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Discussion in 'On The Field' started by VulcanHorn, Dec 1, 2018.

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    That whole line is nasty, but Ford is particularly beastly. He's a junior right? I'm hoping he goes pro....
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    As some have already stated, Blake Gideon was a great player that had one bad play and was never forgiven for it. Our secondary was definitely worse the year after he left.

    What I will never understand is what the heck Earl Thomas was doing on the Crabtree catch? He jogs over at a terrible angle and basically does nothing. Earl Thomas’s effort/decision on that play was worse that Gideon dropping the ball, yet Gideon gets all of the vilification. I will never understand the same fans that bemoan Gideon giving Earl Thomas a complete pass for not even trying to tackle Crabtree.

    Hager is not remotely as good at his position as Gideon was at his. Hager was an okay linebacker, but has not been a good defensive end. I think Hager has a future in the WWE, but not the NFL.
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    eh, he got burned often enough...knew where to be but then couldn't get there fast enough....
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    Blake Gideon had a ton of bad plays, the sunshine pumpers can't see it when we're going 5-7. He got the job because he reminded Muschamp of himself, which doomed the defense. Recruiting is way down when a two star from Leander is a 4 year letterman...Once Gideon dropped that gimmee interception the game was over. It was really over once Crabtree caught that pass. He goes out of bounds, it's a chip shot field goal that they're not gonna miss.
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    Gideon made so many bad plays over the next year. Took himself out of so many plays where we gave up long runs. ET covered so much field we could get away with it when ET was here. After he left Gideon got exposed.
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    Yikes. I didn’t know it was that bad.
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    Hager was not very good all year long. Maybe he was out of his natural position, or whatever. I posted on page one of the first game of the year, after Md. scored its first TD, that "Hager seems like he sucks," which is an obnoxious way to say it, but from the first play of the year, he has been manhandled the whole season. Especially when I was looking for preseason all-conference performance, it was the opposite, very quickly. Those videos just posted were awful.
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    Anyone Gideon bashing, please justify what Earl Thomas is doing on this play. No, the game was not "over".
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    Gideon was usually in the right vicinity of the play, but a second too slow and late to the party. He could lay the wood, unfortunately he was almost as likely to spear one of our own players as he was an opposing player.
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    Also few remember how he managed to get the interception against Bama. On 4th and long with Bama faking the punt and going for it from their own 20! Brilliant play by the qb of the defense... By not knocking that pass down we lost 50 yds of field position.

    Saban was freaking out apparently. On the ensuing drive Colt gets hurt And you know the rest...
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    Not sure what one has to do with the other. Earl was a great player who wasn't perfect. Gideon was a solid player who played smart and wasn't as fast as his position required and got beat on a number of occasions. He did the best he could given his limitations, and no one beat him out because our recruiting was awful during that period. Moving on...
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    In truth, no one had a problem with him until he dropped the interception. Then he has been vilified to the extent that now making a play to stop a fake punt somehow caused Colt to get hurt. Meanwhile, as far as Earl completely botching a chance to stop Tech, there has never been any criticism whatsoever and there are attitudes like “the game was over anyway” when it was not.

    However, staying on topic, Gideon was a far, far better player than Hager and there is no comparison between the two other than they both happen to have the same skin color. In Blake Gideon’s appearance in the Big 12 Championship, he stepped up and made an interception against Nebraska.

    Blake Gideon is tied for 7th all time in UT history in single season interceptions with 6 in the 2009 season. He is 13th all time in UT history with 10 career interceptions. The stats do no support him being the terrible player he is made out to be. At worst, he was a good player overshadowed by a great player in Earl Thomas. However, not being as good as Earl Thomas did not make him a bad player. His bad play on Tech’s last drive was not any worse than Earl Thomas’s.
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    Also of note, compare UT’s defensive stats in 2011 with Gideon to 2012 without Gideon:
    2011 Scoring Defense: 22.2 ppg
    2012 Scoring Defense: 29.2 ppg

    Our defense got worse without him.
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    I don't know what your issue is with players that are less than a five-star. Recruiting is NOT an exact science and the college and pro ranks are littered with players that were highly touted and layed an egg.

    A two-star that is motivated coming out of high school is someone I will take over an entitled four or five-star every single day of the week. At least that two-star is apt to put in the work required to improve...

    Further, there are PLENTY of people that came out of high school and saw their abilities improve substantially once they were in a program with quality S&C coaches and also had the benefit of good position coaches. You ALSO manage to overlook that some of those 'lesser' ranked athletes were lower ranks precisely because they were at programs that did not have the spotlight on them. As a result, you see stars assessed (or not assessed) for the very same reason as some programs don't get ranked in the polls...
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    Wasn't Colt a 2 star (maybe a 3) coming out of Jim Ned HS?
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  18. I_Dont_Exist

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    Just looked it up. It was 17 yards. Instinctively you catch the ball.
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  19. Htown77

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    That s.o.b.... padding his interception statistics at the expense of McCoy’s shoulder!
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  20. zuckercanyon

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    Again, Breckyn Hager and Blake Gideon were rated two stars coming out of high school. Gideon overachieved but was still not good enough. Colt was a three.
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    Then there was D’Onta Foreman, a two star, who won the Doak Walker award.
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    Yes it happens but then how many games did Texas win when he did that? Gideon had something like 10 interceptions while here but after the 4 stars were gone he was the qb of the defense that went 5-7. When you’re relying on the two stars to lead your team there’s no conference titles. The guy that quarterbacked Alabama when they beat Texas was a three star but he was surrounded by 4s n 5s. Our 3 didn’t finish the first quarter.
  23. mb227

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    Wait...NOW you want us to believe the injury to Colt occurred ONLY because he was a three-star coming out of high school?

    I'll have some of what you are smoking. Clearly it is good for getting delusional...
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    Gideon was obviously good enough that the coaches trusted him. And obviously, he's the best man THAT WE HAD for the job. The same is true for Boyd.

    Don't hate on a guy who is giving us his best, even if it's not the quality of game you want. Some of you don't understand "team." The roster is what is is. The depth chart is based on who gives us our best shot. Playing time is earned compared to the other guys that are ON OUR ROSTER at the time. Most players give it their best.

    We can ***** about mistakes, but don't hate on our guys when they're giving it their best.
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    I’ll only respond by asking if size strength and speed contribute to the ratings these student athletes receive? I’ll also ask if durability is a result of size strength and speed?
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    When you start being grateful for players who should’ve gone and starred for non power 5 conference schools (or not starred I don’t care), then you’re aspiring to reach the level of excellence achieved at lesser schools.... i.e., mediocrity. Marcus griffin comes to mind. As long as his twin brother and company were around them he was a playmaker. As soon as those nfl caliber players were gone.....another story. If you want elite results at Texas you need 4 and 5 star recruits. There’s more 3s than 4s or 5s but you don’t win conference titles or get in the CFP without the 4s n 5s....
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    Kyler Murray was a 5 star recruit.
    He is smaller than Colt, albeit faster.
    But you run him straight into that NFL caliber Alabama D-line and they will kill him.
    I blame Greg Davis for calling that play and putting our only experienced QB at risk.
  28. zuckercanyon

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    Greg Davis causes global warming
  29. moondog_LFZ

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    The only answer you had regarding Murry's 5 star physical stature?
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    I had been wondering what caused it? (I always thought it was the hot air coming from Al Gore’s exhalation.)

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