Good for Ruffin McNeil

Discussion in 'On The Field' started by ProdigalHorn, Jan 2, 2010.

  1. ProdigalHorn

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    I don't know if he's the best pick for the head coach job, I assume he wants the position if it's offered. As far as I know the only knock on him is that he hasn't been a head coach yet.

    Regardless, he did a nice job in his debut tonight. Seems like a good guy and a solid coach, and I think Tech could do a whole lot worse. Unless they're dead set on an experienced HC, I don't see a compelling reason not to give him the position.
  2. ilsa

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    ESPN has already anointed him the next HC. Expect a TT announcement some time in the next week.
  3. SportsICT

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    He did a really good job of holding that team together through a tough week and did a very good job of coaching the game. He would be a good a good fit for them.
  4. TXpride

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    Agreed. Seems like a good guy. Hopefully he's given a serious shot at being the next HC. If anyone deserves it, seems as though he does. He's put in his time, and did a great job tonight. I remember reading about him waiting several mimutes after the Texas game just to tell Colt good job.
  5. Third Coast

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    He makes it very clear that he wants the job "with two exclamation marks" and he probably deserves it.

    I do however think those ballsy calls are going to bite one in the *** more times than not in the long run.

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    Seems like a real players' coach.
  7. Bill_McNeal

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    Agree, PH.

    It might be the best way to maintain continuity, keep some of the offensive assistants, put some more emphasis on the D (both scheme and personnel) and make a splash with recruits.

    Despite the conventional wisdom, Tech might - might - be better off for this in the long run.

    Their fanbase will have to find a way to detach themselves from the Leach cult first though.
  8. TexasGolf

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    I was pulling for him tonight.

    Would they keep the same offense scheme if he is hired? Also who would take over the D there?
  9. Longhorny630

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    It all depends on whether or not Craig James will approve, he'll issue a statement tomorrow. As for Ruffin, very nice guy in his interviews.
  10. txgrad87

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    He is black. Not going to happen with bigwigs at TT. He is the best candidate but ain't gonna happen. I am not a racist. West Texas will not let him in. Sad but true.
  11. Bill_McNeal

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    If that's true, then they deserve everything bad that happens to them.

    I hope it's not.
  12. viethorn

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    he said Leach is his best friend and he is going to call Leach tonight. I expect he will be suspended tomorrow [​IMG]
    Honestly, the world always appreciates loyalty. H should get the job.
  13. Third Coast

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  14. txgrad87

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    Agreed. 100%

    but no way he is head coach in Lubbock Texas.
  15. Orangesweat

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    I think the want Tommy Tuberville since he already has a TT tattoo on his back.
  16. pulque

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    I'm for Ruffin; he deserves it. But , it is a crash and burn one will be able to do in Lubbock what Leach did...
  17. Bill_McNeal

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  18. pulque

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  19. SBC Horn

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  20. Wesser

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    I love the whole Leach has Tech playing just above their historical average line of BS.

    Leach managed to sport .661 winning percentage while playing in the Big XII South with Stoops and Brown. Two perennial Top 5 teams. At point in the Tech's history did it face such bethemoths in conference, apart from the 1960s when it faced Broyles' Arkansas and Royal's Texas teams.

    Dykes had a decent winning percentage playing in the ****** last years of the SWC and in the early crappy aggy led Big XII South. Leach actually improved on Tech's record despite the fact that Tech found themselves in the most competitive division in CFB.
  21. ViperHorn

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    He deserves it, but if he gets it everyone will assume sand aggy took the cheap way out - which is what all this was about in the first place. (Hopefully everyone knows Meyers and Hance could give a rat's *** about James.)

    I doubt if he would be as aggressive during the regular season. Doesn't really matter to Texas - he will not have a better record against Texas than Leach (2-8).
  22. Air Force Horn

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    I grew up in Lubbock. My dislike of Tech is fairly intense and personal. Their general behavior has steadily declined during the Leach Era. Not everybody acts like one of "the worst fans in the Big XII", but a fair number do...and most of the rest condone it...

    Having been in Lubbock last week visiting family, I can tell you that the place is pulling itself apart. There are scores of TT flags being flown upside down across the area and plenty of threats to stop buying football tickets. What upsets me most in all of this is the win at any cost mentality. Personally, I have no problem with disciplining players. Humiliating them is another matter, but that's not what I'm concerned about here. The general read I got from being in the area at the time is that transgressions, any transgressions, should be overlooked based upon the level of success and notoriety Leach brought to the program. Again, Raider Nation is divided on this issue, but it seems to me that the loudest voices are the angry ones. What frustrates me is that "winning at all costs" was NOT the way I was raised in West Texas.

    I will say this though... I take exception to suggesting that West Texas (or Tech) will not tolerate an African-American coach. Lubbock might be a lot of things - I know I never want to move back there - but staunchly racist is not one of them. Is there racism? Yes. Is it worse than other places I've been? No. I suspect they will give McNeil a fair shot at the job. He's certainly trying to make a case for himself. In the end, I think it could be an interesting selection process. Names like Tuberville bring instant recognition, and Tech has always thrived on recognition...

    My Two Cents...

    Happy New Year to everyone and go get 'em in Pasadena!

    [​IMG] Hook 'Em [​IMG]
  23. everybodygodeep

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    He has given a lot to that school and would be a great coach for them.
  24. cochamps

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    Ruffin's audition seemed to go well.
  25. Cap33

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    Having spent a few years living in Lubbock, I agree with Air Force Horn that passing over Ruffin for the HC position won't be because of racism. However, Tech has a big ol' chip on its collective shoulder, and if Tuberville really wants the job, they won't be able to resist getting someone high profile.

    The funny thing about this situation is that Leach thought he was too good for Tech, and Tech thinks it's too good for Leach. I guess we'll see.
  26. bevaux

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    "The funny thing about this situation is that Leach thought he was too good for Tech, and Tech thinks it's too good for Leach. I guess we'll see."

    Very true. And, I might add they soon seemed to become embarrassed by their association with one another. The whole thing has been very strange, and a huge black eye for Texas Tech as a university.
  27. jamaebarrow

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    Ruffin seems like a good guy but I don't know if he has the intelligence required to be a Division I head coach.
  28. OrangeRB

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  29. Pentaconta

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    I think Ruffin McNeill is the only character in this entire saga that I actually like and respect at this point. Let's recap:

    Adam James - spoiled bratty douchebag kid whose rich and famous daddy continually meddles in the football program

    Mike Leach - douchebag coach who gets off on humiliating players, pissing off his superiors and betters, and whining about officiating -- when he's not busy looking for a better job elsewhere (which is the ultimate irony about all the Tech fans defending him)

    Myers/Hance/et al - douchebag administrators who clearly used the Adam James incident to get out of paying out Leach's contract

    Frankly, I'm so sick of it all, I wish all of the above (save Ruffin) would crawl into a black hole and disappear. Good for Ruffin for keeping it all together this week.
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