakness. Please forgive me.
  7. Ramius

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    Seattle, you couldn't be more wrong.

    I cheered loudly for the Horns in '05 and I was pulling for OU tonight.
  8. RomaVicta

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    I was the same way, CO. I'm sick of the SEC and the Tebow coverage. Their conference is very good as is Tebow, I'm just sick of hearing about it.

    I'm sicker thinking of losing our opportunity to play in that game. I think we beat Florida.
  9. DVPMD

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    OU sucks. forget about conference affiliations, that same conference jobbed us out of the CCG and MNC.
  10. KerrHorn82

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    There's something wrong with you or you just haven't been to enough RRS's. I know it's aggie like, but I couldn't have cared less who OU was playing, I was VERY pleased that they lost, not that it was a surprise to anybody.
  11. hookem2003

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    Y'all are on drugs. I was pulling 100% against OU tonight. The thought of them winning the NC in a year where we deserved to be there was too much.
  12. goosehorn

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    THat was weird. Me too. I must say though that when they started losing, I started becoming very happy.
  13. Thorp

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    No way I'm for OU ever. Glad that the Gators won.
  14. FW_Horn_32

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    What the eff is wrong with some of you people. You do not ever root for OU, unless an OU win puts Texas in the Natl Championship game......PERIOD!!!!!! They are the enemy, and you root against them. Screw the Big 12 crap. The Big 12 does nothing for us. OU lost by 10 points, and a true UT fan would say that is poetic justice. Screw OU!!!!!

  15. Orangesweat

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  16. zzzz

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    Venables saying he rooted against Texas in our bowl game certainly made it easier to root against OU.

    I got pretty much what I wanted.

    OU lost but proved Big 12 defenses could keep up with Florida for the most part. And the OU offense showed they could move the ball on an SEC defense (yet thankfully came away with nothing twice at the goal line).
  17. calico

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  18. Chalupa72

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    That is so very wrong. There is never any reason to root for OU.
  19. malcolmtodd2003

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    I was rooting for Florida. I could care less about Oklahoma. The only team I care about is Texas. I don't see why many people care about the Big 12 being represented so well. This isn't one big fraternity. None of the other teams in the conference were cheering us on when we were down against Ohio State. I am glad Oklahoma lost with a passion.
  20. mrTM

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    With Tech and OU going down to the SEC, doesn't that make the Big 12 look second class? To me it does. It diminishes all Big 12 victories. It's like a bunch of girls beating up on one another in the Big 12.
  21. Bookman

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    No, all that means is that Tech and OU lost those games.
  22. mihm_rules_mom

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    After watching Stoops' press conference when they were selected to go to the Big 12 championship, I was so pissed. He is such a cocky jerk, and I'm so glad they lost. I am *never* *ever* rooting for OU. I hate them.
  23. Valmy77

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    Yeah I used to sort of like OU, my mother graduated from OU (got her masters at UT) and alot of my mother's family went there. However this season just pissed me off. It will be awhile before I can stomach rooting for OU for my mother's sake for awhile.
  24. Texas_Rocks

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    mihm_rules [​IMG]
  25. FLHorn

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    I'd have to admit i was torn. Living in Florida, I didn't want UF to win either. UF fans are so annoying. They actually believe they are one of the great football programs of "all time". Seriously they do. So i wanted both teams to loose. Too bad that is impossible.
  26. mihm_rules_mom

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    [​IMG] [​IMG] .

    Maybe you're right.
  27. danthehorn

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  29. accuratehorn

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    You need therapy. Seek professional help now.
  30. YoLaDu

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    Why should i root for those toothless land thieves to win for the good of the Conference? The very same Conference and their stupid tie break rule jobbed Texas.

    Screw the Sooners. Screw the Big12. I have no loyalty to the Big12.

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