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    Lone Star,

    the most amazing thing about it, is that the "hot shots" were the no-talent losers from the struggling, about dead competitor. Absolutely amazing how stupid the mgt is over there
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    Taco, I did not know that because I didn't listen to 1260 back then. I only listened to 1300. I had heard that they were despised in some of their old markets, not knowing that they were already in Austin at 1260. So, they were part of the gang that used to really rag on and run down 1300 all of the time to try to gain listener support? And the management at 1300 decided to bring them over to their station and rid themselves of many of their current on-air talent? Oh man, they are even moreso moronic than I initially thought.

    I remember that both Bucky and Erin were not happy about these dudes coming over. It got to the point on their morning show though that they used to have to tell the listeners to give these new guys a shot before forming an overall opinion of them. They had to tow the company line, so to speak.
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    Lone Star, that is exactly what happened.

    sofa king
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    God, I hope so, because the thought of the alternatives just makes me [​IMG]
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    Just dropping by this thread again to give a [​IMG] to these changes!!
    I haven't listen to that joke of a station 1300 since they crapped on all that good talent. I'm pumped and excited that 1530 is making this switch! [​IMG]
    And now I hear that they're expanding the hours of some of the shows?!?! I drive to work during the 6am hour and so would never get to hear those guys in the morning. Now I'll make sure to have them on daily!

    Thank you 1530 for sticking it to 1300 once again!!
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    Good news, and I hope Hogan's revenge on 1300 continues unabated-the final nail in the coffin would be getting longhorn sports officially, then 1300 wouldn't last 5 days. They could convert to the 24 hour Serbian folk music station and get more listeners.
    I stupidly keep checking over there, naively believing they will have to talk longhorn sports once in a while, but they seem to be devoted to 18 hours of pro football talk, mainly about how awful Vince Young is, and have to be forced to say anything about Texas.
    Good luck to Erin Hogan, onward and upward. I miss the Bucky and Erin show, like everyone else-they finally got it right, and created something most local sports fans loved to tune in every morning, then tossed it in the trash.
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    I need radio sub-titles with some of the "Lifetime Longhorns" that work for 1300. It's good comedic value for 2 minutes, but then you have to turn it off.

    Craig Way is a sap when it comes to talk radio.
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    With that being said about Craig, Tom, I have to have him move to ESPN if they eventually get the Longhorn broadcasting rights. He's just too good and I couldn't envision him not doing those broadcasts. Because of that, I can tolerate his talk show from time to time when he's talking Longhorn sports.
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    i gotta say, no one at 1300 or 1530 really irritates me so greatly that i won't listen.

    If one station is on commercial, i change it to the other station. If one show is talking NFL, i look to turn the dial and hope the other is talking Longhorns. Back and forth we go.

    That being said, nothing will make me turn the dial faster than Chad Hastings and that inane excesively annoying stripper voice bit.
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    One interesting aspect to this is the fact that 1530AM will continue to broadcast. I heard mentioned today that they’ll broadcast the ESPN national shows on the AM station. All of a sudden there are three options for sports talk in Austin which further screws 1300. Now they have to compete with a local sports show on FM and ESPN national coverage on AM. It looks like the 1530AM/104.9FM combo will get most all the sports radio ears in the Austin area, Longhorn games and crappy 1530 reception aside.
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    Just wanted to chime in that I miss the old afternoon show with Chad, Brian Jones and Kevin Dunn.

    It lost something when Brian left, but it was a great afternoon show for years.
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    100p absolutely nailed Craig Way. He's no Bill Schoening, but he's okay on play-by-play. His regular show is....ummmmm...beyond informative. If he ever comes in at under five minutes in asking a question, and lobs less than ten possible answers at the person he's interviewing, I'd buy him a Heath blizzard.

    Way tells you EVERYTHING he knows about anything, rather than what you need to know, what you're interested in knowing. My response to one of his questions?....surely, there's a question in there somewhere!

    The move to fm by ESPN radio here's a great move. 104.9 isn't exactly a local fm signal, but it's a lot better than the am signal that poops at the loop right now. As for the morning show, count me as one that likes Hogan with Dan Neill a lot better than I did when he was with Bucky on the Zone. I'd be surprised if the Bucky finds his way over to ESPN soon...he's bound to have a pretty tight non-compete contract.

