Gameday to Dallas

Discussion in 'On The Field' started by baylorbear245, Oct 5, 2008.

  1. baylorbear245

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    Gameday will be in Dallas for the RRS. Finally ESPN decided to put their SEC love affair on hold for a weekend. Should be a good time next weekend!
  2. LocoGringos

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    Now's our chance to pelt them with fried Oreos!
  3. Mr. Longhorn

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    As well they should be. There is no way they should go to the LSU-Florida game where in Florida's last 2 games they lost to Ole Miss and were given a good fight by Arkansas.

    Texas - ou rules this week. Having Gameday there now kicks up my " just get me through the work week" mentality a couple notches.
  4. Bevo-Stevo

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    Can you post the link. I happen to believe you and think it's a no-brainer, but link would be nice. Thanks, bear. [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
  5. ToxicShock

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    Who cares? gameday sucks, all they do is blow the SEC and USC. I haven't watched in the last 4 years or so b/c it sucks so bad and all it is is propaganda that ESPN wants your average moron fan to think: USC is still the best team, SEC is still the best conference, Dallas is the best nfl team, redsox/yankees best mlb team, lakers/kobe best nba team, etc, etc. F espn.
  6. Bevo-Stevo

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    Nevermind, bear. Found it. Hook 'Em! ou SUX!!!!!!!!!!!!
    The Link
  7. drewbleedsorange

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    How many times has Gameday been to Dallas for he ou game? And how many times have the Horns won when they have been present?
  8. Roger

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  9. l00p

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    I agree. There really is not a way they would not. We thought there was hype in Austin for the Ohio State game, wow. Colt was the new qb and we knew we did not have that big of a chance. If we beat ou things are different.

    If we beat ou, if we beat ou...this is the game year in, year out. Thankfully we own that ou *** over time and have done so without having to cheat throughout our history, unlike them.
  10. vtaenz

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    Mark May is to college football what Merrill Hodge is to NFL.
  11. Orangesweat

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  12. TheFied

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    The good news is that might take some of the crowds away from my favorite beer vendor and the corny dog lines.

    I went when they were there in 2001. It didn't have great atmosphere b/c if you go to the State Fair for the game, why stick around to watch these guys? And I don't hate them either (huge Fowler fan) but there is just too much good stuff around there than listen to them.

    Obviously when they are at a school, it makes more sense. There isn't much to compete against it.

    And I do want our end results to be better than the last time it happened there.
  13. KingBobo81

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    I have never understood why people would want to hang around the Gameday set, but anything to make my corny dog line shorter is a good thing.
  14. Ivan Drago

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    November 22 is setting up to be a colossal ESPN Gameday in Norman. 10-0 Texas Tech at 10-0 Oklahoma.

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