Gotta Love to Hate 'em - AGGY PICTURE THREAD

Discussion in 'In The Stands' started by Steinbeckford, Nov 14, 2006.

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    Wow, Savvy's link about says it all. It's true that Aggy humor just writes itself.
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    Had to dig this one out of the archives.


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    Can't wait to see what Bevoette does with this one...

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    That is the greatest link of all time. I actually did laugh at loud and giggled like a schoolgirl for about 2 minutes straight looking at those pictures of the lambs.

    I love aggy. We are truly, truly fortunate to have these crazy ******** here to amuse the rest of the state.
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    Aggie Relativity


    A response to the stupidity of "HURR KYLE FIELD HURRRR"

    A response to the hilarious "is it real" debate over the PhotoShopped fighters-over-Kyle Field pic:
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    Amazing thread.

    The ListEater Corso, and the aggy looter killed me. [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Oh, and the "Dissapointment: Not everyone gets to be Vince Young when they grow up" [​IMG]
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    You had me at Genetic Savings & Clone. Brilliant!
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    Is there a ranking higher than 5 stars?
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    Thanks guys, sad part or should I say funny part is there was a “Genetic Savings and Clone” located in College Station not long ago.
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    Aggies leaving early in 2005. Another Aggie myth debunked!

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    The other side of the stadium leaving early in 2005!
    PS: This is my first time to post images. How do I make these pictures smaller?
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    i think i see myself in that last picture!

    here's the zone from my pov

    100_0178.jpg (linked because the picture is big)
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    This thread is spectacular. It can't ever die.
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    Is it time to bring this thread back up?


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    ^ Good job Ryan!

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    If someone would merely post their point of origin on the photo, I wouldn't have to wonder who mfg's the pic.

    Swiped that one from UTexasClan.

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    ctl-alt-del .... the guy in this pic looks like SAM BRADFORD - qb for OU .... LOL

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    Longhorn-Ex, for short we call him "CAD" or "ReBoot".

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    this thread is greatness! [​IMG]
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