    By the way, for those asking, enjoy the last few days of cumbias and rancheros on 104.9...Monday's gonna be a whole new world on that frequency.
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    so if 104.9 isn't local where does it broadcast from? How strong is it?
  15. l00p

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    It is strong like bull.
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    It's a city grade signal now, but if memory serves, the frequency originally was assigned to Lampasas. That was a long time ago though, and I've slept since then.
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    This is great news. I work on the edge of the city and commute to BFE so 1300 coverage isn't always there. The FM comes in great.

    Hopefully they'll steal Babers from 1300 - that guy is hilarious.
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    Here is an example of the difference in the two stations...

    7:05 AM this morning.
    Drive time.

    Erin and Dan are talking about the Texas / OSU game.
    They then start talking a little about the world series so I switch over to 1300.

    They are talking about Halloween, egging houses and candy.

    Back to ESPN and they are now talkin all about Texas / OSU.

    They go back to a commercial so I switch back to 1300.
    They are telling me whose birthday is today like something JB and Sandy would do. Who gives a ****.
    They are never talking about sports when I put it over there. That is why I rarely ever listen to it.
  19. TomTerrific

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    Gottta give that kid Hogan dome props.

    He had a vision for the demographic that he is in, signed a honey contract that 1300 wouldn't give him, and has kicked *** ever since.

    Talk radio is a little like owning a might be popular for a while, but sustained success is a tough business model.

    I wish him and them the best because this is definitely good for Austin listeners....all around.

    I don't know how long of a deal 1300 has with the University, but I can see him going after that, next.
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    Maybe this means there will be fewer passionate speeches about Lam's Tire Company and more talk about sports.
  21. coolhorn

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    The UT contract comes up for renewal every few years. KVET was able to get it away from KLBJ because they were more willing to put games on FM, to reach more listeners. ESPN now has a level playing field with KVET at being able to offer both AM and FM availability. A lot of the former KVET people followed Hogan over to ESPN, and I'm betting that when the contract does come up for renewal, KVET's gonna have the devil of a time holding on to UT sports. I wouldn't be surprised to see KLBJ jump back into it either. UT athletics broadcast rights here are a prestigious thing, and offer a good way for local radio to make some good money.
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    Craig Way is a Chuck Cooperstein wanna-be
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    damn, alot has changed in austin's radio scene since I sadly had to move to houston back in June of '06. I lived in Austin for 8 years and loved 1300s line up of Bucky and hogan, Rome, and Chad, Kevin (also Brian Jones). I remember 1530 being a tiny operation that no one seemed to listen to and now it seems all the 1300 guys went over there.

    What happened? Alot of the 1300 talent jump ship or did a dumbass station manager make stupid changes?
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    jcz, that's funny. [​IMG]
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    I bailed on both local sports stations a few years ago and started streaming The Ticket from Dallas. I don't like the fact that I don't get the Longhorn football coverage that I would like but the content is very entertaining for me, even when they aren't talking sports. I listen at work from 7:30 to 5:30 so the non sports talk is refreshing. I like the fact that they have bits and segments that aren't dedicated to sports because, seriously, how much NFL week 3 talk can one man take? I usually listen to the local guys a little on Monday and Friday afternoons during the college football season. I couldn't stand the doucher and his sidekicks that came to espn years ago then came in and **** all over 1300.

    Holy ****, do yall remember The Rug Man, Dave Tepper, and a few of the other terrible characters that rolled through here the last 5 years. I moved here from Dallas in 03 and I could not believe how bad sports talk radio was. It has gotten better, but the ticket is more my speed. I know it isn't for everybody, but for someone who listens to sports talk radio 10 hours a day, it's good to have other segments.
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    It was so nice to be up and on the road just after 6 and be able to clearly hear Longhorn sports being discussed on the FM as south as Kyle this morning.
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    Cooperstein is the best pxp in the business. I guess he's set in Dallas, but I'd love to see him back in Austin doing Texas games. Pair him with Jeff Ward - an ******* on talk radio but someone that knows as much about the game as anyone in this area.
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    Drove to Houston this afternoon and 104.9 got me to just past Giddings on Hwy 290. I switched over to the AM and was able to listen to that for another hour. I wasn't expecting that. when I get back to Austin, I need to see how the signal is at night.

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