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    So much anger and pain with the current football landscape at UT...

    The film "My All American" about Freddie and the legendary UT team in 1969 will be released this month.

    Now how about something positive to get our minds off our misery:

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    Can't wait to see this movie!
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    If you are going to the game -- they are honoring Freddie this weekend. Appearances by some teammates including a Captain from that team, your current AD Mike Perrin.

    Texas to honor Steinmark in advance of ‘My All American’ release
    Scoreboard rededication, on-field ceremony and teammate gathering highlight football gameday events.


    AUSTIN, Texas -- The inspirational story of Longhorns legend Freddie Steinmark will be celebrated with the Nov. 13 national theatrical release of "My All American." The major motion picture is the true story of Steinmark, his time at Texas, and Darrell Royal and the Longhorns' memorable 1969 National Championship run.

    In advance of the debut of the film -- which stars Aaron Eckhart as Royal and Finn Wittrock as Steinmark -- several activities and ceremonies will take place at the Nov. 7 game against Kansas.

    Steinmark's teammates from the 1967-69 teams will join in ceremonies highlighted by a pregame rededication of the Steinmark scoreboard. That event includes tributes to Steinmark and his family by those ranging from 1967 team captain and Texas Interim Men's Athletics Director Mike Perrin; Longhorn Hall of Honor member and 1969 team co-captain Ted Koy; and Freddie's brother, Sammy Steinmark. An on-field ceremony at the end of the first quarter includes special presentations to the Steinmark family. Angelo Pizzo (Hoosiers, Rudy), the writer/director of "My All American," will be in attendance, along with Bower Yousse and Thomas Cryan, authors of the recently released book, "Freddie Steinmark: Faith, Family, Football." Yousse is a longtime friend of the Steinmark family and a former high school teammate.

    The Fred Steinmark Fund was the first athletics endowment established at The University of Texas. In conjunction with the film, the Longhorn Foundation has reinvigorated the campaign with a goal of seeing it funded as a full endowment. A crowd-funding program kicked off last month as part of a drive to hit the goal of $775,000.
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    So the athletic department is going to try and capitalize financially on Freddie, this sounds eerily familar to how Arizona State(Steve Patterson) has been capitializing on Pat Tillman and the NFL is on charging our military to perform patriotic shows during or around football games.......smh......
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    MWA, I am not sure what you mean. According to the Daily Texan ...

    "The Steinmark Fund was the first ever endowment established by Texas Athletics. The current market value of the fund is $87,000. With crowdfunding, Texas Athletics aims to expand the fund to its full capacity of $775,000, which will provide a full scholarship to a Texas athlete every year.

    The scholarship will be awarded yearly to any UT athlete who exhibits the strength, determination and loyalty that Steinmark exhibited during his UT football career. "

    To me, the Athletic Department is honoring, not profiting on, Freddie's legacy, for the benefit of future longhorn athletes. Am I missing something?
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    :hookem: Looking forward to seeing the movie!

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