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Discussion in 'On The Field' started by AC, Apr 6, 2020.

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    I made my comment on the thread "In The Stands"

    Too much doesn't make sense but particularly:

    1) A Jew as President of a Christian university

    2) An engineer as president of a liberal arts school

    Only one way that happens
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  3. BurntOrangeLH

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    Innovative evalution based on a candidate's qualifications vs. projected thoughtless societal stereotypes promulgated by the ignorant maladjusted marginal fringe?

    I agree.
  4. IvanDiabloHorn

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    Good riddance of bad garbage.

    Perhaps we can hire a conservative Texan as our next UT president.
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  5. LikeMike

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    SaberHorn: You left out that Emory enrollment is 60% female and Fenves is a man.

    Are you a sociologist or simply a jerk?
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  7. SabreHorn

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    Being 60% female would have been Bill Powers calling card, not Fenves.

    I am a person who loves our University and detests anyone who seeks to make it less than it was or should be. Greg Fenves had a social agenda, which I believe was opposed to the majority of supporters of the school. He was sneaky, underhanded, and on a personal agenda to establish "his legacy".

    Educrats are a strange breed and their governing boards can be equally so. Baylor, Hardin-Simmons, Howard Payne, all Baptist schools insist on a Baptist. Catholic schools insist on a Catholic. This is the first instance in 2000 years of a Christian school choosing a Jew to lead it.

    I really wanted Bill Shnkir to be President of The University back in the 90s. He was delivered the presidency of Davidson on a silver platter, yet Bill told the board that they really didn't want to choose a PhD in Finance to run a Liberal Arts School. "It's a recipe for friction with the faculty". Choosing an engineer to run a liberal arts school that does not have an engineering department screams one message.
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  8. LonghornCatholic

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    I wanted to be an engineer, but I’m afraid of trains.
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  9. I_Dont_Exist

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    Your degree of tolerance makes sense to some. Proud to say I'm not one of them.
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  10. Dionysus

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    You gonna pass on the neat-o cap though?
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  11. militaryhorn

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    I am a train engineer and I am scared of trains!
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  12. WorsterMan

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    LC is a master of bringing a timely sense of humor to rather tense and frosty threads!

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  13. Giovanni Jones

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    You are a sensible man.

    My paternal grandfather was a railroad engineer ... sometimes I think the Angel of Death was afraid of him.

    Granddad, at upper right in this pic.

    Conneaut, Ohio, 3/27/1953. Derailment and collision involving one freight and two passenger trains. 21 fatalities, 49 injuries. (Granddad got out of it with a sore back.)
    My granddad's locomotive.
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  14. HornFanatic

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    So, can the next president please return the statues to where they belong?
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  15. militaryhorn

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    Thanks! Best job I can get after life in the military, as far as pay goes, since my job didn't translate to a civilian job. I didn't finish my degree while I was in the service and since I make more than a college graduate just coming out of school, I figured why bother finishing.
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  16. Giovanni Jones

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    Had a high school acquaintance (not a close friend) who graduated the year after me and went to work for the AT&SF after high school. Sadly, he was working as a brakeman on a freight in the Texas Panhandle when he was killed in a derailment (early 1980s, if I recall correctly). A girl I knew in high school band (and still keep in touch with) was the youngest daughter of the guy who ran the AT&SF Depot in Canyon TX in those days. As a kid she liked to ride her bike off the freight dock (like Evel Knievel, I guess); a lot of fun until one day she landed wrong and knocked out some teeth. She went to work for the AT&SF after high school and did that for a couple of decades (now lives near Austin with her SO who's an engineer for Apple).
  17. militaryhorn

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    I work for BNSF, which is the former AT&SF and BN combined. I enjoy what I do and fortunate to have this job during this time.
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  18. Chinstrap

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    So you drive trains? I always wanted to drive a train. I drove a few airplanes back in the day but never a train. Friend of mine did. His last runs were Temple to Sweetwater and that was his favorite run. Shameful what the RR did to those little cabooses.
    Oh, and I was never a fan of Fuentes. What kind of man wants statues removed but does not have the stones to be up front about. Instead he has people sneak out in dark of night to remove them.
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  19. militaryhorn

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    Yes, I control the train. I won't say drive since we can only go two directions, forwards and backwards. I work out of San Antonio and go to Temple and Eagle Pass, hopefully soon we will be going to Houston.

    At first it is nerve racking. There is a lot of thought to controlling a train and keeping it in one piece. I have been an engineer for a little over a year now, roughly a year and five months. I am more confident in my abilities and don't have to think as much. This is due to knowing my territory and all nuances of it, i.e. permanent speed restrictions, hills, and other little things that come along while traversing it.

    The thing I worry the most about is getting furloughed since I have a year and five months of engineer seniority and almost six years as a conductor. My area handles mostly vehicle (Dodge, Toyota, and Mazda), sand (for fracking), grain, and various other trains. But, mostly the first three I listed. Well, since this Covid-19 thing started all vehicle traffic is done and thanks to Russia and OPEC sand trains have slowed down. All this leads to cuts and the company is cutting and I am close to getting cutoff here in San Antonio.

    Good thing is that I can chase work with my conductor seniority but not my engineer seniority, problem is that I am running out of options there too.

    I might need a job here in a few weeks if anybody here is hiring! :idk::confused2:
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  20. AC

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    Just kidding, but it would be cool if we had a Horn Fans party at the tracks and you went by just laying on the horn for us. Throwing the hookem out the window! We could put that **** on Twitter. Might speed up your need for a job search though so I doubt it could happen!
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  21. Chinstrap

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    Big job with a ton of responsibility. You have a great gig with good retirement. Hang on. RR will always be there.
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  22. Giovanni Jones

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    By the way, I love the "Warbonnet" paint scheme on the old Santa Fe Streamliners. Arguably the most iconic of the old locomotive livery.[​IMG]
    The New York Central "Lightning Stripes" design was pretty cool, too.
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  23. Handler

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    Just adding Mama, Trucks, Prison, and Getting Drunk... Now we have the perfect Country and Western thread...
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  24. SabreHorn

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    Adding "mamma, trucks. trains. prison, & gettin drunk" will get you sued. Can't believe DAC made Goodman a fortune, and Goodman sued him or it.
  25. militaryhorn

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    There's a spot we come off the Lockhart subdivision onto the Austin subdivision in San Marcos right off I-35. If you can all gather at the IHOP, 1113 N Interstate 35, San Marcos, TX 78666, that would be great.
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  26. X Misn Tx

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    not the long john silver's? lol
  27. militaryhorn

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    That's the one!
  28. ViperHorn

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    You should take a poll to see how many actually know the song.
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  29. Horn87

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    So a quick poll, and SabreHorn you CANNOT vote (we all probably know your opinion---so, like my democratic maternal grandparents whom my mother would never take to elections because "they'll just cancel out my vote")---whom among you think this is any kind of a loss for The University that Fenves is leaving???
    I, for one, say "good riddance..."
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  30. Horn87

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    We all love and respect you, btw, SH...:bow:

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